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  1. g a broad, pendulous crown of slender arching purple shoots with narrow leaves, glaucous beneath and slender catkins, to 2.5cm, opening with the leave
  2. iature version of a weeping willow. Suitable for moist areas in the garden
  3. Characteristics This is a weeping form of Purple osier which is a shrub willow with graceful branches and linear narrowly oblong leaves, which have vivid blue-white undersides. As with other willows for small gardens this clone is grafted onto stem. This makes a wide spreading head with a tangle of more of less pendulous branches
  4. Noteworthy Characteristics This plant has a compact habit and slim, deep purple stems that only make a good thing better. Dwarf purple willow is very quick growing when young and will reach a height of 5-6' in two or three years if watered and fertilized. Care Can easily be kept to a height of 3-5 ft. with annual winter pruning to the ground
  5. The weeping willow grows to a height of 30-40' and a spread of around 35' at maturity

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The purple osier willow is a shrub that has purple stems and blue-green leaves when the plants are juveniles. It can handle some shade and dry soil. It is normally planted in order to control erosion along streams and lakes. It can also be planted as a hedge Fleming's weeping trees are available as tall or short 'standards' with the exception of Gleditsia, Malus, Morus and Ulmus glabra. Tall standards are approx. 1.8 m high; short standards 1 m

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  1. Standard Dappled Willow. With its bright pink shoots which open to creamy white and green variegated leaves, Dapple Willow can become a focal point in any yard. Click for pricing. Latin Name. Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'. Common Name. Standard Dappled Willow. Max Height. 5-10ft
  2. 6 Year Old Cheal's Weeping Cherry 30L Standard 10/12 - Prunus 'Kiku-shidare-zakura' [TR017330L2] 6 Year Old Cheal's Weeping Cherry 30L Standard 10/12 - Prunus 'Kiku-shidare-zakura' Ne
  3. Family: Willow (Salicaceae) Hardy to Zones 3 to 7 (Purple Willow, Purple Osier) Dwarf willow tree to 9 feet native to Europe and Western Asia, has purple-hued leaves and among all willow species does contain the highest concentrations of salicylic acid in its bark
  4. g, small weeping tree (Hillier)
  5. Planted two of these in the back yard. Full sun, full exposure to Z5a winter winds. Killed the grass around them for the first 2 yrs and they grew like willows typically do. Very fast. Started with a 18 tall 3-4 stalk starter bush and after 4 yrs it's 4' X 4' wispy and beautiful
  6. The Weeping Willow is one weeping tree that will do wonderfully by your koi pond. It loves growing by bodies of water like streams, lakes, and rivers. They love to have very wet soil as long as it drains well, and the soil should be slightly acidic
  7. The arching branch tips remain flexible in the wind and are colored red to purple, the origin for the alternative common name of purple osier or purple osier willow. In early to mid-spring, the young wigs bear slender silvery catkins and those that are male-gendered produce purple anthers that become yellow once pollen sheds

Bonsai Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree - Thick Trunk Cutting - Indoor/Outdoor Live Bonsai Tree - Old Mature Look Fast - Ships from Iowa, USA. 3.5 out of 5 stars 101. $16.99 $ 16. 99. Get it Wed, Aug 11 - Thu, Aug 12. FREE Shipping. Seeds - 5 Dwarf Weeping Purple Cherry Tree Seeds Flowering Japanse Ornimental Seed, Flowering Seeds. $8.85 $ 8. 85 $12. Peegee Hydrangea Standard. Small standard tree with huge white cone-shaped flowers in August changing to pink and bronze by October. More. Pink Diamond Hydrangea Standard. A gorgeous grafted tree, similar to the Peegee. Buds are slightly pink, opening white, then changing back to pink forming large conical flowers. More Purple Weeping Willow Trees . £69.99 (ex VAT) Buy View. Malus 'Red Jade' Tree . Weeping Crab Apple Trees . £69.99 (ex VAT) Pre Order View. Malus 'Sun Rival' Tree . Weeping Crab Apple Trees . £69.99 (ex VAT) Pre Order View. Join Our Online Newsletter For The Latest News & Updates. Weeping Willow. Salix babylonica. Graceful and refined, easily recognized by its open crown of ground-sweeping branches. Leaves are light green above, grayish-green beneath. This willow grows especially well near water, reaches 30' - 40' tall, 35' spread. (zones 6-8) price Pricing Information

