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  1. In order to lodge your report you will need: to have already registered for on-line access to your report (see Register for the MRF) your DMIRS username ('Ex-account') and password. disturbance data for the tenements that you are providing assessment information for. your tenement numbers (so that you can check that they are all included
  2. ing projects that fall under the Mining Act 1978 (the Mining Act)
  3. All tenement holders must report for the MRF by 30 June each year using the EARS2 system. Tenement holders can reduce their MRF levy amount by carrying out rehabilitation activities as per the DMIRS's requirements. The RLE Calculator uses the rates within Schedule 1 of the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Regulations 2013
  4. A Rehabilitation Report must accompany an application for a Certificate of Closure. This document provides general guidance for preparing a Rehabilitation Report to meet obligations under the . Mining Management Act (MMA). This document can also be used as a template to prepare the Rehabilitation Report
  5. You should submit a rehabilitation report to DMIRS when you have finished. Page reviewed 25 January 2021. Mining environmental approvals. Types of approvals; Provided by. Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. Acknowledgement of Country
  6. Annual Report 2019-2020. Our 2019-20 annual report. Annual reports. Annual reports for the department. Departmental reporting. Other reports produced by the department. Occupational licensing. Information on occupational licensing. Reduction of licence fees in response to COVID-19 coronavirus. Information about payment of occupational licensing.
  7. You should submit a rehabilitation report to DMIRS when you have finished. Relevant documents. Programme of Work Rehabilitation Report. Page reviewed 23 February 2021. Mining environmental approvals. Mining environmental approval journeys; Provided by. Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Kaya Wandju. I am pleased to present our Annual Report for 2019-20.. As evidenced in this annual report, DMIRS continues to play a unique role in supporting a safe, fair and responsible future for the Western Australian community, industry and resources sector.. We demonstrate a shared commitment to our values - being responsive, forward thinking, fair, ethical, transparent and respectful to. The rehabilitation is to be reported to the DMIRS Rehabilitation Report and report online Excess Tonnage Material in excess of 500t for Ps and SPLs, 1000t for Es and Rs may be excavated, extracted or removed only with prior written approval (sections 48(c), 56A(6)(d), 66(c), 70(6)(d), 70J(c), and 85B(3)(d)) from the Minister DMIRS 3.2 Rehabilitation 3.2.1 Rehabilitation of drill pads and benches • Dependent on site conditions and surrounding landscape, it may be necessary to conduct earthworks to stabilise and reshape the site. The site is required to be remediated to as near original condition as possible, following the completion of the drilling program

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The DMIRS WA has released a preliminary report into the death of a 57-year-old haulage contractor involving an automatic truck tarpaulin cover mechanism at Nova Nickel Operations ( see initial report here) in September 2019. DMIRS said that on 11 September 2019, the mechanism used to open and close a tarpaulin cover on a triple road On 8 February 2017, the Senate referred an inquiry into the rehabilitation of mining and resources projects as it relates to Commonwealth responsibilities to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry and report by 23 August 2017.. The closing date for submissions is 10 April 2017.. On 13 June 2017, the Senate granted an extension to report by 18 October 2017

The DMIRS yearly MR report indicates that contributions received over the 2017-18 financial year brought the balance of the fund to approximately $122.6 million, including $6.3 million in interest earned since 1 July 2014 WA Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston has announced a new guidance for the rehabilitation of Western Australian mine sites. The guidance is titled 'A framework for developing mine-site completion criteria in Western Australia' and outlines environmental criteria that mine operators can use to demonstrate they have successfully and sustainably rehabilitated their site after mining

Welcome to DMIRS Data and Software Centre The Data and Software Centre lets you download state-wide spatial datasets, geology series map data, resources such as Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) software (including user guides and videos where available), and documentation on map services provided by DMIRS Departmental Submissions. To submit an application to the Department, please either Sign In or enter your Email Address below the report which were caused by errors or omissions in that information. The opinions, conclusions and any recommendations in this report are based on information obtained Rehabilitation Rehabilitation is the process of making a former construction site safe, stable, self-sustaining, non-polluting, and free-draining

