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  1. ate hypocrisy, and also level the playing field between those of power and those without
  2. d, witty, and well versed in sarcastic satire
  3. Jester Archetype The Jester archetype lives for the moment. Nothing pleases them more than experiencing emotions to the maximum. The name of the Jester archetype is pretty self-explanatory; they're the ones with the infectious laughs and a bag full of jokes
  4. Learn how to use the Jester Archetype in your brand strategy to connect with your audience through brand personality
  5. Yes, Jesters love to clown around but do not always be joking. Your reputation precedes you, and people will always expect whatever you say to be a joke. In serious matters where you provide a rare but valuable insight, the impression would be that you are providing comic relief
  6. Whether it's a Fortune 100 or your mom and pop deli down the street, the Jester Archetype is present in cultures that do and give so others can have fun. Innovative and outspoken, Jesters are the first to suggest a cocktail after a hard day. Their fun-loving attitudes make people say, Hey, I want to hang out with them

Popular Blog Posts The term archetype means original pattern in ancient Greek. Jung used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He identified 12 universal, mythic characters archetypes reside within our collective unconscious. Jung defined twelve primary types that represent the range of basic human motivations. Each of us tends to hav Here is an overview of the main 12 archetypes. Click on each to find out more about their most common traits, as well as examples: Caregiver Archetype. Creator Archetype. Everyman Archetype. Explorer Archetype. Hero Archetype. Innocent Archetype. Jester Archetype Jester Archetypes. Also known as Trickster, Joker. The Jester is the playful side of your character that seeks to bring joy and laughter. This archetype is the side to your nature that softens the tyrant King and makes you a warm and amiable leader

The Jester archetype represents living in the here and now. The life of the party, the Jester just wants people to lighten up and enjoy themselves! The Jester allows others to connect with their fun inner child — impulsive and unrestrained, not afraid to bend rules, not afraid to stand out, and comfortable in their own skin The Jester as a Personality The Jester is the ecstatic of the archetype. They create an environment wherein everyone can be stress-free. A Jester loves to make sure that everyone should not take everything too The Member archetype is the most harmonic, moral, hardworking, and welcoming archetype in society. They are an important part of this world and play important roles. This archetype is considered to be an authentic and egalitarian type of personality that can blend into any group Jester archetype tries to spend every moment with full enjoyment. It wants to fill the customers' life with happiness and joviality. The strategy of the archetype is to play, make jokes. The fear of it is about the customers being bored In their book, Personality Types, Don Riso and Russ Hudson enumerate common Two characteristics: Empathetic, compassionate, feeling with and for others. Caring and concerned about their needs. Outgoing and passionate, they offer friendship and kindness

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  1. g and lateral thinking, the Jester makes sure their team is having fun while they're at it
  2. The Jester is your classic class clown-funny, irreverent and lighthearted. Jester brands want to bring joy to the world to ensure everyone has a good time. Popular Jester brands include Ben & Jerry's, Geico and Old Spice, and Jester icons include Will Smith, Donkey from Shrek and Lucille Ball
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  4. The Innocent personality archetype thinks of things in black-and-white. They prefer order, simplicity, and structure. They thrive in office settings, prefer religious affiliations, and generally pursue Truth with the intention of ensuring they are always good. The Jester is someone who likes to live in the moment. They are.
  5. Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, primal symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious, as proposed by Carl Jung. They are the psychic counterpart of instinct. It is described as a kind of innate unspecific knowledge, derived from the sum total of human history, which prefigures and directs conscious behavior
  6. g is right, the Jester personality can be a memorable and loving point of differentiation. As the Jester Archetype your brand should highlight the light-hearted and positive side of life with a playful and entertaining spirit
  7. 12 Brand Archetypes with examples. I will describe each shortly and give you 48 examples: 3 examples in branding and 1 example in film. So that you can relate and understand how to use archetypes to define your brand. 1. Innocent. The Innocent is a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life