Weeping Willow Salix Kilmarnock Standard. Independent Feedback based on 54 verified reviews. Ok and healthy. Good size. Bigger than I thought and in excellent condition. It was hydrated and not pot bound. It is looking heakthy Weeping Pussy Willow. 36 reviews. Shade Trees. * Images shown are of mature plants. Size. Regular price. $169.95. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price

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In general, weeping willows do not need fertilizer to grow healthy and hardy. If your weeping willow tree's leaves are looking pale, you can apply a balanced fertilizer, with an NPK ratio of 20-20-20, in spring. Pruning . For best growth, prune your weeping willow when it is young, cutting it so that there is one central leader The standard weeping willow (Salix babylonica) features reddish-brown twigs that add winter interest to your landscape after the leaves fall. It grows to 50 feet tall and 20 to 40 feet wide at a. Weeping Purple Beech - A broad mushroom shaped, weeping, purple-leaf form that never becomes too large. Beeches prefer moist, well-drained, acidic soil, does not like excessively wet soils full sun best with this cultivar which has a shallow, wide root system. Dappled Willow on Standard - Beautiful pink to white and green variegated. Salix caprea 'Pendula': Weeping Pussy Willow. This Pussy Willow has the same flowering and leaf characteristics as the species, S. caprea. Instead of growing upright though, it stays low, growing along the ground like a ground cover. When grafted to a trunk, the Weeping Pussy Willow forms a small mounded canopy and weeps to the ground

The Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud is utterly unique. The redbud tree has become more well-known in recent years to gardeners, with newer forms adding purple or yellow leaves to the already-spectacular early spring blooming this tree is famous for. But now it has been turned into a gorgeous small cascading tree that will fit into even the smallest garden Weeping branches display striking pink stems and buds, surrounded by foliage mottled with white, green and pink highlights. The brightly colored stems provide excellent winter interest. This graceful shrub is a delightful garden accent. Easily maintained at a smaller size with regular pruning. Deciduous The Weeping Willow is a majestic deciduous tree with green, weeping foliage. Though it does well in very moist soils, Weeping Willows may also be successfully used as a fast-growing specimen or screen in drier, more open areas where it should receive regular watering to prevent leaf drop in a drought Quick View. 10' Pure White LED Weeping Willow Tree. $1,937.52. Pre-Order for 2020. Add To Cart. Quick View. 4' Halloween Willow Tree Purple LEDs. $37.46. In Stock

Salix 'Pendula' Weeping Pussy Willow. Weeping Pussy Willow. A strongly weeping form of pussy willow on a standard, this tree is perfect for use as an accent or specimen plant for confined areas. It's large, silky soft catkins appear in early spring for a pretty effect Growth rate: Medium 1'-2' per yea WEEPING PURPLE-OSIER WILLOW SALIX PURPUREA 'PENDULA' Regular price $159.95 Sale price $159.95 Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price / per . Free Delivery - Select your delivery date prior to checkout! Size Delivered 125cm Tall in a 7 Gallon Pot. Plant Zone. Weeping Pussy Willow is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a rounded form and gracefully weeping branches. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition Nov 21, 2020 - Tree's with no flowers, attractive & small to tall column shaped. See more ideas about small trees, landscape, garden trees Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Spring of 2015 The size of the purple fountain beech vary with age, but a tree about 15 feet high by 5 feet wide is about the size most of the larger ones I see are. It will get bigger, perhaps 20-30 feet high and 10-15 feet wide eventually

Salix gracilistyla 'Mount Aso' (Japanese Pink Pussy Willow) is a bushy deciduous shrub boasting a profusion of fuzzy rosy-pink catkins, 1 in. long (2.5 cm). They gradually expand to 2 in. long (5 cm), as they mature, turning silvery gray before covering themselves in yellow pollen. Produced by male plants, they are on display in early spring before the foliage emerges Babylonica Weeping Willow Trees. As an adaptable willow, the Babylonica Weeping Willow Trees will thrive in most soil types.You will find this Weeping Willow a hardy grower with gracefully rounded crown to about 50 feet in height with a spread just as wide. An excellent fast growing tree!. This Willow Weeping has bark is dark gray and deeply furrowed The Kilmarnock willow is sometimes referred to as 'weeping willow' but is not to be confused with the tree more widely known as weeping willow (Salix x chrysocoma) which quickly grows into a huge tree.There are other willow species that are grown for their decorative catkins, and which range in size from compact shrubs up to small trees The dappled willow is an excellent choice, if you are looking for an accent plant for your landscape. Gardenerdy provides some tips for growing and taking care of this plant. Bring out its best colors by growing the dappled willow in full sun. However, the plant may not tolerate full sun in locations with long and hot summers

