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Lambert Jean Charles ( Pesche ) - 1st National Barcelona 6,916 old birds Belgium. Boonen Johan ( Buggenum - NL ) 1st National Barcelona 4.919 old birds Holland. Ben Robert (Calais - France) wins 1 Internatiional Barcelona 2021. Lens Jules (Putte): 1st National Issoudun 14,755 yearbirds - fastest against 24,532b Bid on the pigeon you want to buy. Races. View all current, future and finished races. News. Stay up-to-date about the latest news and trends. Products. Herbots Animal Products - the well-known and highly appreciated products by champions ! About Herbots. Herbots Loft. First for quality pigeons & products Pigeon Bids Public auctions.

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The best of Herbots x Gaby VDAB Proven Bloodline: Auction #75501: Breeders. Bred for stock. Selling all pigeons due to code violation. Pretty sure he will breed OLR winners. Number 3's HS won E1st at Eddies late hatch Classic 2016 at the 300m 1875ypm. never tested this cock Herbots Animal Products - the well-known and highly appreciated products by champions ! About Herbots. Herbots Loft. First for quality pigeons & products MOVIE - 1st nat. ace pigeon KBDB Rhone valley 2021 - 2317704-15 Kristian Vrebos. Combinatie De Bresser, Terg en Terblijt ( NL ) win 1st I.Nat Marseille 10,740 old pigeons. iPigeon.com | Racing Pigeon Auction. Welcome to i Pigeon Great Birds, Good Bargains, and Exciting Auctions

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Book your auction date fall 2021 See our Home Page for more info on upcoming auctions, articles, videos 2020-2021 Auction Season featured the greatest Auction line-up of any USA Auction Site. Belgium, Holland, UK, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kuwait and Switzerland For more information about this online auction, please contact: HERBOTS: Tel. 0032 11 78 91 90 Herbots Jo: jo@herbots.be Tel. 0032 475 45 50 95 Herbots Miet: miet@herbots.be Tel. 0032 475 45 51 95 Thanks to the professional care of Herbots family, this unique internet auction is organised in 6 parts Benny Steveninck - Hamme BE 18-4149964 2 Nat Limoges 10,319 old birds 3 Prov Limoges 4,335 old bird I Dream Pigeons was created, when two long-time friends had the same vision of a unique online pigeon auction site. This site would be modern, user friendly and simple to navigate, while offering the highest quality pigeons from sellers with top reputations. Of course, customer service would be unsurpassed and extremely professional

Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons, Halle-Booienhoven, Belgium. 50,134 likes · 5,755 talking about this · 84 were here. From Pigeon expert to.. Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons. December 20, 2020 at 11:45 AM ·. Auction Christophe Mathues. What a breeding hen ! Super quality. Lot 5 Super Vaaltje BE16-6081364. Strain Goede Rode - Kittel Van Den Bulck. Superbreeding hen. Mother BE 19-2063610 Super Vale Excelsior Pigeon Auctions, Superior quality racing pigeons for sale by means of fixed price pigeon sales and pigeon auctions online, from top performance racing pigeon competitors and show pigeon breeders in the UK and Europe. The UK seller for all php products from the natural brand of pigeon health and performance, used and recommended by Jos. Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons. February 26, 2017 ·. PIGEON BIDS EXTRA EDITION LUC HERBOTS ( ZEPPEREN ) ENDS TODAY @ 2.00 P.M. INTERNET AUCTION OF 19 ORIGINAL LUC HERBOTS BIRDS ! THE BARCELONA SUPER LOFT FROM ZEPPEREN ( LIMBURG ). IN THIS AUCTION 3 DIFFERENT 1st PROVINCIAL WINNERS ! HIGHLIGHTS IN THIS AUCTION ARE LADY ZEPHIRA. Online Auction Herbots Brothers Lot 5 Yvan Arrow BE20-2133922 Is a half-brother, same mother, to OLYMPIC MANUELA: 1st WORLD BEST PIGEON ALLROUND '19 1st NAT Olympiad Ace MD Cat B '20 4th NAT Olympiad Ace Allround Cat D '20 1st Interprov. ace MD YL '19 2nd Prov Ace KBDB Allround YB '18 1 S Nat Montlucon I 8.334 p 529 km 3.