Everyman Archetype Examples: Bilbo Baggins ( The Hobbit ), Leopold Bloom ( Ulysses ), Leslie Knope ( Parks & Recreation ), Winston Smith ( 1984) 12. The Jester. A funny character or trickster who provides comic relief, but may also speak important truths. Strengths: funny, disarming, insightful Brand Archetypes defined: Noted psychologist Carl Jung (pronounced: young) theorized that humans use symbolism to more easily understand complex concepts. As a result of his research, Jung stated: There are forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time, as individual products of unconscious The Jester: The jester is the adventurous side of your personality that goes in search of pleasure and leads you to moments of joy. You have a jovial character and want to play games, make jokes, and entertain your company. Your only weakness is that you often waste time playing instead of focusing on your goals The Jester (sometimes called the, Joker, Trickster, Fool or Comedian) is boldly original and mischievous. It is also an excellent 'combination' archetype, taking the edge off some of the stiffer, less overtly joyful archetypes such as the Warrior, or adding a touch of irreverence to the sentimental Lover There are 12 basic archetypes shared by people all over the world, according to Jungian Archetype: Hero, Magician, Sage, Ruler, Innocent, Regular, Caregiver, Lover, Jester, Outlaw, Explorer, and Creator. As a distinguishing feature, each of them has their own orientation

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Fed by intelligent lords, the creators provide an atmosphere of the cult of the patron's personality. And, thus, the Age of Creator just as logically flows into the Age of Ruler. Let me remind you that faith is the prerogative of the Idealist archetype. He's right next after Jester. Therefore,. The archetypes are greedy, artist, innocent, everyman, sage, lover, caregiver, hero, jester (I think they're all). My sim has the materialistic and creative traits, wants to be a world famous celebrity and for some reason the mod decided that she had to be the artist and INNOCENT The 12 Common Archetypes By Carl Golden. The term archetype has its origins in ancient Greek. The root words are archein, which means original or old; and typos, which means pattern, model or type.The combined meaning is an original pattern of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived, copied, modeled, or emulated Impressions - Deeper Conversations. This is a WickedWhims v140 feature. It takes just a few seconds to start making a good impression, but it can take a while to impress someone with your personality. Good looks, proper manners, appearing optimistic, and being respectful isn't what you focus on when trying to build chemistry The Jester Brand Archetype Explained: The Jester brand archetype does not seek to solve a problem. Its main purpose on the journey is the journey itself. The outcome rarely matters to the Jester and in some cases, they may become a bit of the devil's advocate in the interest of spicing things up a little bit

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  1. See more ideas about brand archetypes, archetypes, jester. Jester Archetype Characters Collection by Inkspiller | Brand Personality, Copywriting Services & Coachin
  2. The Jester brand archetype is perfect for any service-oriented business where the primary personality of the owner can relate to the playful, quick-witted, expressive style of this archetype. It's difficult to fake. It must be authentic
  3. Carl Gustav Jung is perhaps the most famous dissident of classic psychoanalysis. He strayed away from Freudian ideas and explored ancestral roots and the collective unconscious and had many revolutionary ideas. One of them was the 12 Jungian archetypes of personality. To define his 12 archetypes of personality, Jung studied the symbols and myths of many different cultures
  4. Twelve archetypes have been proposed for use with branding: Sage, Innocent, Explorer, Ruler, Creator, Caregiver, Magician, Hero, Outlaw, Lover, Jester, and Regular Person. Subsequently, question is, what are the main archetypes? Here are the primary Jungian archetypes, all of which Jung addresses in Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.
  5. d, every Sim is assigned one or two Personality Archetypes that match their traits. Jester Sims live for the moments of joy, humor, and silliness. Often, though, they are irresponsible, wasting time by playing around.
  6. Even if you're funny in real life, it doesn't mean that the Jester archetype will be effective with your audience. Though in general, I do think most brands can benefit from at least a little Jester in the mix. That brings us to the Brand Archetype exercise. Exercise: Pick Your Unique Blend of Archetypes
  7. These twelve archetypes help brands figure out how to market to their different demographics. Each of them have different characteristics and personas that can help when trying to make strategies for social media. For example, if a brand's personality is to be a Jester, they would want to post witty and humorous content on all of their platforms

