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Keep Squirrels, Rodents, Bats, Deer, & More Away From Your Property. 90 Day Guarantee. Little To No Maintenance Required. Environmentally Safe. Long Lasting Results Find How Do I Get Rid Of Ants. Search a wide range of information from across the web with smartsearchresults.com These devices deter pests with ultra-high-frequency sound, frequencies higher than 20,000 hertz. Humans can't hear the sound emitted by these devices, but some animals and insects are fully capable of picking up ultrasonic sound waves

An ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic pest control device that emits a high-pitched sound at a frequency that may cause discomfort to, kill, drive away or incapacitate household pests. Ultrasonic pest control solutions market themselves as easier and safer than more hands-on pest repellents and pest control options The device emits sounds at frequencies undetectable by humans. Short wavelength, high-frequency emissions. Humans are usually unable to hear sounds higher than 20 kHz. The human cochlea just can't do it This is the best way scares them away from your place or home. Don't need to waste any money buying products from stores Unlike pesticides, sonic ant repellent devices do not kill ants. These devices, also known as repellers, use ultrasonic or electronic waves - the latter of which are known as electromagnetic waves - to repel insects. Ultrasonic repellers output a peak of about 105 decibels of dense sound waves, usually running in a variable cycle Ant Repellent Sound Frequency Contents 1 Types of devices 1.1 Electromagnetic 1.2 Ultrasonic 2 Radio wave pest control 3 Effects on pests 3.1 Studies 3.2 Effects 3.2.1 Effects on cockroaches 3.2.2 Effects on mosquitoes 3.2.3 Effects on rodents 4 Safety 5 See also 6 References 7 External links 8 Further reading Types of devices There are two.

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ET Ant Control Repelling Techniques : One of the main repellents the ET Pest Control uses is High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds. These sounds come out of two specially designed speakers that are strictly made to irritate ANTS and PESTS to the MAX The electronic pest repeller is safe for pregnant woman and baby, Odorless, noiseless, and no radiation. Pest control uses ultrasonic frequency sound waves to drive pests and rats away without killing them. 2020 Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent, Electronic Repellant - Bug Repellent for Ant, Mosquito, Mice, Spider, Roach, Rat, Flea, Fly 3.8. The devices fail to make any real impact on cockroaches, ants and spiders, but sometimes are effective at repelling crickets. The sounds emitted by these devices may not have an impact on pests, however, they may bother the pets that live in your home. For tiny indoor animals or rodent pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters the sound may. Technically, these are sound waves with a ultrasonic frequency higher than 20,000 Hz. Being too high in pitch it cannot be heard by humans. Though, we don't hear these sounds, the pests can hear them. It annoys them to come anywhere in the range. The ultrasonic repellents can drive away mices, rats, other rodents, and even insects Yes, the frequency should be above 35KHZ. Also, make sure you place the device away from human being because mosquitoes are more attracted to CO2 we exhale. Mosquitoes are more sensitive to carbon dioxide human being breathes out and odor. Once mosquito detects the carbon dioxide they divert the way to the host and ignore the device

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ZERO PEST REPELLER , Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control Reject Devices Electronic in Repellent Defender Home Indoor for Rat Mosquito Mice Spider Ant ROA, 4 PACK 3.6 out of 5 stars 432 $25.99 $ 25 . 9 At only $29.95, it's also far cheaper than many of the alternatives and the best way to get rid of ants. Get an ultrasonic pest repeller such as Riddex and know that you've installed something that makes your home a less desirable residence for nasty ants. Use the link below and receive 2 Riddex units for the price of one, for a limited time However, when the frequency range was increased (12-14 kHz, 25-25 kHz) and with 2 sound sources emitting at once, it was considered to be disturbing by several participants. Study researchers raised a concern about the increase of ultrasonic pest repeller devices as well as the longer exposure of high frequency and ultrasound sound in domestic.

