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Because the police blotter is endlessly entertaining, we present you with the second installment of crazy funny police reports. Some of these seem too ridiculous to be true. Enjoy: 1. When squirrels embrace the thug life... 2. There's going to be so much paperwork After interviewing several retired police officers we found out that they have some crazy stories to share. We have narrowed these true stories down to our favourite 26 to share with you. Whether you find stories about drug busts gone wrong, prostitutes barking up the wrong tree, or taser disasters fascinating, you will enjoy these for sure 17. When six Oreo cookies are stolen and the police is called. 18. She bought some portobello mushrooms and then saw giraffes chasing her down the hill. 19. When the duck refuses medical treatmentthe police intervines. 20. The black cow and the police. 21. How to legally kill a guy. 22. She reported that her blind neighbour took pictures of. 21 True Police Stories Of Traffic Stops Gone Horribly Wrong And Hilariously Right. By Eric Redding, April 28th 2016. Funny: I pulled over Chewbacca on his way to a convention. It's illegal to drive with masks as it interferes with your perception of the road. The 50 Dumbest True Crime Stories That Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes.

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The police called us in the middle of the night. Where is your son? the officer asked. check out these funny pizza delivery stories. Check out this roundup of hilarious pizza delivery stories! 3 / 6. Photo: Shutterstock. Family Feud. and when Dad got home from work, she implored him to tell her if it was true. Dad, full of Irish. 50 Funny and Bizarre Excuses Given to Police and Insurance Companies Following Car Accidents is so funny and so true. Greensleeves Hubs (author) from Essex, UK on February 19, 2014: Thank you Writer Fox; The excuses and explanations come from various websites including 'quote sites', but also the websites of some insurance companies feature a. So to keep spirits up, police have to have a pretty good sense of humor. And if you check out this list filled with police humor compiled by Bored Panda, you will see that they most certainly do. From funny jokes about the donut-based stereotypes to ingeniously creative and funny social media 'warnings,' scroll down below to see the ultimate examples of police jokes Let's face it: police blotters can be one of the most entertaining parts of a newspaper, when they're funny. Who doesn't love stories of crime gone wrong or police getting called into highly ridiculous situations? We can't verify the validity of all of these hilarious news briefs, but we can guarantee you'll get a kick out of them

The 50 Dumbest True Crime Stories That Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes. These stupid criminal stories from Ask Reddit will make you feel so much smarter. 1. Can't go into too much detail, but kid (14) shot another kid (15) in the leg after a fight in their apartment complex. The victim is able to describe the gun the shooter used in detail Being a police officer is one of the hardest jobs there is, facing incredibly dangerous situations on a daily basis, these people do not have it easy. Well, one police officer from North Carolina decided to share his experiences working as a police officer, and his 'cop stories' are so terrifying it's hard to imagine how he manages to keep his wits about him 10 True Crime Stories You Have To Read To Believe: 1. Mary Morris Murder of 2. The story of how two women, both named Mary Morris, who lived in the same city, died within the same week. The assumption is, that Mary Morris's husband, Mike Morris, hired a hit-man to kill his wife. Long behold, the hit-man killed the wrong Mary Morris, another. Five More Hilarious, Witty, Short and True Funny Crime Stories from Will and Guy 1. A man went into a drug store in Baltimore, pulled a gun, announced a robbery, and pulled a Hefty-bag face mask over his head Funny Story About Cops ~ Police Action. George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things

FUNNY COP STORIES [su_heading size=15″ margin=0″] Story by former Deputy Sheriff Danielle Breteau [/su_heading] [su_note note_color=#545457″ text_color=#ffffff radius=2″]BEAT STORY: Bathroom Break When I was a cop, I spent some time working with an undercover unit that handled all sorts of cases, including prostitution rings, gang violence, drug manufacturing and. 20 crazy funny police reports. Occasionally, you'll come across some gems like these in the paper Uniform Stories features a variety of contributors. These sources are experts and educators within their profession. Uniform Stories covers an array of subjects like field stories, entertaining anecdotes, and expert opinions This is a story I heard from my senior about his boot camp sectionmate. One guy, having heard all sorts of horror stories about Potong Jalan, was desperate to avoid it.He somehow managed to get himself FIVE girlfriends, with the idea that, and I quote

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  2. Ranging from dancing with lions to police pursuits involving toy trucks, here are seven of the weirdest and most bizarre crime stories of the year. Man in reindeer slippers attempts to steal woman.
  3. Police on the Big Island, Hawaii, are searching for two men who allegedly stole $1,000 worth of fruit from an agricultural centre in the town of Hilo this past February. The thieves showed up around 9:15 p.m. and made off with 18 infam­ously smelly durian fruit
  4. The following are 25 examples of funny and crazy arrest stories of all time that will shock you. Society - Legal: By: Yaeger Maher - at September 8, Whether that's true or not, was of no regard, however, as the law prohibits the sale of untreated milk. Swearing at Police in Sign Languag
  5. These paranormal stories come from police officers from all over the world from all different locations and times.These are told in the format of a friend te..