Listing for Weeping Trees. Fleming's Nurseries supplies only the finest quality trees and this is never more apparent than is seen in the superb quality of Fleming's weeping trees. It is important to carefully read the Fleming's label attached to your tree regarding planting and pruning. Initial pruning back of a bare-root weeping tree at. Hi Paul, purple ghost is a family member of Acer palmatum (Japanese maples) while the dark purple leaves maples that you asked is from the regular maples which will grow to 30-40 ft in 10-20 yrs like the other sugar maple.. while the purple ghost will not get more than 15' in 20 yrs In those cases, use the pretty, little, deciduous Dwarf Arctic Blue Willow. It is attractive and quite popular as a desirable hedge or specimen plant. You'll love the new purple stems in spring, and the fine textured, silvery-blue leaves with a lighter underside. The wispy appearance creates kinetic movement in the landscape Pussy willow is a common name given to many smaller species of the genus Salix when their furry, velvety catkins are young. Salix discolor is the American pussy willow. Pussy willows can grow up to 20-feet or even more when left unpruned. Pussy willows grow in almost any kind of moist soil and thrive best in full sun

The Perfect, Peaceful and Durable Compliment to Your LandscapeThe Arctic Blue Willow has all the best qualities of a Willow. Willows are known for their peaceful, wispy, unique aesthetic and the Arctic Blue is no exception. Growing to a height of 10 ft., this tree has the airy qualities of a willow in a height that you can easily manage.Gorgeous colors make this tree standout in your landscape. The weeping willow tree you have in mind Lindsay is the golden weeping willow and the popular variety grown is Salix Chrysocoma, and this tree will grow to a height of forty five to fifty feet and. Purple. Red. White. Yellow. Brown. Gray. Variegated. Bloom Months Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry Standard. Prunus 'Snow Fountains' STD. In Stock. Chaparral Weeping Mulberry Standard. Morus a. 'Chaparral' STD. Available Soon. Falling Waters Weeping Bald Cypress. Taxodium d. 'Falling Waters' In Stock. Golden Weeping Willow (Niobe Willow) Salix. Shape: Weeping, mounded Foliage: Laceleaf, deep purple-red Fall Color: Scarlet Among the red laceleaf cultivars, the foliage of Crimson Queen is particularly heat resistant. Delicate leaves maintain their deep purple-red color maintained through the summer months and turn scarlet in the fall

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  1. Weeping Trees includes Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Atro.Ornatum', Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Inaba Shidare', Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Orangeola', Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Sekimori', Acer palmatum 'Omurayama', Betula pendula 'Youngii', Cercis canadensis 'Covey' Lavender Twist, Morus alba 'Pendula', Prunus 'Snofozam' - Snow Fountains, Prunus x 'Pisnshzam' Pink Snow Showers
  2. Weeping podocarpus is a slow to moderate grower that can eventually reach 30 to 35 feet in height. It's cold hardy - fine in Zone 9B or anywhere in Zone 10 - and moderately salt-tolerant. This evergreen tree needs a well-drained location
  3. Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki' Dappled Willow Standard. Ht: 2 m Spr: 1 m Zone 3. Very ornamental tree with striking pink, green and white. More Info >. 125 cm
  4. 21 September, 2017. Caragana arborescens, also called the weeping pea tree or Siberian pea shrub, is a deciduous shrub or small tree native to Siberia and Manchuria. Growers in harsh northern climates plant the shrub as a windbreak, according to Purdue University. It also works well as a specimen plant, as a soil builder or as a hedge or screen.
  5. Jun 1, 2013 - Browse ornamental trees for sale. Save money and make life easier when you decorative trees online. Next day delivery and tree finding available
  6. The beautiful foliage is best set off against a dark background. For a striking display, plant beside or in front of deep purple foliage plants such as a 'Black Lace' elderberry or Purple Smokebush. Japanese willow is an excellent choice for a specimen plant in a large open space or near a water feature, hedge, screen, or windbreak
  7. Trees begin arriving the first of March and continue until fall depending on variety and demand. The first available trees are spring bloomers including: dogwoods (red & white), cherries (weeping, double, standard, white & pink), red bud (weeping, standard, pink, white, purple, red), pears, and fruit trees (including apple, pear, persimmon, fig.