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  1. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller(4 Pack), 2021 Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent, Electronic Repellant - Bug Repellent for Ant, Mosquito, Mice, Spider, Roach, Rat, Flea, Fly. By Pest-Repellent. which is why all products generating sound below this frequency should not be viewed as ultrasonic gadgets. Humans do not perceive sounds at such.
  2. utes. Repeat this for one week and watch the ants disappear
  3. No insecticides. Unlike a mouse trap, ant bait, rat zapper or insect killer spray, this product doesn't harm or kill the pests. It has zero odor and is totally inaudible to humans. Rat Repellent Sound Frequency Chart It's important to realize that rat repellent sound frequency chart the sound waves these devices emit are easily blocked

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Electronic mouse repellents operate under the idea of using high-frequency sounds to drive mice away from food sources and nesting grounds within human homes. Sonic or ultrasonic devices have been touted as repellents for everything from roaches to insects to rodents, specifically rats and mice The ET Pest Control is one of the most powerful electronic ant repeller on the market today, as it shows with its results. Prove it for yourself w/60 day money back gaurantee. Units of Frequency. An The ET Pest Control uses High Impact Ultrasonic Sound specially designed to repel Ants while hitting 125dB Output and covering one of the. The frequency of such devices is as high as 50 kHz, more specifically, about three times above the human capacity of hearing. Normally, we cannot hear noises of a frequency over 18 kHz, with some extraordinary people being capable of perceiving sounds as high as 20 kHz. But this is a maximum limit Electronic cockroach repellent supposedly works by emitting ultrasonic, or very high frequency, sound waves. This noise is supposed to cause response which can confuse, and may even kill, certain pests like cockroaches. These systems plug into wall outlets and can be purchased at any home hardware store. The sound is too high for humans to hear. The high frequency sound emitted by device helps to reduce pest in your office or home. Besides that the ultrasound is fully safe and easy to use. The lizard repeller device is having variable frequency from 20 KHz to 65 KHz to repel lizards and pest. Because the effectiveness ultrasonic frequency of all the pests are different

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The best ultrasonic pest repeller emits sound waves of a certain frequency that are unpleasant for insects and other small pests. As a result of the action of the device, insects leave the territory where ultrasound acts. What could be named as the most commonly used best ultrasonic pest repeller is an ultrasonic mosquito repellent Ultrasonic pest repellers sound like an amazing tool that makes pest control a breeze. The instructions are to simply plug it into an outlet and the device will emit ultrasonic frequencies in the 20KHz-65KHz range which irritate pests' auditory systems while remaining inaudible to humans and pets

Ultrasonic flea repellent devices emit a sound that supposedly repels bugs. This sound is above 18,000 Hz (typically in the range of 30 kHz-50 kHz) which human beings cannot hear. By emitting ultrasonic waves, these products should keep away bugs like ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, rodents etc. by creating a hostile or unfavorable. No, here's why, and this is important to remember, animals, including insects, have 3 main concerns, food, reproduction, and survival. That's all they care about. You will see all kinds of claims from manufacturers of ultrasound noise production c.. The idea behind electronic pest repellers is that the noise created is above the level and pitch that humans can detect, but it is strong enough to aggravate common household pests. These products are advertised as a safe, humane, and environmentally friendly option compared to pesticides, baits, and other home extermination methods How Sound Repellents Work. According to their manufacturers, sound repellent devices emit high-frequency sound waves to frighten or repel rodents such as mice, rats, moles, squirrels and gophers. Among the best electronic pest control devices we've reviewed, our top pick is the Pest Reject ultrasonic repeller. We've based this decision on countless hours of studying each product and reading customer reviews on the side. Home Sentinel offers a high frequency of 50-60Hz and comes conveniently in a four-pack set

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General movement and stridulation sounds recorded with accelerometer from fire ants under citrus trees in Ft. Pierce citrus grove [549 kB, 11 s]. s ee Mankin and Lapointe (2003) G.2. Flight sounds of Pseudacteon tricuspis hovering over fire ants [977 kB, 10 s] UMISS Pest Repeller comes with six ultrasonic devices that can be plugged into electrical outlets. Each device can cover up to 1,600 square feet, but it's recommended that you put one in each room because walls will limit their range. The product repels mice, spiders, roaches, ants, and a variety of other bugs