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  1. Being an undercover cop sounds like the most exciting and dangerous job, like something straight out of a movie, but working undercover is anything but glamo..
  2. g, exciting, haunting stories about murder investigations, missing children, bungling burglars, car chases, lonely and desperate shut-ins, routine traffic stops, officers killed in the line of duty, and the life-changing events of September 11. Here, officers reveal their emotions-fear and.
  3. Maine Man Tried To Pay $200 Bail With Counterfeit Bills: Sheriff. The suspect tried to pay with two counterfeit $100 bills, but he was denied bail and was returned to jail with the additional charge of forgery. By AP
  4. als. your local police department? OK, so the police want you. Even Best Of The Worst: Uber Stories That Make You Cringe, Cry, Laugh. The horrifying thing about Uber is the exact same thing. We could make anecdotal references to.
  5. The Funniest Police Blotters Ever. Nathan Davidson. 7.1k votes 1.2k voters 366.4k views 21 items. Police blotters have notoriously been one of the most entertaining parts of a newspaper over the years. There's nothing funny about the tragic stories included in this section of the paper, but every now and then there's a little nugget of police.

humor in law, glfoster's humorinlaw is true police,corrections and court room humor In the southermost Los Angeles district of San Pedro, one of the world's busiest harbors, an unlikely pair of lovers are unwittingly caught between the two warring sides of the law amid the investigation of a horrifying human-trafficking ring. When Dinko Babich, a young longshoreman, delivers Lita Medina, a young Mexican dancer, from the harbor. 1 The robber who tried to break into a house and ended up as a sexual slave for 3 days. A Russian robber broke into the salon of 28-year-old hairdresser who was armed with significant martial arts training. The woman held the 32-year-old armed robber captive for two days as her personal sex slave. He was gagged, kept handcuffed to a radiator. In 2010, police arrested Rodney Alcala, a professional photographer, and brought him to trial for an incredibly expansive list of crimes. By the time prosecutors had tallied up all of his potential victims, they discovered that Alcala had raped and possibly murdered over 100 women and children between 1978 until his capture. During the investigation, police uncovered photographs of potential. 23 Creepy True Crime Stories That'll Make You Gasp, Oh My God (Danny Heinrich confessed to police). It was the story every kid in Minnesota grew up hearing about and everyone was so thankful.

Save this to your funny stories collection so you can tell your friends on a road trip! A Few More Short Comedy Stories. Funny story that terrified my cab driver as text. The taxi driver will have a fun story to tell his family after his shift! man gets arrested for creeping this lady out on a bus. His explanation to the judge was golden If you're into stories where people get killed in a car crash, or horrible car wreck stories where an elderly woman dies because of a drunk driver racing a stolen high school bus and causing a head on collision with the car in front - because those stories aren't funny Patrick Beeman has odd urges like clogging up toilets with bottles that he finds in the garbage. Not only did he clog toilets in Deland Park, . Man Takes Off Shirt, Poops In Driveway. Drives Away. A North Lauderdale resident was dismayed to see a man leave a turd behind in his driveway. Around 4pm, on a Saturday afternoon, a strange. Most news media exists online these days, which is a shame. There's something beautiful about the experience of reading a print newspaper; the fresh ink on your fingers, the smell of newsprint, and of course, the occasional bizarre and (unintentionally) funny newspaper headlines. We'll admit, we miss the world in which once a news story was out there, it couldn't be altered These funny headlines take the seriousness out of the news. The news doesn't have to be boring. Laugh out loud with these funny news headlines and funny news stories that make reading newspapers.