For example, one person's personality may be dominated by a strong mother, rescuer, and artist archetypal powers, while the other may also be dominated by promoting optimal, magician, and jester archetypes. People often notice that archetypes appear at various times of their lives These archetypes resonate with us so much that we continue to tell stories about them. Moreover, they are featured in just about every blockbuster movie or best-selling novel. Each type has its own set of values, meanings, and personality traits. Individuals may be a mix of archetypes, however, one archetype tends to dominate It's like a personality profile that gives people a sense of what to expect when they interact with your brand. There are a total of 12 different archetypes. You can have as many as 6 different archetypes, but I would recommend just having one primary archetype and maybe a secondary (supporting) archetype. The Jester. The jester archetype. Brands that are a part of The Jester archetype remind you to never let go of the child within you. Brands of this archetype can be described as enthusiastic, expressive, and having a playful personality. They enjoy having fun and love it, even more, when their community joins in. these brands are often playing fun games with their audiences Everything you ever wanted to know about brand archetypes, condensed into a single, easy-to-understand and implement mini-course. This holistic branding system is a complete DIY guide to building a custom brand around your unique personality and archetype

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Even a serious business can have the element of fun and the Jester brand archetype understands this the best. Fun and energetic, Jester brands expose the truth with a joke. A perfect embodiment of the Jester archetype is BuzzFeed. With BuzzFeed, listicles, memes, GIFs, online quizzes and LOLs and OMGs have become extremely popular Jungian archetypes are explained as universal, primitive symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious, as proposed by Carl Jung.They are the psychic equivalent of instinct. In other words, they are a kind of inborn vague idea, derived from the sum total of human history, which hardwired and instigates conscious behavior The Innocent archetype represents a goodie-two-shoes, pure, and happy personality. The moral values it carries have more to do with unspoiled beauty and everlasting innocence than any other virtue. This archetype carries a bit of shyness and avoidance of everything that falls into gray area or puts the brand image in a questionable position #11 The Jester The Jester loves to laugh. One way to do that is to build a strong brand personality. Using an archetype as a base, you can create a memorable brand personality that consumers will want to interact with.. 12 Brand Archetypes with examples. I will describe each shortly and give you 48 examples: 3 examples in branding and 1 example in film. So that you can relate and understand how to use archetypes to define your brand. 1. Innocent. The Innocent is a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life

The Jester; The Innocent; Each archetype represents a set of motivations that influence human behavior and ultimately turn people into who they are. However, the archetypes observe this at a macro scale. Thus, an entire ideal audience composed of millions can be viewed accurately through the lens of an archetype 12 Common Character Archetypes. Understanding character archetypes is easier when you look at some examples. While there are many potential archetypes to talk about, these are the 12 most common. 1. The Hero. The Hero or the Warrior is the person who destroys the villain and saves the day

Week 1 of The Joker archetype. Practise 'The Joker' video at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in. Week 2. Practise these videos as your energy allows: The Garden of Delight - a 40 minute seated Hatha yoga class which targets the energy channels of the feet, ankles and knees.For all levels. Stillness is the Root of All Movement - a 60 minute. The innocent brand archetype is associated with a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life. Traits. Such a company puts forth a personality that strives to be happy, good, pure, moral, and straightforward. The Jester Archetype. Jester brand likes to think outside the box because they live for the moment. On a deeper level.

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Archetypes manifest the roots of human motifs of doing something. If somebody does a bad thing, we can see it in archetypes, or someone falls in love, in the archetypes we can look for descriptions of the motifs of the person. 12 archetypes are developed by Karl Jung and it is a long time that marketers have been using it in branding The Jester: The Jester archetype goal is to enjoy life and the main motto is that you only live once. The jester brands want that their customers have more fun and joy with their products and most common traits are fun, light-hearted, quirky, irreverent, humorous and never boring. Jester Archetype Examples: M&Ms, Ben & Jerry's and Fanta What is a jester archetype? Also known as the clown, trickster, comedian, practical joker or the fool, the Jester is an archetype that is at peace with the paradoxes of the world. He uses humor to illuminate hypocrisy, and also level the playing field between those of power and those without This version of the quiz is based on the original works of world-famous psychologist, Carl Jung. The 12 Archetypes are: Lover, Jester, Orphan, Caregiver, Ruler, Creator, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Magician and Hero. Your Archetype reading will reveal to you many things, including ---Your Archetype personality . Your life path unique to yo The word 'archetype' has a Greek origin. It comes from the root word 'archein.' Thus, the word archetype means 'the original type' or 'the original pattern'. It is used to give a particular example of something or to denote a specific personality. The Sage Archetype's Life Purpos