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Closed Auction. GB 19 E 35176 Best of Rik Hermans! $200.00 Details. Closed Auction. GB 19 E 35175 From Stuart's #1 Hen $200.00 Details. Closed Auction. GB 19 E 35173 Six 1st Ace Pigeons in Pedigree $226.00 Details. Closed Auction. GB 19 E 35172 6 1st Ace Pigeons! $255.00 Details. Closed Auction The most exclusive auction house for racing pigeons worldwide. The 10 most expensive auctions ever worldwide, all organized by PIPA. We guarantee the best auction result through a tailor-made strategy. Request a non-binding estimation, one of our experts will respond INTERNATIONAL RACING PIGEON SHOPPING MALL. On Line at Choice Pigeon Auctions - Canada. On Line at Pigeons4You Auctions - Canada. PIPA Belgium Auctions. Herbots Online Internet Auctions - Belgium. GPS-Auctions Pigeons Internet Auctions - HOLLAND. World Pigeon Bid - USA. Internet Pigeon SALES - USA. Internet Pigeon Auctions - Denmark HERBOTS . Belgium. First for Quality! , Performance Pigeons from their Best! Herbots is a name that is legendary in the sport of racing pigeons..

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  1. Herbots Brothers Belgium offer for auction 15 extremely well bred birds. Herbots need no introduction and are a household name all around the world for their top quality bloodlines. They own one of the best collections of National winners, Olympiade pigeons and multiple 1st Prize winners
  2. Pigeons At the moment I still have 30 old racers. The breeders are for sale now in the auction and have about 40 youngsters. The pigeons are being raced on nest position. On Barcelona on youngsters of about 5 days and on Perpignan on eggs. The selection is being done the entire year trough
  3. Herbots Bros. 16 BELG 2146063 Cock Magtron Father: 2338770-14 Inbred Nationaal 1: 5 x 1st 1 Nat. Bourges 1987 Base breeder Herbots Mother: 2192870-10 Dgt. Magnum: 3 Nat. Ace pigeon 1/2 Fond Duivenkrant 2008 7 Olympic Ace pigeon Fond Dortmund 2009 8 Nat. Ace pigeon BDS Young 2007 1 I.Prov. Gueret 1456 p. 570 km 1 I.Prov. Orleans.
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  5. Herbots Bros. 15 BELG 2300724 Cock Soontjens 24 Auction #58456: Currently: 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon BDS youngsters 2003 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon LCB youngsters 2003 1 Prov. Ace Pig. KBDB All Round 200

the father is a son of the world famous yvan from herbots bros 1 an 4 nat ace pigeon kbdb middle distance. the mother is a daughter of the famous f16 from van oeckel bart and nance 1 nat la souteraine 5 nat bourges 10 national gueret. the mother is also a daughter from golden lady, 4 nat la souteraine, 15 nat z tulle, 17 nat z. Pigeons-Auctions est une boutique Française spécialisée dans la vente de produits pour Pigeons et Oiseaux ( cages , compléments alimentaires , vitamines , accessoires , ) Aujourd'hui, nous sommes revendeurs de plusieurs Firmes dont : -> Tollisan schroeder. -> Herbots. -> Belgica de Weerd. -> Rohnfried. -> Belgavet. -> Red Animals Every year real top pigeons are obtained by Herbots. Pigeons from Pros Roosen, Gebroeders Clerinx and Van Avondt have proved to be a real strengthening for the breeding loft. Racing style 60 widowers, 24 hens in widowhood and a group of 200 youngsters were raced in races from 300 to 600 km. This is the favourite distance of the Herbots household The speeds were observed for this Argenton race. The Herbots pigeon was the fastest with 1271 m/m, Steenbergen's yearling in Herk-de Stad recorded 1270 m/m and the young pigeon of Charles André in Lobbes in the Walloon provinces of Belgium flew 1266 m/m. The Herbots family has had some wee

Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons. 1.7K views · March 10. 0:46. Auction Jan Hooymans Lot 1 Son New Harry NL19-1023775 DNA guarantee TOP OFFER! Direct son new base breeder New Harry Father: New Harry NL14-1219811 raced at C. VD Wetering - Won: 1 prov. Niergnies 14,737b. 1 prov. Pont 12,894b. 1 Melun 1,046b. 9 NPO Troyes. 00 : 00 : 00 TopPigeons-auctionhouse For fanciers from Top-fanciers! Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate is a modern food supplement developed in close collaboration with Bram Koppenaal of Nutrievo. Easy to order through our webshop You can visit iPigeon.com once auction begins on November 16, 2019! Raf and Kobe Herbots. This is a loft with a famous last name, indeed Raf's father is the famous Philip Herbots owner and builder of the the world reknown Herbots racing pigeon breeding station in Belgium. They also manufacture the Herbots line of racing pigeon products After first national Limoges 2005, now first national Argenton I by the yearlings Deno-Herbots - Leefdaal (BE) 28/06/2009 - It is the first year that this race from Argenton is organised as NATIONAL by the East-Flemish club. In previous years almost every province sat in Argenton. During the Annual General meeting of the KBDB in February 2009. the mother is dark 84 from buvens roger. she is a daughter from yasmine 11 nat ace pigeon kbdb middle distance, 1 national z bourges 2671 p, and 22 national chateauroux 4757 p. the mother and the father are 2 late breds from 2015 so i didn't race any brothers or sisters but i believe much in these pigeons