5 Purple Willow Seeds Tree Weeping Flower Giant Full Landscape Garded Yard 675. $3.09. Free shipping. Popular. Details about 5 Weeping Purple Cherry Tree Seeds Flowering Japanese Ornamental Seed 654. Standard Shipping (USPS First Class. Fagus sylvatica 'Weeping Purple' Purple Weeping Beech: 10'h x 15'w : Fraxinus excelsior 'Aureafolia' Golden Desert European Ash: 20' h x 18'w, yellow stems/bark, gold foliage spring/fall: Ginkgo b. 'Mariken' Dwarf Ginkgo: 2-3'h x 3-6' w, male, gold fall color, natural bonsai: Ginkgo b. Chase Manhattan' Dwarf Ginkg Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys' is noted for its deep purple-black catkins in spring that make excellent cut flowers and look stunning on the 6- to 10-foot shrub. Zones 5-7 Zones 5-7 Dappled willow

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5 Purple Willow Seeds Tree Weeping Flower Giant Full Landscape Garded Yard 675. $4.49. Details about 5 Weeping Purple Cherry Tree Seeds Flowering Japanese Flower Ornamental Seed 654. 8 sold in last 24 hours. Standard Shipping (USPS First Class. Weeping European Beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula' or 'Purple Fountain') You don't need a Hampshire estate to accommodate this 50-foot-tall mountain of droop. A Newport mansion will do Ivandale Farms is a full-service nursery that provides a selection of heirloom and rare species of trees and shrubs along with more common popular varieties found in northern Virginia nurseries. We serve Loudoun County, Virginia, Alexandria Virginia, Fairfax Virginia, Arlington Virginia and more

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  4. 5 out of 5 stars. (23) 23 product ratings - Weeping Willow Salix 'Kilmarnock' Standard Form Tree 90cm Tall 5L Pot. £56.89. Click & Collect. £4.29 postage. or Best Offer. 4 watching

Weeping Willow. A fast growing, large, conical tree with slender branches which droop at the tips.The leaves give a characteristically silver appearance from a distance.Catkins are borne in spring.Although it is good in wet soils and will tolerate temporary flooding, it thrives in most soils, and is a fine choice for coastal areas The Purple Weeping Willow is stunning all year round, creating a magical presence and the perfect spot beneath its curtain of foliage to let your imagination wander. Be the first to review Salix purpurea Pendula Tree (150cm). Standard Delivery. Our free postage is available on all orders regardless of total price

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The Weeping Willow Tree, Salix babylonica, is a medium to large deciduous tree that is characterized by its open crown of branches that sweep down towards the ground. It is easily recognized by its long finely serrated leaves that also grown in a downwards form. The Weeping Willow Tree is native to northern China preferring stream or pond habitats Weeping Willow Tree is a Magnificent Addition Beside Brooks to Help Prevent Soil Erosion. Yellow to silver-green blooms appears in April and May. The leaves are 6-8 inches long, light green, and narrow. Leaves are also long-lasting, often being one of the first to produce leaves in the Spring and last to lose its leaves in the fall. During the.

The weeping bottlebrush tree is a dream of a tree, one of the most popular small flowering trees for South Florida for its small stature, red flowers, and romantic weeping form. Like a miniature weeping willow, this is one pretty tree, its grace and beauty unrivalled as an artistic specimen or even as a privacy plant August 14, 2011 at 10:40 am. Hey Mike, thank you, this is wonderful. My friend in Illinois is going to get a baby corkscrew willow for her b-day next year along with a Paulownia (Purple Empress. I purchased a Paulownia 3 years ago, $20 - 6in tall. It is now an astounding 15+ft tall Salix babylonica - Weeping Willow HEIGHT: 10.0m WIDTH: 10.0m *height & width at maturity FORM: Weeping FOLIAGE: Leaves are slender and bright green changing to golden yellow in Autumn. FLOWERS and FRUIT: BARK: GROWTH RATE: Fast DESCRIPTION: Known as the Weeping Willow, this quick growing deciduous tree has graceful pendulous branching to the ground The lavender twist weeping redbud, my river birch, a red maple, a purple plum and a couple dogwoods. Someone told me there's a nursery on narrows road that has climbing roses. I'm trying to blend some robin hood hedge roses into an old hedge a little ways before our wood line, do you have any regards above Attracting the eye with its bright, showy colors, Salix integra 'Hakuro-Nishiki' (Dappled Willow) is a deciduous shrub or small tree of great beauty. Compact, it sports a luminous variegated foliage on graceful branches throughout the growing season. Emerging pink in spring, the narrow, lance-shaped leaves gradually mature to variegated shades of pink, creamy-white and green, before fading to.