Branding archetypes are mental frameworks that symbolize common human motivations, as well as our drives, desires, and goals. They are based on the work of psychologist, Carl Jung, who identified 12 major personality archetypes. You may see some sources offer slightly different names for them. Multiple names are given below to reduce confusion. The Snarky Tea example from the second blog is a good example - it uses the rebel/maverick and jester archetypes as its influencer archetypes, which is atypical of the health and wellness industry. Their sassy attitude resonates with their customers, but it is done carefully to add a little zing to their personality Jung created twelve archetypes that include Lover, Jester, Everyman, Caregiver, Ruler, Creator, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Hero and the Magician. If the marketers can create a brand. You will get 60 pages of explanations of the archetypes plus 12 high resolution moodboards for each archetype, perfect for printing and bringing in to client meetings. Once you've picked the archetype that best fits your brand, it will guide you through how to decide your archetypal mix and develop your brand personality & voice The 12 Archetypes are: Lover, Jester, Orphan, Caregiver, Ruler, Creator, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Magician and Hero. By the end of this short quiz, you'll finally discover your Archetype, unravel the mystery of your true self and gain useful and insightful advice based on your archetype

Continue reading Archetypes: Jester. Archetypes: Creator. June 28, 2015 April 18, 2021 Categories Archetypes, Essays, Writing 27 Comments on Archetypes: Creator. If it can be imagined, it can be created. This is the motto of the Creator, the Jungian archetype driven by the need to see dream become reality, while providing structure to the world. TikTok Is A Jester, Google Is A Sage: What Archetypes Are Sewn Into Global Brands. Solana March 2, 2021 March 2, 2021. all about the dominant in the archetype in Love. The personality of the Instagram brand is a passionate lover of life who wants to experience and show bright and beautiful moments to people from all over the world. It is.

Brand Personality Archetypes: The Creator Archetype Most marketing, technology, or design companies will find The Creator archetype as a natural fit. The Creator archetype is typically associated with brands that attempt to build something new from scratch or something obsolete. The Jester Archetype This archetype is a fun-loving character. The 12 Archetypes are: Lover, Jester, Orphan, Caregiver, Ruler, Creator, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Magician and Hero. The Archetypes Personality Test was originally developed by Professor Carl Jung The Archetypes test has been used by more than 800,000 people in 40 countries to discover their unique archetype personalities. Your. A brand archetype is a personification of a brand on a human level. It borrows well-established character types throughout history, film and literature to define a brand's underlying personality.

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How to Leverage Your Brand Archetype To Engage And Sell An excellent brand is more than just a logo or a website. The best brands create meaningful connections with the people they reach. Through the right combination of visuals, brand personality, and other elements, you can trigger emotional responses in your target customers.. The Jester. The Jester Archetype helps us to laugh at life's little absurdities. Right at home in a crowd, you're not concerned about impressing other people. You are who you are, and know that it's possible to be liked for exactly who and what you are This personality archetype is portrayed by Vito Corleone in the Godfather who is played by Marlon Brando. He is a character of substance, refinement and heritage who dominates as the founder and head of the family. The Jester is the life of the party and has fun by making others have fun. It could also have a rebellious sensibility by doing.

Jung suggested that we each possess a set of personality traits that can be symbolized by one of 12 archetypes. The 12 archetypes, in alphabetical order: Caregiver, Creator, Everyperson, Explorer, Hero, Innocent, Jester, Lover, Magician, Revolutionary, Ruler, and Sage. Before we talk about each type, let's turn this into a game Crazy Wisdom - the Archetype of the Fool, the Clown, the Jester and the Trickster. Posted on April 3, 2013 by fallenAngel When I lived in California I listened often to the KFOG radio commentator Wes (Scoop) Nisker who happened to be also a comedian: If you don't like the news go out and make some of your own, was his.

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The archetypes are categorized by fours, under each of the three umbrellas. Each umbrella has the same driving force, as well as motivations, values, meanings and traits. Most people can identify several 12 archetypes within their personality construct, the point is not to identify with one and only one. The idea is that at the end of the day. · The Outlaw > Liberation · The Magician > Power · The Hero > Mastery · The Lover > Intimacy · The Jester > Enjoyment · The the name of the archetype, 2) what the archetype personality. These are mythic characters housed in collective unconscious of people: hero, creator, explorer, outlaw, jester, lover, caregiver, everyman, innocent, ruler, sage and magician. These archetypes characterize our personality and hence become of interest to marketers. Brands are invested with human qualities or characterization to develop. My first ever Shamanic encounter in the spirit world was with a Trickster. Tricksters, like any archetype in life, are powerful spirit guides and facilitators of conscious expansion.. In my case, the Trickster I encountered was the ancient goat-man God, Pan.Guiding my vision, Pan's face changed drastically every few moments to happy-angry-sad-gleeful-suspicious-thoughtful-wizened-neutral.