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His young son, leading police in Germany to make an easy arrest. (Newser) - Police in Germany say they had an easy time tracking down a petty thief—he forgot his own son at the scene of the. Listen to #110 Funny How Life Works As A Retired Police Officer and 111 more episodes by Funny How Life Works, free! No signup or install needed. #110 Funny How Life Works as a Retired Police Officer. #109 Funny How Life Works in Laguna Hills, CA 5 A Suspected Double Homicide Turns Out To Be A Weird One-In-A-Million Calamity. On August 3, 2017, a neighbor found the bodies of two Frenchmen, 69-year-old Lucien Perot and 38-year-old Olivier Boudin, who seemed to have died during a lavish dinner. At first, the Authon-du-Perche police assumed that they had died from food poisoning A sometimes funny, sometimes sobering, anthology of NY police officer stories reportedly told in their own voice. Some are no longer than a two pages. The last collection of stories is gathered under the title, Ground Zero. These are retellings of these officers' experience and efforts on September 11, 2001

JUSTICE STORY: The horrific murder of a NYC patrolman's wife was nearly buried by a likely police coverup Mrs. Helen Coberg, 34, was the victim of a Jack-the-Ripper sadist, blared the. 24 of 34. Police discovered that Ray even forced the girls into performing manual labor, prostitution, and that he nearly suffocated one of the victims to death. Fortunately, he was finally brought to justice in February 2020, when he was charged with sex trafficking, forced labor, and extortion. Police Handout The entire Police Stories soundtrack, which includes all 25 tracks from the game! Listen anytime and anywhere to imagine yourself a true upholder of justice. The official artbook. Take a look at the development of the visual part of Police Stories. In-game Content Police say Laurel Eich, the 42-year-old dental office employee accused of breaking into the office and stealing more than $22,000 in cash and checks from a drawer, also pulled 13 teeth from one. AP. Dennis Nilsen terrorized London in the late 70's and early 80's, killing 15 men over a five-year period. Nilsen would pick up young men at bars and take them back to his home. There, he'd strangle or drown them. Once dead, he'd bathe and dress the bodies, according to The International Business Times

Funny Stories. Two cops try to catch a squirrel, Tig Notaro runs into an 80s music star surprisingly often, and a phone message that's been called the greatest phone message in the world. 510. Nov. 1, 2013 All true crime stories start as crime reporting, often in the daily newspaper. Before the narrative is shaped for your streaming device, earbuds or bookshelf, the facts are gathered by a journalist A man had a bunch of penguins in his truck, when suddenly a police officer came and asked him what was in the truck, the man said My penguins, The police said to take the penguins to the zoo. A funny story written by some of my Chinese students, 10/11 years old. i hope it makes you laugh True story. Chicago-area preschool teacher. How To Call The Police ( funny true story xD) Phillip Hewitson, an elderly man, from Norwich, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. Phillip opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing thing In 1998, Vallow's 31-year-old sister died unexpectedly. In July 2019, Vallow's brother Alex Cox, shot and killed Vallow's fourth husband, Charles Vallow. Several months later, Cox himself.

10 Strange, But True, Stories From The Internet. Tweet Share Copy Arts abuse — in which children in Zambia huffed the gas of fermented sewage to get high — and ended up tricking various police offices and news organizations around the country Police ruled out a pyromaniac after they saw wires bursting into flames. 2 Bovine Enigma. On June 28, 2002, in the middle of a spate of unexplained cattle mutilations in Argentina, something macabre was found in a field near Suco, west of Rio Cuarto in San Luis province. Top 10 Spooky Tales Based On Weirder True Stories Humorous Christian stories, Short Funny Bible Humor Stories, Christian Church Humor, Funny Christian Stories, and Christian Humor for your enjoyment. she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. If what you believe isn't true, would.

Bounty hunters will go to any length to catch a criminal, so long as they get paid. Whether it's movies about the historic tales from the wild west, or cyborg-hunting in a futuristic universe, stories about bounty hunters have captivated audiences for hundreds of years. But not many people know that the true stories are equally as thrilling, and sometimes even better than fiction 5 true crime stories way more interesting than another Ted Bundy movie Hollywood is obsessed with true crime-and with rehashing the same stories. Here are some less notorious cases that we'd.

Funny Animal Stories and Pictures. Animals are funny, very funny. Our pets. Others pets. Wild beasts. Cats are funny. Dogs are funny. And animal curiosity is fascinating to watch. Whether you prefer cute, cuddly little kittens. Or friendly big dogs. Or more adventuresome critters like monkeys and alligators.. The Story: A boy in Texas stole his father's identity, obtained a credit card, and took his friends on a whirlwind-shopping spree of video games, electronic gadgets and two $1,000-an-hour hookers. It might not have been enough to hook the media if it weren't for an additional to-good-to-be-true detail: he didn't hire them for a night of wild.