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Ultrasonic sound waves have a frequency higher than what human ears can hear, but invading species can detect them. The sound is meant to irritate pesky critters and prevent them from making homes near the source of the noise. Which pest repeller is best? Analysis of the Top 7 Ultrasonic Pest Repellers. BRISON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller: Top Pick ALL 3 QUANTUM PEST CONTROL REPELLENTS | FSV SUPPORT QUANTUM Indoor Insect Repellent FSV QUANTUM Outdoor Insect Repellent FSV QUANTUM Rodent+ Repellent FSV Pest Control Vibrational Support —Remote vibrational support from 75 Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV) via the Healy Aura/Resonance HealAdvisor Analyze App (blue dot app) @ $25.00 USD

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The Victor Heavy-Duty Sonic Pest Chaser emits high frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents from protected areas. With more than 2 times the power output of standard ultrasonic pest control units, this PestChaser is ideal for use in larger rooms, such as kitchens, garages, attics and basements Ideal for ant infested flowerpots; The perfect precaution against an ant invasion; The Gardigo Solar Ant Repellent disturbs Ants with sound. It is simply stuck into the ground. The device's slim design makes this easy. The tones at a frequency of 600 Hz in 45 second intervals can disturb ants in their way of life

The Theory Behind Ultrasonic Pest Repellents. The maximum audible sound for humans is 20,000 Hertz. Ultrasonic sound waves are those that have a frequency higher than this upper audible limit for humans. Ultrasonic sound is used most often in fields such as medicine and in military industries Eliminator Insect Repeller, 6 Count. Plug it in and the LED Red light comes on to let you know it is working. It emits high frequency ultrasonic sound waves that help repel rodents. Varying ultrasonic sound waves prevent rodents from getting used to the pest repeller sound Electronic pest control is the name given to any of several types of electrically powered devices designed to repel or eliminate pests, usually rodents or insects. Since these devices are not regulated under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act in the United States, the EPA does not require the same kind of efficacy testing that it does for chemical pesticides 2.T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller. The second choice of the best ultrasonic rodent repeller is this T3-R triple High Impact. It is designed to work with rodents as well as mice and rats. With its repulsive ultrasonic sound, the repeller is quite effective to annoy and chase those pests away While we humans cannot hear the sound that emanates from pest repellents, you have to remember that dogs are capable of hearing sounds at much higher frequencies than us. This means that your dog may well pick up on the high-frequency sound that comes from the pest repellent you are using

This type of electronic repeller emits such high-frequency sound that it will send spiders, ants, and even the daddy long legs packing their bags and moving on. A close relative of the ultrasonic repeller is an electromagnetic repeller. It works by altering the electromagnetic field of wiring in your home The Effectiveness of Pest Repellents. Ultrasonic electronic pest repellent devices produce sound waves greater than 20,000 hertz (cycles per second), which only animals and bugs can hear

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This is exactly why the response to the question do ultrasonic pest repeller work on mice is yes as long as the frequency is variable, otherwise it will become useless. Side effects on human or house pets are close to none, because 99% of us can´t hear a frequency above 20,000Hz, nevertheless, there are testimonies of people who do (1% of. The Victor Heavy-Duty Sonic Pest Chaser emits high frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents from protected areas. With more than 2 times the power output of standard ultrasonic pest control units, this PestChaser is ideal for use in larger rooms, such as kitchens, garages, attics and basements. A 6 ft. cord enables ideal placement 66 matches. ($12.99 - $74.99) Find great deals on the latest styles of Rodent repellent sound frequency. Compare prices & save money on Pest Control Ultrasonic sound is a special kind of sound that has a frequency that is beyond human capacity. Hence, this sound is inaudible by humans. Normally, the repellents have worked between 25000 to 55000 Hz frequency. Some repellents support a narrower range of frequency. In that case, it will be less effective for the rodents