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DMIRS introduces new MRF categories. The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has introduced specific Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF) categories and unit rates for the emerging potash and salt minerals in brine operations in Western Australia, following supportive industry feedback gathered last year report is scheduled to be submitted by the end of the year. 3.4 Mungada Ridge Rehabilitation KML has been working closely with the Department of Mining, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), DBCA and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) to finalis Overview The Mining Rehabilitation Fund is a pooled fund that WA mining operators contribute to. The Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 was enacted in 2012.; It replaced an Unconditional Performance Bond system (that still exists on some tenure) because companies would go into liquidation and then the Government was left with the rehab bill and could not recover any money, e.g. Ellendale. Summary. The Seven Mile quarry is a hard rock quarry located 8.0 km directly south west from Kalgoorlie townsite approximately 1.5 km south of Great Eastern Highway. The site is accessed by gravel road from Great Eastern Highway along the public road to the man-made Lake Douglas and then onto L15/260. L15/299 extends from the south of M15/444. Rehabilitation obligations. The DMIRS declined to be interviewed by the ABC, but in a statement said that they had received rehabilitation plans from NSE. But the company's annual report.

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DMIRS has released the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Data along with interesting statistics that can been seen in the report. The data itself is a wealth of information and when joined with other tenement data in LandTrack Systems product LandTracker produces very interesting statistics. Of the 264,600,000 hectares in WA only 138,203 is disturbed. 10/03/2020. Rehabilitation was completed in May 2020 and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) were notified of this milestone in May 2020. Final inspection by DMIRS and DBCA is required before the relinquishment process can proceed Rehabilitation guidelines - mine planning and regulatory context. By David Doley, Corinne Unger, Phill McKenna, Melina Gillespie, and Vanessa Glenn. Closure Planning in a Developing country - a case study from the Phu Kham Mine, Laos, South-east Asia. By Cherie D McCullough The West Australian government backs away from establishing a petroleum industry environmental fund despite previously saying it accepted all the recommendations from the independent fracking inquiry

The Licensee submitting to the Executive Director, Resource and Environmental Compliance, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), a brief annual report outlining the project operations, minesite environmental management and rehabilitation work undertaken in the previous 12 months and the proposed operations, environmental. Environmental Compliance, DMIRS. 23/02/2018 16 The Lessee submitting to the Executive Director, Resource and Environmental Compliance, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), a brief annual report outlining the project operations, minesite environmental management and rehabilitation DMIRS COVID-19 coronavirus. Information for employers and employees . Report wage theft, find information on employment rights and obligations, and learn about the Inquiry into Wage Theft. Workplace Rehabilitation and Injury Management may be required for physical or psychological injury following exposure to work-related stress. The. The Report addresses the rehabilitation completed under the CIMFR Program which focuses on (DMIRS) prior to sites being transferred to the Commonwealth. The Department is present during the review process and has input into the outcome of the assessment

The rehabilitation of wildlife and care of non-releasable animals are only allowed pursuant Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), relevant state and federal laws. The possession of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit and Memorandum of Understanding is required for any person or facility to possess and rehabilitate wildlife in. This report is the first of its kind in Australia and has been released as such, with the intent to call for feedback and produce revised versions in the future. The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) has endorsed the Framework as a tool to assist with the development of acceptable completion criteria within a mine. PGRS undertook its site assessment leaving the site in a compliant state, and additionally provided the client and DMIRS with a detailed report with photographic evidence. This minimised the company's exposure to being fined for non-compliance or OH&S claims from adventurous fossickers monitoring for compliance, to decommissioning and rehabilitation. DMIRS is the lead agency responsible for the regulation of onshore, and some offshore petroleum activities in Western Australia. a report on all consultations between the operator and relevant authorities and other relevant interested persons and organisations in the.

Safety (DMIRS), Western Australia, for preparation of a geotechnical assessment report for the proposed 17 Series In-Pit Tailings Storage Facility (17IPTSF), at the Murrin Murrin Nickel Cobalt Project, operated by Murrin Murrin Operations Pty Ltd (MMO). Murrin Murrin Mine is located approximately 60km east of Leonora, Western Australia This is the final report of the Building Commissioner's general inspection into building products that Yuanda Group has supplied and installed in Western Australia (WA). In 2016 Yuanda (Aus) supplied and installed asbestos-containing product in tan wo Australian buildings: unitised roof panels containing an asbestos cement product at the Pert Sarah Bellamy was employed by the then-Department of Mines and Petroleum in 2013 as manager of the agency's newly formed Mining Rehabilitation Fund, tasked with tackling the problems posed by WA's.