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Top 20 funniest patient stories from nurses. First, birth control and how babies are made are common areas of misconception which means nurses spend a lot of time explaining the birds and the bees While many of these legendary tales get overshadowed by more infamous cases, these 11 terrible true crime cases of years past will remind you that horror comes in all different, terrible shapes and sizes. 1. The Boy in the Box. Original police poster of the Boy in the Box. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Archive: Stories from 2018-19 Florida Man on Lawnmower Hits Cop Car, Gets Arrested for DUI A Haines City man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly crashed his lawnmower into a police cruiser January 22, 2013 at 8:00am AM EST. Almost everyone we know has a hilarious, embarrassing or downright awful sex story up their sleeve. Whether it was a one-night stand gone wrong or a first time. The police were at a loss as to what was happening, or how. Excuse me while I go hide in a corner. As if American Horror Story wasn't creepy enough, now I can't even escape being terrified by real.

1. This is hilarious and very solid life advice at the same time. Please keep this in mind: 2. I hope this funny life hack will be helpful to you, one day. Amen. 3. If you needed some financial advice, here's the best you'll ever get: 4. Please write this life hack down and remember it forever Weird and strange news stories from across the globe. There's bound to be some odd and bizarre news to make you stand back in amazement. Visit us today level 1. · 6y. In college I had a bunked bed with my desk under it. I was in bed reaching for my cell on the desk and lost my balance, fell off the bed, did a full flip and landed in a perfect sitting position in my chair unharmed. My roommate witnessed everything but nobody we believed us. 486 After 20 Years On The Job, NYC Police Officer Tells His Intense Stories. May 6, 20163:40 PM ET. Heard on Fresh Air. Your heart is pounding; your adrenaline is shooting out of your ears, retired.

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This is a true story. She loaded her bags into the car and then drove to the police station. The sergeant to whom she told the story nearly tore himself in two with laughter. He pointed to the. The police officer said, 'Ladies, while I appreciate your attempts at intimacy, this is a private park and you have to leave.'One time, my now-wife and I were fooling around in the front seat. Thousands of pigeons vanish mid-race in 'Bermuda Triangle-style mystery'. Pigeon fanciers are racking their brains, with some suggesting solar storms or mini tornadoes could be to blame

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The top 200 crime, police and detective shows on television. 1. The Blacklist (2013- ) Error: please try again. A new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, has her entire life uprooted when a mysterious criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has eluded capture for decades, turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her. 2 For every suspense novel that shocks and awes readers, there are real life stories that make fiction seem tame and predictable. True crime is a loaded genre: The best authors do not sensationalize. Back came a reply in true USMC style: The story is almost certainly false for a number of highly technical reasons. Police radar units are directional ones that send pulses in a relatively.

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A Funny True Story . Police Officer Bryant found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists. One day, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so Bryant investigated and found the problem The positive police stories below will give you an idea of the small things you could do each day to help others through a career in law enforcement. Small acts of kindness that make a big difference Police officer is the answer many young kids give when asked what they want to be when they grow up. Police are real-life superheroes in the. (true, funny) My brother's psychology professor, a Yankee's Yankee and a feminist's feminist, tells the following story on herself to illustrate that doctorates don't necessarily make you smart. GA, and wait at the police station until three in the afternoon for a circuit judge to arrive so that he could explain to her why it wasn't the. 53. The police are trying to say I assaulted a guy with a sheet of sandpaper. All I did was rough him up a bit. 54. A week after my wife went missing, the police told me I should expect the worst-case scenario. So I went back to the charity shop and retrieved all her old clothes. 55. The police caught a person erasing people's criminal records Funny Short Stories. by Stephen. on April 27, 2012. in Very Funny Jokes. A police officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists. One day, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so he investigated and found the problem

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1. Summertime Rescue. This happened when I was a kid. I lived on a naval base, and the pool there was basically occupied by kids during the long, hot summer, with the adults hanging around at the pool's edge. I was nuts about going underwater, so used to swim down at the bottom - something most people never did 2. Damn You, Auto-Correct. I had just finished interviewing with a company for a nonprofit job that I really wanted. I decided to be super-proactive and email the executive director a few hours after my interview. I was out and about, so I emailed her from my iPhone 10 The homeless who fled police while bringing him news of a $6-million inheritance. A homeless man supposed to be living on the streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia fled police who were bringing him news of a $6-million inheritance. Tomas Martinez, 67, apparently thought the police were about to arrest him for his alcohol and drug habits