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Jester vs. Hero The Jester Mother. With a high Jester Archetype, the mother of the bride is motivated when everyone is happy.She takes pride in her ability to make serious people smile and unhappy people laugh. Her joy is often a welcomed relief These archetypes resonate with us so much that we continue to tell stories about them. Moreover, they are featured in just about every blockbuster movie or best-selling novel. Each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits. Individuals may be a mix of archetypes, however, one archetype tends to dominate The Jester. If you've ever seen an intentionally goofy ad for a product, it's possible that the company was focusing on the Jester archetype. Some Jester examples are Ben & Jerry's and Old Spice. As you can probably tell from these two brands, this archetype is happy and light-hearted Discovery and inspiration drive the explorer, who wants to soak up all the world has to offer. 'The Explorer' archetype is a practical adventurer - intrepid but never caught without everything they need for their journey. This brand personality takes calculated risks that create a rich tapestry of varied experiences

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Type 6: The Loyal Skeptic. Type 7: The Epicure. Type 8: The Protector. Type 9: The Mediator. Riso and Hudson's Enneagram model also includes nine variations or levels of each personality type. If we add each level as its own archetype, the Enneagram actually contains a list of 81 archetypes and the like, SA went further, finding a niche personality that creates a uniqueness by adding FUN (the Jester archetype personality), now if you do not want to pay through your nose for your. Other examples of the Jester brand archetype include Skittles, Pepsi and M&Ms. 9. The Caregiver brand archetype. From a brand all about fun and humour, to one focused on comfort and support. The 'Caregiver' brand archetypes concentrates on compassion, giving their customers a product or service that makes them feel appreciated and safe The Jester: With their blend of quirkiness, humour, and absurdity, Jester Brands aims to amuse, make you giggle & get you to feel good much like the original village idiot. M&Ms candies, for example, are incredibly tasty, appear in a range of colours, and bring a humorous aspect to reality, each of which aligns with The Jester archetype's.

Then, the Regular Guy (41 percent) and Ruler (38 percent) archetypes were associated with two and three words, respectively; on average, the respondents associated 1.83 of the words of the Jester archetype with Facebook brand, 1.22 words of the Regular Guy archetype and 1.21 of the Ruler archetype The Jester; The Sage; Most businesses will have characteristics of multiple archetypes, but discovering your Primary Brand Archetype—the one that most relates to your values and brand personality—can help you better understand how and why you make the decisions you do. Each archetype will naturally attract a certain type of consumer, and.

11. The Jester brand archetype General description of the Jester archetype. The Jester, or what I like to call them, Chandler, is the funny one. Chandlers break the rules, they don't get upset, and they're definitely not intense. Anything can be a joke and nothing should get you truly down Soul archetypes. Jung's attempts to explain the unconscious mind are demonstrated in his soul archetypes. Here, Jung makes you reflect on a deeper part of your personality that many people get a glimpse of, but think little of it. Other reader will find that soul archetypes are a dominant character trait.::The Anim The Jester brand archetype doesn't often fit a specific brand persona, but can appeal to a variety of personas by differentiating themselves with a fun-loving attitude. The Caregiver Non-profit organizations, healthcare and aging care services, hospitals, and education brands often fit the Caregiver archetype, placing a strong emphasis on.

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One of the most distinct archetypes in Jung's work was the Jester which more importantly signifies the Clown character. The Jester Archetype. Jung considered archetypes as universal patterns, images, and latent attributes which manifest in the world through human beings in the form of behavior and attitudes Jung used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He identified 12 universal, mythic characters archetypes reside within our collective unconscious. Jung defined twelve primary types that represent the range of basic human motivations. Each of us tends to have one dominant archetype that dominates our personality The enneagram is a tool studied by psychologists and psychiatrists around the world in order to attempt to understand the complexity of human behavior.. Its vision centers on how the combination of the 9 basic energies - organizer, helper, achiever, creative, observer, loyalist, enthusiast, fighter, and pacifist - influences different personalities Jester archetypes know that not everything has to be so serious all the time. Advocates of living in the present, they are motivated by enjoyment and despise monotony