Raf Herbots is well known in the States, and in Belgium. Yes, he is a vet. Yes he is the son of the famous Phillip Herbots founder of Herbots Pigeon Products, a pigeon magazine, and of one of the most impressive thoroughbred pigeon breeding operations in the world. He is also Bart Van Oeckel's best friend father - dv-13-9581-1371 / origin - koopman. mother - be-15-2300779 / origin - herbots. previous. nex

Herbovet (Raf Herbots) Fascinated by the pigeon sport which is already practiced during decades in the Herbots family I've specialized myself, as a veterinarian, in the health and condition of pigeons. I obtained my diploma of veterinarian in 1994 at the University of Ghent. My grandfathers, on both sides, were avid pigeon fanciers Go to the auction. The Diamonds till 600 km till 18-07, 1:30 P.M. The Diamonds till 600 km. We are all looking for pigeons that can win the lead on both 100 km and 600 km, not every pigeon is suitable for this. In this auction there are a number of pigeons that meet these criteria when we look at the origin

P-Bay | Auction site for pigeons Bros. HERBOTS JO & RAF. Superstar of the year Middle Distance. Halle-Booienhoven - For decades it has been a pigeon nest and pigeon sport of a high level is being associated with the name Herbots.Their successful career is being spiced with ace bird titles, Olympiad titles and records within the national championships and in 2009 they became the 'Gouden Duif' winner Belgium Elimar6 ( 455 ) Essex, United Kingdom. 0 bids 5 days, 2h 01m 38s. Place Bid. PICK OF THE NEST! Direct from the £10,000 BLACKPOOL KITTEL x RAINBOW RUBY - Take your pick of the nest! 21L05527 or 21L05528. PICK OF THE NEST! Direct from the £10,000 BLACKPOOL KITTEL x RAINBOW RUBY - Take your pick of the nest! 21L05527 or 21L05528Time to. A - 1 Pigeon Export Service & 信鸽运输服务 (#1) A 2021 AU CONVENTION RACE & AUCTION TAMPA FL LIVE AND ON LINE AT IPIGEON.COM (#1) A-1 2021 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Winners From 51st to 100th Place Ending at 20:15 (#51) A-2 2021 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Winners 26th to 50th Ending at 20:45 (#26) A-3 2021 Hoosier. Online Pigeon Auction. Join the Racing Pigeon Auction. Register. (to bid. or sell) Sell Your Birds. Click Here to visit American Pigeon Museum & Library. Upcoming Lots. Auction Rules

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Auctions. Offered by. Number. v.d. Stouwe & Douna special t/m 11-07 13.00 uur. 4. Show pigeons. The Summer Auction t/m 11-07 13.30 uur. 10 1. National Acepigeon Great Middledistance KBDB 2019. Just an amazing reference - the best we can get !! 1. National Acepigeon Middledistance Old Birds KBDB 2019 is BEL17-6038324 from Vic De Wilder - and it comes partly from our Gaston Van De Wouwer lines!! Actually the grandsire RONALDO was bred by M&C Breeding - and the greatgranddam is. 07/11/2019 Dreampigeons introduces Dreamcollection. 05/02/2018 Invitation Viewing Day 2018 31/12/2015 Piet and Gerard Lindelauf, Vijlen: over a decade of supreme racing! 03/12/2015 Four decades of supremacy in Belgium: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte

Triple J Lofts: Excellent OLR Pigeons - South Africa ; Mt. Saint Helens Picnic and Fundraiser! HERBOTS . Belgium. First for Quality! Furlano-Rotiroti Racing Pigeons.. Canadian Superstars ; Ado Family Loft.. Top Genetics in the Sport ; CRAZY AL LOFTS..ONE LOFT STAR! Syndicate Lofts of Peter Fox Auctions overview. TopPigeons Remaining time. 2 MARATHON PIGEONS ::: TopPigeons-auctionhouse For fanciers from Top-fanciers! Auctions Auctions . Voucher auctions . 2 MARATHON PIGEONS . 4: 09: 13: 11. TopPigeons-auctionhouse For fanciers from Top-fanciers! Auctions Auctions . Voucher auctions . Fanciers. About TopPigeons Basic philosophy. Just like last year, his pigeons show up in the national top 100 as well with respect to the Barcelona race for which he basketed 160 pigeons. People sometimes say that such an amount of pigeons is pernicious to the charm of pigeon sport but the way the Herbots family is handling this top pigeon weekend certainly wasn't charmless