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E.g. For a 200 hectare Prospecting Licence the DMIRS rent is $2.75 per hectare. (Refer - attached Fees and Charges PDF from DMIRS). those exploration impact areas are then subject to the Mines Rehabilitation Fund Levy (MRF) Refer to Auditor General Report. Reference 1 - https:. Submissions against DMIRS initiated forfeiture Mining Rehabilitation Fund and Mineral Exploration Report lodgement Other matters such as Warden's Court matters, applications, transactions and matters beyond the above scope would be charged separately at our competitive hourly rates an annual Compliance Assessment Report for the preceding 12 months. This report has been prepared to meet Condition M4.6 and covers the period 24 September 2017 to 23 September 2018. The TGM Ministerial Statement audit compliance table updated for the reporting period is provided in Appendix 1. The TGM is comprised of: • Operational are Training Programs. Rehabilitation Training - Long-Term. Rehabilitation Training - Short-Term. Training of Interpreters for Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind. Innovative Rehabilitation Training. National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM

Background: Tele-rehabilitation for stroke survivors has emerged as a promising intervention for remotely supervised administration of physical, occupational, speech, and other forms of therapies aimed at improving motor, cognitive, and neuropsychiatric deficits from stroke. Objective: We aimed to provide an updated systematic review on the efficacy of tele-rehabilitation interventions for. ACTIVITY REPORT For the period rehabilitation works, underground dewatering and the shaft haulage system detailed design and relocation. Management Plan. The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) conducted an Emergency.

The DMIRS Statutory Guidelines and Mine Closure Plan Guidance replace the 2015 Joint Guidelines for Preparing Mine Closure Plans (DMP and EPA, 2015). Mine closure is a critical component of environmental management with many mining proposals assessed by the EPA having rehabilitation and/or closure requirements and Safety (DMIRS ). The report, prepared by an external consultanthas , given an update on the environmental situations around the areas where rehabilitation is required. The Company is considering to prepare a environmental managementn plan and will continue to work with DMIRS regarding its rehabilitation obligations Exploration is usually undertaken within Exploration Licences, granted under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1990 (the Act). The Guidelines for Exploration and Rehabilitation of Exploration Sites (the Guidelines) apply to all exploration carried out under the Act. They do not cover mining, which is the commercial extraction of minerals Submission and Reports. These are our recent publications and submissions. If you would like to obtain any earlier publications or submissions, please contact us. AMEC Student Scholarship - Mines and Wines: Discoveries in the Tasmanides Conference June 28, 2021. Submission to DMIRS re Streamlining (Mining Amendment) Bill 2021 June 25, 2021

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A mine completion framework includes agreed standards or levels of performance that indicate the success of rehabilitation and enable the operator to determine when its liability will cease.The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) determine that a Mine Closure Plan must. Safety Regulation Group Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Locked Bag 100 EAST PERTH WA 6892 Telephone: + 61 8 9358 8001 Email: SafetyComms@dmirs.wa.gov.au Website: www.dmirs.wa. safety and health in the workplace. vol. 2 no. 2 may 2020. issn 2651-9577. page 02. page 04. page 18. page 28. commissioner's corner - covid-19; plus falls from heigh Report this post #DMIRS is seeking comment from industry on a new Mine Closure Completion Guideline which is due to close on 3 May 2021. The draft Mine Closure Completion Guideline aims to provide industry with guidance on how to demonstrate all #rehabilitation and closure obligations under the Mining Act 1978, and those outlined within. contain commercially sensitive and confidential information, DMIRS does not expect or require this information be provided to others. No changes to the EP Guideline are proposed. 11 Well closure, decommissioning, rehabilitation and post closure monitoring arrangements should be addressed during initial discussions with relevant stakeholders

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The Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) have provided final approval for the consolidated programme of works (POW) that agglomerates some 20 pre-existing POWs with outstanding rehabilitation obligations, all relating to the PIOP tenements 1 . 31 January 2018 . Market Announcements Office . ASX Limited . ACTIVITIES REPORT & QUARTERLY CASH FLOW . QUARTER ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017 . During the December 2017 quarter Resources & Energy Group Limited (ASX: REZ or the Company) continued to undertake the development of the Radio Project located in Western Australiaand evaluate the Mount Mackenzie Project in Centra

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  2. DMIRS notes that opportunity for broader resources industry changes under the MRF legislative framework will occur during the designated ten-year statutory review process as mandated by the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012. The official gazettal announcement detailing the categories and rates is available online
  3. DMIRS hits targets. WESTERN Australia's Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety met all approval process target times in the September quarter, according to DMIRS director general David Smith who said the results supported the government's continued efforts to help the resources sector recover from the COVID-19 pandemic