Other bat repellents as home remedy. 1. Bat repellent moth balls. Naphthalene is one of the chemicals that is legally permitted to use on bats. This chemical is present in mothballs, which can be placed in, around and between the roosting areas. This way, you can make the environment to be unfavorable for the bats ★ Ultrasonic pest control: our ultrasonic pest repeller control device combines ultrasonic, ionic, and electromagnetic technologies all together for maximized coverage and effectiveness. With the combined technologies, this device can repel a wide range of indoor pests, from rodents to insects. Sound Frequency: 15kHz-18kHz 2.6 T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller. 2.7 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller | Best Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent. 2.8 Victor Scent-Away Rodent Repeller Drops M803. 2.9 Eco-Defense Mice Repellent Pellets - Best Mouse Trap Alternative. 2.10 Shake-Away 5006358 Rodent Repellent Granules Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Packs, 2021 Upgraded Electronic Pest Repeller Plug in Indoor Pest Repellent for Mosquito, Insects, Cockroaches, Mouse, Rats, Bug, Spider, Ant, Human and Pet Safe. $ 39.99 in stock. 1 new from $39.99

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  1. With its high frequency sounds, the repellent is going to be very defensive to keep the intruders away for day and night time. The batteries used are solar rechargeable ones, in the meantime. Thus, you will have no worries about that. Among many bat control solutions, having such an effective ultrasonic bat repellent is the safest means
  2. ate Them Fast. 1. Stay Away Scent Pouches - Most Effective Spiders Repellent Pouches with Proven Performance (Editor's Choice) 2. Neatmaster Advanced Electric Plug-in - Best Ultrasonic Spider Repeller in the Market (People's Choice) 3
  3. 2. By using 4D magic speaker to generate high frequency waves, uses multi-frequency sound waves to drive pests away. 3. Sweep frequency wave 10 KHz~15KHz - SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS Odorless, noiseless and no radiation. 4. EASY TO USE -Just plug our pest repeller into the socket and turn it on, then let it do the rest. Packaging: 1xGiftbo
  4. dful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best-possible ultrasonic ant repeller
  5. d. The Ember Smart Mug 2 allows him to control the exact temperature he wants to keep his drink at via an app on his phone
  6. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller devices use high-frequency, ultrasonic sound waves that are above the range of sounds that humans can hear or process. In theory, the noise from the device causes a psychological response in pests that leads to distress. Pests will then flee from the room or area where these signals are present, freeing homes of pests.

The Claim. Sound repellent devices purportedly use high-frequency, or ultrasonic, noise that disturbs rodents, such a squirrels, but is undetectable by humans and other animals. Plugging in the devices outdoors is supposed to drive the pests from your yard, protecting your garden beds and trees from further damage This electronic pest repellent is designed with 3 state of the art high frequency sound waves that drives away all types of pest from your home. A combination of bionic wave, electromagnetic wave and ultrasonic wave technology makes this pest ultrasonic repeller gadget more effective compared to other traditional pest control repellents 6-CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE. ANTMIX 6FX allows to manage sound in many different applications: a public speaking, a conference, but also more complex applications such as live music. The smart design of the console helps all kind of user to get the most of any audio performance. It represents a smooth solution featuring pro-details such as an.

Frequency. The frequency of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller refers to the intensity of the sounds and wavelengths that it emits. Frankly, frequency is what people buy for in a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. It produces audio genic seizure response among rats and snakes The ultrasound used in ultrasonic repellents is supposedly made high enough to affect and repel pests. Normally, an ultrasound frequency of above 20 kHz is used for lizards. However, some homeowners have complained that these repellents are only effective at first. Over time, the lizards get used to the sound. This may be true Electronic** pest control devices. Electronic pest control devices (so-called pest repellers) come in several types. Some claim to repel insects, spiders, and rodents by ultrasonic, or very high pitched, sound. Others claim to produce an electromagnetic field that is repellent while newer devices add ionic air cleaning The frequency can produce vibrations in the inner ear and the brain. The results can be feelings of nausea, disorientation, fatigue, and migraines. This doesn't happen all the time, but it can happen, especially with prolonged exposure and to those with sensitive hearing. Sound is the vibration of air molecules