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  1. 82 listings found. Showing results 1 to 20. Toggle Dropdown. 10 20 40 80. Blue Pied Hen NL15-1319166 Sister to 32nd NPO Limoges. G-Daughter of Jellema's Brilliant ROMEE. Blue Pied Hen NL15-1319166 Sister to 32nd NPO Limoges. G-Daughter of Jellema's Brilliant ROMEEClassy distance hen for sale here - full sister to 32nd NPO..
  2. Collection and receiving date of pigeons will start week of June 12th , 2020 . TOTAL COST $180.00. NO BODY DOES IT BETTER . If you have any questions please Contact Don at. 727-379-3821 or cell 203-410- 5111 or E- Mail: don.hart@earthlink.net . we are now listing some links of Auction sites in Europe that we recommend. M&C Hansen auction.co
  3. We offer you fantastic youngsters from Dirk van den Bulck his best bloodlines, such as the most famous 'Goede Rode', 'Olympic Rosita', 'Brother Goede Rode', 'Kittel', 'Greipel', 'New Kittel', 'Special Kittel' & 'Golden Leo 9999'. We also have the biggest collection worldwide from Stefaan Lambrechts his champion 'Lincia' 1. Nat. acebird small middle distance.
  4. s. BREEDERS AND TOP BLOODLINES $50000000.00 Details. 17 hours 04
  5. Boonen Pigeons. NL18-1293083 DOUBLE ACE 83 - is a fantastic daughter of super... Winning Bid: € 220,00. Highest bid: JOEL. Auction finished
  6. pigeon website home, herbots pigeons first for quality pigeons facebook, herman and dennis beverdam presenting their charles 638 11 original janssen arendonk, ipigeon com racing pigeon auction, home midnightbluelofts com, the eijerkamp janssen breeding history oude bange van 64, pipa presents racing pigeon digest periodical, news details.

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AUCTION OF DIETER BALLMAN - AMEL ENDS TODAY @ 2.00 P.M. 3 CHILDREN OF CHAMP WON 9th AND 14th NAT BARCELONA 2 SONS OF RED BARCELONA WON 3th AND 18.. Outstanding Blue 21V82831 Bred from some of the Finest One Loft Race Blood in the UKIn recent times more and more pigeons from the UK are participating in One Loft Races GBP 150.00. Elimar6 ( 442 ) Merseyside, United Kingdom. 0 bids 2 days, 21h 37m 18s. Place Bid Herbots, first for quality pigeons | races, auctions, pigeon bids, pigeon products • Herbots herbots.be add to compare Herbots is one of the best Belgium pigeon fanciers and manufacturer and main distributor of Herbots Animal Products

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Herbots Pigeon Bids Auction Extra Edition HANS & EVERT-JAN EIJERKAMP. SUPERB INTERNETAUCTION OF 15 ORIGINAL EIJERKAMP HANS & EVERT-JAN BIRDS. FAMILY EIJERKAMP SELECTED EXCLUSIVE FOR PIGEON BIDS TOP CHILDREN OF THEIR PROVEN RACERS: New Euro. New Euro. (Olympiad bird Budapest In this edition of Pigeon Bids the Herbots team brings a very nice group of 28 original Deno-Herbots birds into auction. In January 2014 we had the total auction of the loft Jos Deno and Filip Herbots. An auction which was more than successful because world-wide a lot of fanciers appreciate the breeding capacities of the Deno-Herbots birds Blue Hen B12-2177504 Bred by Herbots. Truly Rare G.Daughter of NUMBER 1 and BELGIUM'S BEST You know when you see a pigeon bred by Herbots its always going to have top class bloodlines Father of the pigeon for sale is B07-2233172 Direct son of ATTILLA x BELGIUM'S BES

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  1. The Herbots Brothers (Halle-Booienhoven, BE) had a magnificent 2013 season with three national ace pigeons. 13/01/2014 - 2012 had been a wonderful season and the Herbots family would have been very satisfied with a similarly successful 2013 season. However, they managed to exceed last year's performance. 2013 was an exceptional year with.
  2. g from Hetbots.All showing in attached pedigree,This is a young,strong,long distance bird.Please read.
  3. g pigeon fanciers themselves. Experience and knowledge are simply a must in pigeon sport. This can only be an advantage when pigeon fanciers contact the Herbots family to buy or sell pigeons