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Funny Stories About Death ~ Marriage and the Hereafter. Funny Story About Fishing ~ Redneck Fishing. Funny Story About Military ~ The War Hero. Funny Story About Medicine ~ Candid Colonoscopy. Funny Story About Modern Life ~ Computer Life in the Fast Lane. Funny Story About School ~ The School Telephone GOOD NEWS. Every day we share good news stories from around the world.. Police Officer Is Filmed Giving A New Pair Of Sneakers To A Man In Need. August 06, 2021 / 1,862 views. A police officer in Atlanta was filmed giving a man a new pair of sneakers after she noticed the man walking around without shoes True crime stories to read online for free at The Criminal Journal, a true-crime website that focuses on solved murder cases in the United States

true-crime. Success! including Park Police, park rangers and Fish and Wildlife officers. Ranging far and wide for the most fascinating, quirky and important stories on crime, policing and. Kids Jokes - Funny Short Stories. Dumb Fred zoo day joke 07/07. A bull and a mountain lion joke 06/15. The symbol of pig joke 06/15. 4 ducks in a row joke 06/15. Two snakes short story joke 06/15. Short snail story joke 04/23. Pet Centipede Short Story 04/23. Race short story joke 04/01

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From the 1969 Berkshires UFO incident to the eerie tale of Barney and Betty Hill, these alien abduction stories might even make skeptics believe that the truth is out there. On Sept. 20, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they said a bright light came out of the sky July 9 (UPI) -- A wedding ring found by a 10-year-old swimmer at the bottom of a Florida spring was returned to its owner, thanks to a social media search. Odd News // 1 day ago. Girl, 6.

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The world is also filled with achievements, faiths, and Success Stories. Here are some Real stories of Real persons which can give a spark and a kick start to follow what you really want to pursue. True motivational Stories of True heroes. here, you have the best short stories of successful celebrities, Freedom fighters, dancers, Actors Here are 13 of the scariest true ghost stories you should never read in the dark. 1. Imaginary Friend. When I was younger, I had an imaginary friend who lived in this massive antique dresser. I vividly remember him telling me stories, although I have absolutely no recollection of what they actually were 1. True Inspirational Stories - Lianna Lay. A 12-year-old girl named Lianna lay on the side of the road barely clinging to life. She'd been brutally raped by two men, and left for dead. Her face and neck were mutilated in the attack, the scars of which would remain for a lifetime Crime Movies Based On True Stories. 1. M (1931) Storyline: When the police in a German city are unable to catch a child-murderer, other criminals join in the manhunt. True Event: Believed to be based on the real-life case of serial killer Peter Kürten (a.k.a the Vampire of Düsseldorf), whose crimes took place in the 1920s. Fritz Lang (director) met him and other such criminals while. To make sure you don't miss your regular copy of True Crime, True Detective, Master Detective or Murder Most Foul (and True Crime Library's Specials and bookazines) you are welcome to order direct from this website or by phone on 020 8778 0514 . * You can order a single issue or a full year's subscription from us

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Good Cop Stories. 20,497 likes · 110 talking about this. Official Good Cop Stories Facebook. Good Cop Stories logo is Copyright 2014, all rights.. Ten Terrifying-But-True Horror Stories Reported in the News From fatal exorcisms to unexplained deaths and devil worship—these are some real life nightmares. By Matt Miller and Lauren Kran

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When called out, CNN later updated a video clip on their website, saying, An earlier version of this story mischaracterized what the victim's sister was trying to convey. Rioters in Milwaukee attacked police, even hitting one in the head with a brick. Eight businesses were burned and a squad car was destroyed. 3 The true story of Whitey Bulger, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, who became an FBI informant to take down a Mafia family invading his turf. Director: Scott Cooper | Stars: Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton. Votes: 171,953 | Gross: $62.58 13 dog owners share funny stories which will make you howl with laughter. Comment Catherine Phillips Saturday 6 Jan 2018 12:52 pm. it's now my favourite work story

We love true crime here at Marie Claire, but there are some things a Lifetime movie cannot capture.Podcasts are the new frontier of the genre, allowing listeners to go deep on cases, form their. Brit 'abducted' by 30ft 'dome-shaped' UFO before police found mystery ground marks UFO 40 years ago Robert Taylor said he was abducted by aliens during a walk in the woods, sparking an actual police investigation - it is still considered by many as one of the most respected UFO claim A few months after I moved to Atlanta following a bad breakup, I had coffee one morning with an older woman I'd known for quite a while to catch up on the goings on in our lives.We talked about all the usual ancillary topics—jobs, money, future plans etc. Not long after we started talking she got a text from the guy she had been seeing on and off for a while (We'll call him Brandon) Weird News. Barber left 'mortified' after asking awkward question to blind customer about haircut. Viral. A barber went into autopilot after finishing a haircut and asked one of his clients a.