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  1. The Rio Grande turkey subspecies thrives primarily in two top states, with Texas and Oklahoma weighing in as the sweet spots. In the Southwest, New Mexico and Arizona hold small populations of Rios mixed in with Merriam's (and even Gould's in the latter state)
  2. Of the 49 states that allow turkey hunting, the Rio Grande subspecies is found in 14 of them. Texas, due to its massive size, management model and ideal habitat, leads the charge when it comes to overall population of these butterballs. Other notable Rio states include Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska (you will find some hybrids) and South Dakota
  3. In Texas, hunters can hunt and take Rio Grande gobblers. If you've been hunting eastern wild turkeys all your life, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven, if you have the opportunity to hunt Rio Grandes on a ranch that has plenty of birds like Heart of Texas Bowhunting does
  4. Kansas Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Enjoy an all-inclusive turkey hunting trip on our more than 34,000 acres of Kansas farmland in Elk County, Chautauqua County, Cowley County, and Greenwood County - Unit 6. We offer fully-guided and semi-guided turkey hunting adventures throughout the archery and firearm seasons
  5. Semi-Guided Rio Grande Turkey Hunting with Rader Lodge in North Central Kansas. North central Kansas is the home of the Rio Grande turkey. This is a great bird to hunt, with some weighing up to 24 pounds. In Kansas, you can harvest 2 Rio Turkey's, which makes Kansas very appealing to turkey hunters
  6. When I'm hunting Rio Grande turkeys, I prefer to wear Mossy Oak Brush camo (https://store.mossyoak.com/camo-patterns/brush), especially in western Kansas and Nebraska. Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions, we'll often have flocks of turkeys come to within bow range, instead of lone gobblers
  7. imum) - Unlimited hogs. Self Guided Turkey Hunts: Upon the afternoon of arrival one of our guides will escort you to the area you will be hunting. Hunters are shown the area to hunt within calling distance of.

Fully-Guided: $1,800 FOR TEXAS Rio Grande Turkey Hunts, PER HUNTER. WE CONTROL SOME OF THE LARGEST RIO GRANDE TURKEY ROOSTS IN TEXAS HOLDING UPWARDS OF 500 BIRDS AND HAVE HUNTED THEM FOR MANY YEARS. Up to 2 Rio Grande turkey gobblers per hunter. 3 night's lodging/2 full days of hunting From Maine to north Florida, west to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and into Canada, the range of the Eastern wild turkey exceeds the ranges of all other subspecies combined Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Rio Grande turkey hunting at THE BOOMER RANCH is usually done only in Spring, due to the focus on Whitetail deer during fall and winter. Any turkeys harvested other than in Spring would need special approval any turkey harvested without a Guide would also need special approva

Shonto Ranch offers spring-time turkey hunts for Texas Rio Grande Turkey. Our hunting ranch receives VERY LIGHT turkey hunting pressure, so our birds are not call shy Oklahoma, a sleeper state for Rio turkey hunting When thinking of destinations for hunting Rio Grande wild turkeys, the states that often come to my mind are Kansas, Texas or even Nebraska, but never Oklahoma. I couldn't tell you exactly why this was the case Rio Grande - Special 1 Turkey Bag Limit Apr. 1 - 30, 2021 Eastern Turkey Apr. 22 - May 14, 2021. View Wild Turkey hunting regulations for your county. 178 of 254 counties have Wild Turkey seasons