The Jester brand archetype is vivacious, cheeky and irreverent. She teaches us to enjoy life, appreciate what we have, and live in the present moment as it is a precious gift. Life's problems are easy to face when the playful enthusiast is around. A large organization like that can DECIDE and then IMPLEMENT any brand personality they choose He coined the labels extrovert, introvert, sensing, feeling, thinking, and intuiting (the basis for the Myers-Briggs Personality Types) and gave authors character archetypes. According to the original list by Carl Jung, there are twelve archetypes: the Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Caregiver, Explorer, Rebel, Creator, Lover, Jester, Sage, Magician. Brand archetype examples: Adobe, GoPro, Apple. The Ruler. The Ruler seeks to eliminate uncertainty by taking control. They like to follow rules but, even better, they like to make them. (Rulers need followers, after all.) Rulers believe in playing the game properly and create stable, respected brands to suit Your brand's personality dictates how your brand is seen and remembered by your audience. If your brand were a person, what would its personality archetype be? Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, defined 12 core archetypes that reflect the inner roadmap that we all follow The Solution: We have positioned the brand as a Jester personality. The role of the Jester archetype is to bring everybody together to play, appreciate the joy in life and connect with their inner child. As the ultimate entertainer, the Jester is able to make people feel good, a feeling that any brand would like to be associated with


Psychoanalyst Carl Jung identified numerous archetypes - character models which help to shape our personalities and which we aspire to be more like. Test your personality and find out which of the main Jungian archetypes you match the closest with this archetype test. Answer the following questions as honestly as you can to review your archetype results Nov 21, 2020 - The 12 brand archetypes are based on Carl Jung's personality archetypes. This board takes its inspiration from the Jester Archetype. The Jester is focused on having fun and living life in the moment. They also see it as their duty to be the entertainment director for everyone around them and keep the laughter and silliness flowing Archetypes are broad and represent the desire and basic requirements of consumers. It makes them feel closer to a particular company and the products or services they have to offer. You should, therefore, align your brand to an archetype and make your personality feel familiar to consumers I desire both beauty and joy and fun in life, they make my heart beat faster, make life worthwhile and that is my brand's personality as well. And there are two: Beauty & Fun. Intimacy and Joy are the two desires that are most prominent to my being as a designer and which belong to two brand archetypes: The Lover and the Jester

Jester is characterized by joy to work and live, but also the ability to always connected to the present time. Specifically, all 12 archetypes behave as so many characters that are latent in every human being, but how to activate differ from case to case. Values for Archetypes and MBTI Personality Features Archetype/MBTI Pearson Correlation. These archetypes were developed by Carl Jung, who understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They have inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the. Jung defined twelve primary types that represent the range of basic human motivations. Each of us tends to have one dominant archetype that dominates our personality. The 12 Jungian Archetypes * Ruler * Creator/Artist * Sage * Innocent * Explorer * Rebel * Hero * Wizard * Jester * Everyman * Lover * Caregive

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the largely conscious, executive part of personality that, according to Freud, mediates among the demands of the id, superego, and reality. The ego operates on the reality principle, satisfying the id's desires in ways that will realistically bring pleasure rather than pain. Jester Archetype. One who enjoys to live in the moment and make. Each of the 12 different archetypes can be expressed in scaled rankings of intensity represented by three levels. Level one is less mature where level 3 is the most fully-developed. Level 1: The hero archetype is expressed through seeking out challenges and demonstrating great achievement. Level 2: The hero is a savior to others and represents. Jester Archetype Strategy: Be funny and playful Philosophy: Let's keep it light and have a good time Fears: Being boring, disrespectful or unfunny Your voice: Funny, self-deprecating, enthusiastic, loud, excited Experience: Give people a good time and be spontaneous Associated words: Joker, entertainer, light-hearted, fu

The Jester. Notable brand examples: Skittles, Fanta, M&M. Everything must align for you to continue communicating the core of your values, stances and your overall brand personality. It starts here, with archetypes, and will be well communicated to your potential and existing clients through the right visuals. Related Articles Brand Archetypes. Part Plato, Jung and Joe Campbell — archetypes are age-old lenses through which you can define and refine your brand voice: from colourful copy (and microcopy), to culture, personality, purpose, values and visuals. The archetype cards below appear in alphabetical order

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