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For updates on individual Implementation Actions please visit Implementation Progress. 7 May 2021 In July 2019, the State Government released its Implementation Plan, being the Government's response to the Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in Western Australia (the Inquiry). Implementation Plan Action 2 responds to the Inquiry's Recommendations 2 and. The Company reported the site visits and its findings to DMIRS. A n environmental audit report was currently under preparation and expected to be finalised in the next quarter. New Standard acknowledges the delay in completing the rehabilitation of the historic exploration activities and will continueto work through this process with DMIRS DMIRS warning on equaliser cable failure. WESTERN Australia's Department of Mining, Industry Regulation and Safety has issued a safety warning regarding the integrity of equaliser cables on vehicle hoists after reports of failed and damaged cables. McLanahan direct drive crushing supports lithium recovery and recycling. McLanahan direct drive. 1 . 31 October 2017 . Market Announcements Office . ASX Limited . ACTIVITIES REPORT & QUARTERLY CASH FLOW . QUARTER ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2017 . During the June2017 quarter Resources & Energy Group Limited (ASX: REZ or the Company) continued to undertake the development of the Radio Project located in Western Australia and evaluate the Mount Mackenzie Project in Central Queensland What is a Project Closeout Report? At the end of any project, a project closeout report has to be submitted. This means that there has to be an official conclusion to a project, indicating that the project has come to an end; that funds and resources will not be needed anymore and the business operations will continue as was prior to the conception of the project

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December 2017 Quarterly Activities Report Highlights - Rights issue completed - Change of Company name - Backreef Block Environmental Audit Rights issue The company completed a pro-rata renounceable rights issue in November 2017, raising $1,554,154.19 (before costs) through the issuance of 518,051,398 fully paid shares and 518,051,398 options Email: IT.ServiceDesk@dmirs.wa.gov.au << Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 >> 80% 100% 120% Paged Continuous Onlin 4 iuion paper on propoe ange to te Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Regulations 2013 Introduction This document details proposed changes to the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Regulations 2013 associated with the reforms to the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 that are contained within the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy (Energy Resources) Bill 2021 rehabilitation. This report identifies the existing known and potential biodiversity values specifically related to abandoned uncapped vertical mine shafts within the goldfields area of Western Australia. This desktop assessment is a first step in developing the framework for undertaking a systematic biological survey of abandoned vertical min

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DMIRS, DWER, EPA and DPLH. In Western Australia, this may include but not be limited to DMIRS, DWER & EPA; DPLH as well as relevant development commissions and local councils. 2.4 Component 1 - Post-mining land uses (PMLUs) The PMLUs need to be considered early on in the planning stage, and it is recommended that they are identiie Rehabilitation Fund (MRF) for the Department. [13] The MRF is a fund sustained by annual levies paid by mining companies. It is used to fund the rehabilitation of abandoned mines across the State. [14] The MRF was established on 1 July 2013 under the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 Resource sector's rehabilitation plans showcased in new book: 1/04/2021. Johnston. Mines and Petroleum. Resources jobs and sales continue to break records in WA: 30/03/2021. Johnston. Mines and Petroleum. WA's newest nickel sulphide mine officially opens: 1/02/2021. Johnston. Mines and Petroleum. Search is on for innovation and excellence. Advertisement. A Senate committee tasked with investigating the rehabilitation of thousands of abandoned mines has failed to agree on a way forward despite many long delays in delivering its. ACTIVITY REPORT For the period ending 30 September 2019 WESTERN AREAS LIMITED ASX: WSA www.westernareas.com.au ABN 68 091 049 357 Page 3 of 37 CORPORATE AND FINANCING CASHFLOW Net cashflow of A$21.6m for the period resulted in a closing cash balance of A$165.9m at quarter end (June quarte

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and the rehabilitation activities at the conclusion of mining. An approved Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plan are a pre-requisite to the commencement of operations. This application is expected to be lodged with DMIRS imminently. Project Management Pla of the necessary respiratory specialist report, high resolution CT scan and a standardised full respiratory lung function test prior to an IDMP determination. Silicosis, a form of pneumoconiosis, is a lung disease caused by breathing respirable crystalline silica dust containing particles small enough to penetrate deep lung tissue OLYMPIC DAM EXPANSION PROJECT Tailings Storage Facility Design Report P 3 of 105 CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 7 1.1 Purpose 7 1.2 Scope 7 1.3 Responsibilities 7 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 9 3 BACKGROUND 11 3.1 Design Approach 11 3.2 Design Standards 12 3.3 Environmental Impact Statement - Terms of Reference 1