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  1. The Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Rio Grande Spring Turkey Hunts. We have hunts for experienced Turkey Hunters as well as those experiencing it for the first time. Contact us today for more information and come join us for an exciting Spring Turkey Hunt. Currently Reserved for Past and Current Client
  2. The Live Oak County Ranches are located near George West, Texas and consist of 3 properties totaling over 6500 acres. This area of Texas is known for its huge population of Rio Grande Turkeys and these properties are no exception. Seeing hundreds of Turkey's in a day and 20 or more mature gobblers is common
  3. Our Texas Rio Grande turkey hunting is the prime location for Spring Turkey hunts available in the rolling plains of Texas. Our ranches have excellent populations of mature Rio Grande gobblers. Texas is home to over 600,000 Rio Grande turkeys that can be found throughout the state of Texas
  4. First Shot Hunts is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality hunting experience and the kind of Rio Grande Spring Turkey hunt they have only dreamed of. We provide several different Spring Turkey packages to fit most needs and budgets, we offer anything from fully outfitted hunting packages to meet at the gate day hunts
  5. Rio Grande Turkey Hunting The Texas turkey population has exploded over the last several years in Central Texas. This assures your Sisco D Ranch turkey hunt will be action packed. We only allow a few groups per season per ranch to insure opportunity at success to all of our turkey hunters
  6. Kansas turkey hunting prices are based upon 3 days of turkey hunting, 4 nights of lodging, & expecting the turkey hunter to kill two mature Tom Rio Grande turkeys. Hunts can be anything from spot & stalk to sitting in a ground blind to call in those thunder chickens
  7. Turkey Hunting. Turkey Hunting at Greystone Castle is a phenomenal experience thanks to careful management. We have created an excellent population of Rio Grande Turkeys at Greystone Castle. Taking a big gobbler during the spring season can be one of the most challenging and rewarding of all hunting experiences

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In Rio Grande wild turkeys, a large proportion of hens attempt to nest each year, but during droughts that Table 1. Rio Grande wild turkeys nest over several months. The condition of the habitat and the timing of spring green-up likely influence the nesting interval throughout the turkeys' broad range. Reference Nesting interval Region of stat We hunt rio grande turkey on private land in Idaho. We can accommodate multiple hunters and provide a great opportunity at harvesting a bird

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Kansas also claims huge flocks of hybrid turkeys, Eastern/Rio Grande crosses that carry the best of both subspecies. Kansas' spring season runs a full two-months, with kids and archers getting first crack at gullible gobblers. Public hunting opportunities usually total over 700,000 acres Posts: 3,698. hopkins co. Shot 1 gobbler with a 6.5 during rifle season and talk about a let down! Turkey need to be called close and shot with shotgun or bow to be any fun. ( Sig Pic to be no more than 125 pixels tall ) Re: Spring Rio Grande Turkey and the rifle [ Re: BMD ] #2070064 01/29/11 06:39 PM Come hunt Eastern and Rio Grand turkeys on the Stuart Ranch. With divisions in western and eastern Oklahoma we can offer three different options for the novice or the die hard turkey hunter. We have the ability to hunt Rio Grande only, Eastern's only and a combo hunt for both sub species The majority of our turkey hunts include 3 nights, food, lodging, guides and 2 1/2 days of hunting for 1-3 Rio Grande gobblers, airport transfers from the nearest airport, and complete freezer facilities. Guided hunts are one guide per one hunter. Semi-guided hunts include a guide to transport hunters into the field and place them in areas. Rio Grande wild turkeys are found in river valleys in New Mexico. They inhabit brush areas near stream and rivers that contain large trees for roosting. Favored riparian areas are generally in open landscapes at elevations lower than 6,000 feet. This subspecies is smaller than the Merriam's and Gould's

Kansas Turkey Hunts. Land of Giants is also home to some of the best Rio Grande Turkey Hunting. In Kansas, you are allowed to harvest 2 Rio Turkey's, which can make it very appealing to our turkey hunters. Our professional guides will do a great job of getting you into some real quality birds, but leave the hunt up to you Kansas turkey hunting prices are based upon 3 days of turkey hunting, 4 nights of lodging, & expecting the turkey hunter to kill two mature Tom Rio Grande turkeys. Hunts can be anything from spot & stalk to sitting in a ground blind to call in those thunder chickens. Spinning feeders filled with corn are placed out on a few of properties to. W e have over 700 acres of Hill Country pasture to hunt our sizable population of turkey. We scout Rio Grande Turkey year-round to determine optimal locations for our visitors. Like our Whitetail population, our turkey are world-class.Hunters may choose a method of hunting to suit his/her tastes, but we recommend Blind/Feeder hunts and/or we'll simply drop you off to roam a section of the ranch Wild Turkey Hunts for Rio Grande Turkey. We offer fully guided turkey hunts for Rio Grande turkey during the spring shotgun season in Oklahoma which runs from April 6 through May 6. We have thousands of acres to hunt on and hundreds of birds on our private ranch land. Most mature birds will have beards from 6-10 inches long, some having.