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4 Oils 600 ml by Herbots. Herbots 4 Oils, is a mixture of 4 natural oils for Racing Pigeon. DESCRIPTION: 4 Oils is a wel.. $29.58 Auctions - Top Pigeons Auctions

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European Pigeon Website. Leo Xuan Breeding Loft. Leo Heremans is a legend in international pigeon racing. His National winners and Olympic champions are known all over the world. Without doubt we can say that . End time: 2021-07-11 15:30:00 Quantity : 8. Status Successful Auction at Herbots, almost EUR 3,000 average . At this, the end of March the special Euro Euro auction on the Herbots.be site ran its course. The auction was a tremendous success. The 15 young pigeons put up for sale sold for a total of EUR 44,500 Herbots Auction a huge success, a Euro youngster sold for €15,000 . Traditionally, many pigeons change ownership during the winter. Various auction houses sell pigeons and help a fancier to present and sell their pigeons, just as earlier this year, we together with the Herbots family organized a terrific sale TOTAL AUCTION AD PEGELS A UNIQUE ONLINE AUCTION WITH EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY ON THE MARATHON RACES ( + 900 KM ) This auction will take place on www.herbots.be from 19 October 2018 till 29 October 2018 PART I ends @ 2.00 P.M. PART II ends @ 3.00 P.M. PART III ends @ 4.00 P.M. A unique breeding base with the old bloodlines of famou

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Pigeon Photography 0032 477 99 40 22 caroline swevers@hotmail.com Caroline Swevers Kcàbook (CS Pigeon Photography) Created Date: 9/7/2016 3:32:35 PM. Dunn Galician Highflyer Hen. Current Bid: $35.00. AU-2013-HVR-595 (COCK) Current Bid: $10.00. AU-2017-ARPU-18500 (COCK) Current Bid: $10.00. KHAKI LACED MODERN FRILL SATINETTE. Current Bid: $100.00 Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons. 12 December 2018 ·. ENDURANCE PIGEONS breeding loft (UK) Auction. Ends today @ 2.00 p.m. invested the last year in superb marathon birds. Champion birds such are Conquistador (B14-2323212 - 2nd Nat. Barcelona '16 against 7,693b. - 5th Internat Herbots Brothers Belgium offer for auction 15 extremely well bred birds. Herbots need no introduction and are a household name all around the world for their top quality bloodlines. They own one of the best collections of National winners, Olympiade pigeons and multiple 1st Prize winners. AJ Redstar Auctions feel very privileged to be asked.


Fabulous Internet auction of 17 grandchildren of the famous Harry (NL07-2007621 - Jan Hooymans) The auction starts on 15 May 2018 and ends on May 25, 2018 at 14 o'clock A good decision. That this was a good decision by Jo Herbots, the BIG BOSS on sale, proving his son OLYMPIC BOSS. He is the first Olympiad pigeon Category H and 3rd Olympiad pigeon Allround 2017 in Brussels. He x comes from the BIG BOSS of the B13-2188001, which in turn is a granddaughter of the famous Olympics 003

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AUCTIONS: Approximately the first 50 pigeons and first Aces of the final race will be auctioning online in the following 2-3 days after the final, through an professional agent from China from our facilities or at HERBOTS Imex Company at Belgium NINJA is the BEST Breeding Hen at the Loft she breed many TOP Racing Pigeon!! ! Father is an Original Cock from HERBOTS! Son Made in Heaven! Top Quality Pigeon! TOP RACING Pigeon for One Loft Race and National System from 200 -700 Km!!! This will be the Base Pigeon at my Loft you will find at the Top Results all over the World most this Strain!! History. Filip Herbots is the founder of the Herbots pigeon dynasty. He has been a fancier with a worldwide reputation for 60 years. Filip and his brother Jos started keeping pigeons in 1955 at the age of 14 and 12 respectively Herbots Pigeons - First for quality pigeons, Halle-Booienhoven, Belgium. 49K likes. From Pigeon expert to citizen of the world... Herbots is the name Born, raised and formed in the region.. HERBOTS KOBE & KATO 2014: 8 x 1st prizes 1 + 2 + 3 I.Prov. Ace pigeon 2014 1 of the best young birds loft in Belgium 2014. HERBOTS RAF: Attenhovenstraat 1 - 3806 VELM - Tel.: 0032 (0)475 24 65 89.