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  1. WH: All this without talking his ant-control powers. The global biomass of ants is somewhere from like 9 percent of the human biomass to like 85 percent. JK: Ants can be very highly specialized.
  2. A: Dealing with ants can be incredibly frustrating.The individuals are tiny, but their communities are large, so getting rid of one wave of invaders doesn't keep more from sneaking in. With many.
  3. Frequency Range . As we already discussed, humans and animals generally cannot hear the ultrasonic pest repellents because of its frequency range. People can hear on the frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The ultrasonic devices are most of the time above 20 kHz. Date of the Productio
  4. An effective ultrasonic pest repeller for insects and pests invading your house, the Neatmaster is a plugin device that helps repel mosquitos, ants, rats, spiders, bugs, mice, snakes, fleas, roaches and other animals. It employs a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies to emit sound waves that repel these nasty pests
  5. Frequency Spectrum 0 20 40 60 80 100 0 20406080 100 Frequency (kHz) Sound Pressure Level (dB re 20 µPa) Waveform Graph -10-8-6-4-2 0 2 4 6 8 10 0 0.02 0.04 0.06 0.08 0.1 0.12 Time (seconds) Sound Pressure (Pa) • 21 kHz, 35 kHz, and 41 kHz • SPL = 94 dB (SPL) at 50 cm distance Sound characterization, Device A (Mode B & Quiet) • 0.123.
  6. Electronic Pest Repellent is an electronic device that is capable of. generating sound of ultrasonic frequency range, not audible to. human ear but to pests like rodents, birds, in sects etc.

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sonic bird repellent devices in the market that utilize distress calls. How they Work Sonic pest devices are either plugged into an outlet or battery powered. Many of the patents use vague wording to describe how the devices operate, such as 'the device controls pests with high-frequency sound' or 'it repels pests' First off, ultrasonic pest repellers work by emitting ultrasonic sound which is well beyond the range of human hearing. A quick Google search will tell you that the frequency of ultrasonic sound is above 20,000 Hertz. Audible sound is generally considered to be within the range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz, although the range varies from each individual

Just plug this device into AC electric socket board the ultrasonic sound wave works against rodents, insects mice, rats, roaches, spiders, ants and any types of pests. Also, the red light signal indicates the device works well. The weight of the product is only 1.15 pounds and manufacturer by the Naturally Home LLC fidelity sound frequency detector. This device could widely be used depending on situation and places are tested to detect signal within the coverage area about 21mm to 37mm on a solid wall room. In Jeon kyu, Chan-soo and Jong-kwon (2007) the electronic pest control device was established to be a contribution o The pl ant s were checked and wat ered al most everyday unt i l November 17, 2016, when the data for he i ght of pl ant s and number of l eaves was col l ect ed and recorded. Finally, on November 22, 2016, t he f ul l anal ysis of t he dat a was compl et e Pest Repeller in USA, For Getting Away With Pests In A Non-Violent Way! Pest repeller is a device that with their high-frequency sound waves become intolerable to rodents and insects, thus driving them away from the space. The process to use these pest repellents is very simple The Guardian™. The Guardian combines sonic and ultrasonic sounds, predator calls and a thermal motion sensor to detect unwanted pests and drive them out. Use it indoors or outdoors to repel bats, cats, mice, rats, rodents, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, deer, and other animal pests. Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off - Just add 2 to your cart

The frequency of these sounds could be between 15,000 - 30,000 Hz, which destabilizes the nervous systems of birds. Many repellers use alternating sounds, going back and forth. These sounds are so loud that the closer they get, the worse it becomes, and their instinct is to run How does ultrasonic pest control work? Ultrasonic pest repellers, once plugged into an electrical outlet, operate by emitting short wavelength, high-frequency sound waves that are too high for humans to hear. The average young person hears sounds ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz; whereas, a middle-aged person only hears up to 12-14,000 Hz

Ultrasonic sounds have limited use in rodent control because they are directional and do not penetrate behind objects. Testing of sound devices shows that about half the sound energy is gone within 15 feet of the device. It might be best not to completely rely on these devices for pest control These unique sounds are scientifically engineered to repel ants with unbearable sound frequencies so the existing ones in your home immediately flee, and future ant infestations are fully prevented. Just keep the Ultrasonic Ant Repeller running 24/7, and the pesky critters will never return to your environment again An ultrasonic pest repeller (UPR) is an electronic device that works by emitting high-frequency sound waves, a level of sound that is inaudible to us, but highly irritating to pests. Once the device starts broadcasting its high-frequency stay-away message around your home, within just a few weeks any creepy crawlies or small rodents will. To prevent pests from growing accustomed to the high-frequency noise, choose a unit that varies the sound. Favorite Answer. [769 kB, 16 s]. If there are crumbs or food particles elsewhere, the bait may take longer because the ants have alternative sources of food. Sounds from individual ants can be heard distinctly and there are a number of different signals. What is