This is a great perennial destination for Rio Grande turkey hunting, and is located a few miles north of San Angelo. Chaparrosa Ranch - This sprawling 80,000 acre ranch, located between Crystal City and La Pryor, is a hot spot for turkey hunting. In addition to fabulous hunting, Chaparrosa also features a 10 bedroom, huge lodge featuring nice. Located in Tilden, Texas, Y Bar Ranch is the ultimate destination for fantastic turkey hunting in Texas. We are a premier hunting outfitter, presenting vast natural habitat for exclusive Rio Grande turkey hunts, spread across 10 miles of Frio River and exotic Esperanza Creek running through it Hunting Rio Grande Turkeys with White Horse Creek Guided Hunts is an exciting Spring time event. Our success rates on mature toms runs around 100% year after year. We have a ton of mature birds and offer fully guided hunts on private land. While hunting for turkeys on our hunts, you will see several birds each day

Whether its Kansas deer hunting or Rio Grande turkey hunting that you seek, Dirt Road Outfitters is a sportsman's dream place to hunt in Kansas. Dirt Road Outfitters offers guided hunts on over 10,000 privately managed acres. The properties hunted have an a abundance of wildlife Rio Grande Turkey. The Rio Grande Turkey is a light to medium brown color with feathers tipped in a lighter color of buff or yellowish tan. Toms have a white head with a very dark red waddle (the loose skin at the base of their neck). An average tom will stand just over 4 feet tall and weigh around 20 pounds when mature We only hunt Rio Grande Turkey during the Spring Turkey Season thus, Turkey Hunts are Semi-Guided meaning, you will be escourted into one of several different locations to hunt from pre-positioned Blinds and Feeders or you can camo up to hunt turkey from heavy underbrush and tree canopy's Boerne • Spring season hunts for Wild Rio Grande Turkeys. These are virtually un-hunted birds with many old mature Toms. Hunting takes place on a beautiful private working ranch full of rolling hills with native grass and live oak and cypress trees, lower pasture land, creeks, and orchards offering perfect habitat for the birds and perfect. Western OK is well known for Rio Grande turkey hunting and that's where we focus our efforts. Lots of gobbling and tons of birds to chase, this is an extremely exciting and fun hunt for the whole family. We specialize in hunting with kids and bow-hunting gobblers. These are 3 day / 2 bird hunts with the option of a 3rd bird for a kill fee. We.

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North Texas is a hot spot for any turkey hunter. Hands down no state/region has more Rio Grande turkey than North Texas. We hunt our hunters in ground and brush blinds at 'strut zones' where you can use decoys and call the big Toms in. For new/inexperienced hunters we lean towards hunting stand over feeder for a great experience Rio Grande. In 1960, Merriams turkeys were introduced into NE and south central Washington State for hunting purposes. Since then, WDFW has introduced Eastern and Rio Grande sub-species to other suitable parts of the state. Turkeys now can be found in five of the six regions recognized by WDFW Rio Grande Turkey Trophy Fees. 2 Day Texas Turkey Hunt: $1,750. Additional Turkey: $750. Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well Harvesting an Eastern or Rio Grande gobbler on the west side of Kansas is possible. Kansas' Walk-in Hunting Area program, which is supported by the NWTF, leases about 160,000 acres of private land for public access during spring turkey season. Most of the acres are in northeast and north-central Kansas

Turkey Hunt Information. Each hunt includes lodging and a guide to take you to and from the turkey ranch/blind locations (semi-guided). Texas is blessed with a lot of Rio Grande Turkey and our ranch has the birds! We care that every hunter has a great time and makes good memories hunting and lodging with us The banks Rio Grande river is where you'll find Team Primos this week as they get in on an incredible Rio Hunt. Save on Primos hunting gear right now! - http.. The Rio Grande for your grand slam turkey hunt can be found in the western regions of Texas, in Oklahoma, Kansas and other western states. Mexico is also a good place to hunt down this gobbler. The Rio Grande turkeys tend to travel in large groups. Regarded as one of the easier birds to take, the Rio Grande is not the smartest turkey out there Hunt large flocks of Rio Grande turkeys in food plots, pastures, and around river bottoms in rugged canyon country. Your group and guide will have exclusive access to large sections of terrain. The 1999 spring season was the first that turkey hunting had been allowed on the 165,000-acre Pitchfork Ranch in the 129 year history of the ranch