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the rehabilitation condition of the permit. Condition 9(b) only requires revegetation and rehabilitation to be done to areas no longer required for the purpose for which they were cleared. This lacks specificity. More details are provided by the proponent and later in the Decision Report (section 3.1), which state that rehabilitation will be don • Proposed future rehabilitation of wetland foreshore areas adjacent to future urban development, with a main concerns regarding the potential sterilization of the area's sand resources and DMIRS maintains a strong preference for sequential land use planning in the area. Noted. The Engineering Servicing Report (ESR Reporting Incidents and Hazards on eduSafe Plus. eduSafe Plus is the Department's Incident Reporting and Hazard Management System. It allows all Department employees to report incidents, injuries and hazards themselves, or on behalf of other employees, if they are not able to Fortescue acknowledges and values the unique biodiversity of the Pilbara region and is committed to safeguarding biodiversity through responsible environmental management. To effectively manage biodiversity risks and achieve targeted outcomes, Fortescue implements the mitigation hierarchy of avoid, minimise, rehabilitate and offset

Exploration activities in the project area included mapping, heritage surveys, drilling, metallurgical work, rehabilitation of work areas, and a feasibility study. A knowledge graph was generated from the report on these well known iron ore deposits and contained nodes for the entities and links for their relationships compensation and rehabilitation of workers injured at work. Section 5 Where to get assistance lists information on how to find workers' compensation agencies in your jurisdiction, which will provide more detailed advice if a worker acquires or aggravates a mental illness as a result of their work (see section 5.3). Fitting a 14 inch (356 mm) cut-off disc to a 9 inch (230 mm) angle grinder will increase the edge speed excessively to at least 120 m/s (430 kmph). Photograph 1 shows an angle grinder with the wrong size cutting disc fitted and the guard removed. Larger discs are not designed for the higher speed of smaller grinders and if used, risk the disc.

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rehabilitation services, arising from the misuse of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace vary in the current research data available. The abuse of alcohol and other drugs may damage physical and mental health. The impairment of behaviour can cause affected employees to injure themselves or others ROY HILL. Roy Hill is Hancock Prospecting's majority-owned US$10 billion mega iron ore operation, which has successfully ramped up production to become Australia's single largest iron ore mine producing 60 million tonnes of ore per annum. The Roy Hill story is an incredible one, dating back many years. Gina Rinehart acquired the Roy Hill. WorkSafe.qld.gov.au is the official home of. Workplace Health and. Safety Queensland. Electrical Safety. Office. Workers' Compensation. Regulatory Services. WorkCover Queensland. Information and services for work health and safety and workers' compensation in Queensland Welcome to the Shire Dowerin. Dowerin is a scenic two hour drive along Pioneers Pathway (north east of Perth) and a real escape from the hussle and bustle of city life. Whether you visit for a couple of hours or a couple of days, sit back and enjoy the serenity of the Central Wheatbelt AMEC is an industry association representing over 375 member companies from all around Australia. Our members are explorers, emerging miners, producers and a wide range of businesses and service providers working in and for our industry. Federal. Australia remains one of the world's leading mining jurisdictions, and one of the best locations.

WorkCover WA's Workplace Rehabilitation Providers Principles and Standards of Practice (Principles and Standards) provide a cohesive set of service expectations to ensure workplace rehabilitation providers (WRPs) deliver high quality services to support a successful return to work. The Principles and Standards apply to all approved WRPs from. Roy Hill is one of Australia's major resource-based operations, currently producing 60Mtpa of iron ore for international markets from our low phosphorus Marra Mamba iron ore deposit. Our integrated operation encompasses the entire supply chain, including mining, processing, rail and a purpose-built port facility. Read more

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More interesting things from DMIRS 6 Jul '21 Wishbone announced on 4/6/21 drilling approval for Cottesloe. On 10/6/21 the DMIRS tenement 'conditions' were updated (for the first time since 2016. A typical moisture content of less than 20% is achieved by using a combination of belt, drum, horizontal and vertical stacked pressure plates and vacuum filtration systems (Martin, Davies et al. 2002). The term 'dry cake' or 'dry stack' is not entirely correct as the tailings have a moisture content several percent below saturation Mining and METS deliver $241.9bn to Australian economy (0) June 3, 2021 Australia's mining companies and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector have contributed 12.4 per cent of. <iframe src=https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-MBW6ZTT height=0 width=0 style=display:none;visibility:hidden></iframe> Cohiba Minerals Ltd. is pleased to provide an update in relation to the current status of exploration activities being carried out. Drill Core Investigations Cohiba has secured the services of.