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Aspectek Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Pest Repellent, Yard Sentinel RC Pest Repeller Pest Control with Motion Detector, 4 Key Remote, Rodents, Cats, Rats, Deer, Bear, etc, Sound Frequency: 15kHz-18kHz 3.2 out of 5 stars 1,38 The ultrasonic sound produced by this electronic device will repel the animals within 2 minutes due to it comes with an audible frequency of sound which is heard by only animals. Actually, some deer repellents repel only deers but UltraSweep repels more than 5 animal categories such as squirrels, bats, deers, raccoons, and rodents The review stated: confirmed that ultrasonic sound products do have both a repellent result as well as a reduction in mating and reproduction of a variety of insects. The University of British Columbia by John P.J Pinel - a thorough investigation was done to evaluate the possibilities of using a device which emits high - intensity.

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Clove oil is devastatingly effective against ants. In this study, a small application of clove oil upon fire ants had a 100% mortality rate within 6 hours, and successfully repelled the ants within 3 hours. Spraying this around the house should shut them down. 4. Lemon and/or Orange Choose a model that emits low-frequency sounds for a cruelty-free pest deterrent. Pros and cons of solar pest repellents. Pros: Inexpensive. Humane. Inexpensive to use. Fewer battery replacements. Easy to install and use. Safe. Clean . Cons: Not always 100% effective. Not suitable for severe infestations. Audible sounds may be annoying. Require.

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Safety: The ultrasonic pest repeller does not use any chemicals or poisons but just high-frequency sound waves which do not harm people or pets like cats and dogs as it does not involve the use of chemicals Ultrasonic pest control devices produce a high-pitched sound that's intended to be audible only to pests. Intended to drive insects, rodents and other pests away, these devices may also affect other animals. Many homeowners wonder whether it's safe to use this type of pest-control method around their pets, especially rodents or invertebrates

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Scientific tests conducted using ultrasonic rat repellent devices showed caged rats set next to the box continued to carry out their lives unaffected by the sound. The rats even continued to reproduce. The advertised frequency of ultrasonic sound only outputs the maximum frequency in a range of 12-inches around the device The ultrasonic sound waves that deter pests and mosquitoes are powerful and of high-pressure frequencies, but for human ears, it is inaudible, as we cannot catch the same frequency sounds like insects, bugs and other pests can. Mosquito repellent for home is a great alternative to getting rid of unwanted pests, but it does not work through walls The repeller is in the form of a shield that plugs into the Arduino board and the frequency of the repeller can be changed easily. This project is ideal if you are going camping or hiking outdoors, this device produces a sound of 31KHz Frequency which acts as a mosquito repellent. The frequency of this device can be adjusted and at 23kHZ to 54.

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Forsous Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller. The Forsous ultrasonic pest repeller uses low-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to repel squirrels and other pests, including insects. The low-frequency waves produced by this unit are inaudible to both humans and household pets. The unit is effective up to a range of 1200 square feet. Feature The Wikomo repeller is a safe, effective option for deterring animals from harming your garden or lawn. This device is motion activated and can detect animals up to 30 feet away, at which point an alarm will sound. An ultrasonic sound will also be emitted, and LED lights will flash Sound frequency: 22~65KHz automatic frequency conversion, covering more mosquitoes and mites' offensive frequencies. Input rated frequency: 50/60Hz. Rated power: ≤1W. Package Included: 1*Ultrasonic mosquito repellent. Ultrasonic Repellent: Repelling mice, mosquitoes, mites, flies, beets, and spiders; Resonant Ultrasonic SPL Cavity Acoustic Wav LIANTRAL Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack, 2020 Upgrade Electronic Indoor Insects & Rodents Repellent Plug in for Mice, Bats, Spiders, Ants, Mosquitoes, Bees, Safe for Human and Pet 200 Reviews $15.9