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Kansas Rio Grande Turkeys. The vast farm country of western and central Kansas holds substantial numbers of Rio Grande turkeys. Kansas Eastern Turkeys. Kansas also holds high numbers of the Eastern subspecies of Turkey, making NCK Outfitters the ideal hunting location to knock out two parts of the coveted Turkey Grand Slam. Book Your Hunt After shooting a gobbler at flydown, the guys get into some fast-paced turkey hunting action as they fan up a pair of mid-morning longbeards. This hunt ends. MIDWEST TURKEY MADNESS. Kansas Easterns & Rios Grandes and Nebraska Merriams!!! Our Kansas outfitter offers a mixed bag of hunting options in both Kansas and Nebraska. From this base of operations in Kansas, he offers hunting for both Rio Grande and Eastern Turkey, he also offers Merriam's Turkey in Nebraska

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These action packed turkey hunts are just what you have been looking for. With over 10,000 acres of private hunting ground this outfitter is able to keep his clients in front of fresh birds all season long. This is a one bird true Rio hunt with a $300 trophy fee on the second bird. Long term shot opportunity on one bird has been 100% Kansas Turkey Hunts - Rio Grande Turkey. 10 Gauge Outfitters is committed to providing our clients with Kansas turkey hunts, experiences that will last a lifetime. Complete a turkey grand slam and fill your Rio Grande turkey tag with us! The Rio Grande wild turkey is similar to the other subspecies of wild turkeys Turkey hunting is growing in popularity throughout North America, and Colorado offers exceptional hunting opportunities for two sub-species of these remarkable birds. In this video, hunters will learn safety tips, techniques and strategies for hunting both the native Merriam's wild turkeys of the mountains and the Rio Grande wild turkeys of. Texas Outlaw Outfitters, for example, provides a guided one-on-one Rio Grande turkey hunting trip but, if you are experienced enough to hunt on your own, they sell self-guided hunt packages, as well. Hunting big Rio Grande turkeys across Texas is truly an experience to behold. It is estimated that there are more than 750,000 of them in the state

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The Rio Grande prefer cottonwood trees along riparian areas. Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) says Rio Grande turkeys are larger and easier to locate than Merriam's, so hunting them is generally not as difficult. Merriam's turkeys were historically found in the mountain forests of Colorado, New Mexico and northern Arizona Rio Grande Turkey Hunts. Turkey hunts are typically easy walking that most anyone can handle. We utilize my 72v electric cart for situations where extreme distance come into play. Turkeys will be called in close and decoys will be used if necessary. We don't like to do it but blinds are utilized if we get a good gobbler in an open field. At Salt Fork Hunts we strive to offer a hunting experience that is second to none. We want to see you succeed and will do what we can to see you get the result you want. Our expert guides have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that will make bagging a nice whitetail deer or rio grande turkey a reality Oklahoma Turkey Hunts cco-hunts 2019-10-21T13:22:59+00:00 Oklahoma Turkey Hunts At Cimarron Canyon Outfitters, we have turkey hunts in both the fall and the spring seasons for both gun and archery, to give you as much opportunity as possible to get the tom you've dreamed of

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Rio Rojo Outfitters is an all inclusive guide service located in southwest Oklahoma. We offer guided hunts for Whitetail Deer, Quail, Rio Grande Turkey, and Dove. All lodging and meals are included Oak Stone Outfitters hunts Rio Grande turkeys in the stunning Central California area. Hunts are conducted west of Paso Robles in Bradley, though we also have an exclusive property northeast of Monterey in Hollister, an additional 150,000 acres. Hunts are scheduled for the California spring turkey season. The spring season runs from the last. Rio Grande Turkey Hunts. We provide one day and two day fully guided hunts in California on private land. Our one day hunts take place in the Auburn area and we meet you in the morning and return in the afternoon. These hunts include lunch and water. Our two day hunts take place on the 17,000 acre Shamrock Ranch which is located in Laytonville, CA Weather, regulations, season and land access information for Texas Rio Grande North Turkey Hunt Zone, Spring. Find places to hunt with onX maps and tools Hunting Rio Grande Turkeys with White Horse Creek Guided Hunts is an exciting Spring time event. Our success rates on mature toms runs around 100% year after year. We have a ton of mature birds and offer fully guided hunts on private land. While hunting for turkeys on our hunts, you will see several birds each day

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Why Hunting Turkeys on Public Land is Harder Than on Private. Some Rio Grande populations are on state wildlife management areas, such as Mason Valley in west-central Nevada and the Overton. Working with one of the best outfitters in the islands we are happy to be offering these two day, two bird hunts, for Rio Grande turkeys on the Big Island. Our outfitter operates on 20,000 acres of private land that is covered in turkeys. These high success hunts are incredible and with a seasoned outfitter, and top shelf guides, you are sure. HJ ranch offers spring turkey hunts for the elusive rio grande turkey. Our ranch receives very light turkey hunting pressure, making the birds highly receptive to calling. HJ ranch is constantly clearing cedar and making habitats available for our turkey population. not only are there plenty of birds to chase around the ranch, experiencing.

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Wild turkeys were reintroduced into Kansas in the 1960s, and these days it's the Rio Grande subspecies that dominates most of western Kansas. Texas Turkey Population: Rio Grande - 500,000. Hunt Rio Grande and Easter turkeys on the same hunt! These turkey hunts take place on approximately 15,000 acres in the Kansas Flint Hills, and high success rates are the expectation. If you're working on completing your Grand Slam Turkey Hunt, our Kansas hunt is a great place to bag a Rio In eastern Oregon, turkey populations are growing, with excellent hunting in many locations including the White River area and the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon. The first turkeys introduced into Oregon were the Merriam's turkey, native to the pine forests of Arizona and New Mexico. In 1975, the state began introducing the Rio Grande.

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Rio Grande Turkey Subspecies Rio Grande turkeys have similar population numbers to Merriam's, but their distribution is far more limited. Although they're found from North Dakota to Hawaii, their primary range is from Kansas to Texas and Washington to California Texas Turkey Hunts. We have an abundance of Rio Grande Turkeys on our property here in Texas, and we'll be able to ensure a kill for you. From April to May, our Turkey hunting season is in full swing with our healthy turkeys reaching about 25 pounds with an average beard length of 10 inches or longer Turkey Hunting. Pennington Creek Hunting Club, offers the best Oklahoma Rio Grande Turkey Hunting you will ever come across. At Pennington Creek Hunting Club, turkey hunting availability is strictly limited each season in order to keep the turkey hunting prime year after year on our Southern Oklahoma Ranch

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Turkey Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Our Turkey Hunt is semi-guided, allowing each hunter the opportunity to harvest two mature gobblers. We don't allow the harvest of Jakes. The turkey hunt will begin at noon and end at noon. Each hunter will be assigned a large amount of acreage to hunt, allowing everyone to move around freely The Roost Lodge is your destination for Nebraska's best Deer and Turkey hunting. We provide opportunities for trophy Mule deer or Whitetail deer and a chance at two parts of your turkey slam by a combination Merriam and Rio turkey hunt. Come see why clients hunt with us time and time again Self guided Deer hunting, Turkey hunting, Waterfowl hunting, Upland Bird hunting and Fishing on private leased land in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Private land hunting. No knocking on doors or tracking down landowners. Each farm is mapped on county road maps with aerial photos and GPS coordinates South Texas Turkey Hunt. I went down to south Texas on opening weekend of the Rio Grande turkey season. This was my first encounter with this kind of hunt and hopefully will not be my last. We arrived at camp around 1:30 Sunday afternoon Looking from the road, it seems mesquite is all that can be seen. But looks again proved to be misleading Why Po'Folk. Located in whitetail deer and rio grande turkey rich SW Oklahoma, people choose us because of the price but they come back because the friendship and memories that are made. You would be hard press to find an outfitter that is more laid back, down to earth and friendly than you will with us. From deer hunting in the fall to turkey. Spring Turkey . Spring Turkey Hunts are offered by Don Anderson in San Luis Obispo County. The variety of birds offered are Rio Grande Turkey. Spring Turkey Hunts book quickly for this exclusive property, contact Anderson Taxidermy & Guide Service, Inc., to reserve your hunt today