Weeping Mulberry Morus Alba 'Pendula' Up to 4m.* A grafted classic this tree is a garden staple. Relatively fast growing it creates a waterfall of lush green leaves and pendulous branching that becomes gnarled and twisted as it matures. Very versatile and tough it can handle most soil conditions and is particularly good in coastal environments The standard weeping willow doesn't have a true dwarf form, but the pussy willow has a grafted miniature weeping variety that is ideal for small spaces and even container gardening. It was introduced in 1853 by Thomas Lang who hailed from Kilmarnock, Scotland. The tree is grafted onto a standard of strong stock to create a rigid support and may. Ornamental Trees are distinguished by one or more unique characteristics and provide beautiful exclamation points in the landscape. Flowers, foliage, bark or the tree's form itself are features to consider when choosing the right tree for your home. Many varieties bloom in spring before foliage appears Pink Weeping Tree Rose. Now available - one of the most elegant of tree roses! Grafted miniature/shrub varieties produce hundreds of cascading blooms from early summer up through the first frost. Strong, sturdy stems and extremely hardy rootstock insures cold hardiness. Grown on 24'' stems and can get up to 3... Warning: Last items in stock

Type: Weeping Standard Roses. Our Weeping Standard roses create a beautiful display of cascading colour and are a strong impact plant to your garden, adding height and depth to gardens both large and small.Weeping Standard Roses are easy to grow and care for, they grow well both in the border or a large pot and need little to no pruning, just prune to shape as required rather than annual. PURPUR S. purpurea (Purple Willow) This is a male selection of the wild Purple Willow from Europe. PU187 S. purpurea #187 (Purple W illow) deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry. PURBL S. purpurea 'Bleu' (aka 'Purple Dicks') living structures, fine basketry, the most beautiful purpurea variety of all Common Purple Lilac-purple Common White Lilac-white Chas Joly Lilac-magenta Willow Weeping Pussy tree Hops Nugget Ornamental Humulus Lonicera Berry Blue Honeyberry Connell Red Apple-Standard Connell Red Apple-Semi dwarf Cortland Apple Standard Cortland Apple-Semi dwar Weeping Japanese Maple. The weeping Japanese maple is categorized as a medium sized tree or large shrub which generally reaches a height of about 8 ft with at maximum a 12 ft spread. The leaves are shaped in a lace pattern and are colored in a purple hue during the summer months turning red towards autumn

Purple Birch Tree. This one of our showier weeping birch tree varieties, prized for its distinctive purple foliage. With a slow growth rate, this vibrant cultivar will add a bit of colour in a small garden. Latin name - Betula Pendula Purpurea. Most Popular Weeping Birch Tree Varieties for Large Garden Weeping Willow Salix 'Kilmarnock' Standard Form Tree 70cm Tall 3L Pot. Free shipping. $19.99. eBay. Info. Fagus sylvatica Purpurea Pendula-Purple Weeping Beech Plant in 1 L pot. Shipping $2.99. $13.15. eBay. Info. Bonsai Tree - Weeping Cypress. Free shipping. $36.00. eBay. Info The Weeping Pussy Willow Tree is a tiny fraction of the size of its Weeping Willow cousin, and it has charming catkins in late winter that are as soft as kittens. Snow Fountain® Weeping Cherry is a tiny avalanche of white on a Tree that is much more manageable than the more common pink Weeping Flowering Cherry Trees you see everywhere in spring Standard (15) Tree (14) Whip (6) You Dig It (1) Dwarf Purple Osier, Dwarf Purpleosier, Purple Willow, Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow. Salix purpurea 'Gracilis', Salix Salix scouleriana, Scouler Willow. Salix sepulcralis chrysocoma, Golden Weeping Willow. Salix sericea, Silky Willow. Salix x pendulina 'Blanda', Wisconsin Weeping Willow The Purple Pixie Loropetalum is an outstanding way to add year-round color to any style of landscape. This low growing loropetalum looks great in a mixed bed. With its short stature or 1-2 feet and spread of 4-5 feet, the Purple Pixie can even function as a truly unique ground cover

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  1. Pink weeping willow tree 2yamaha pink weeping willow tree feature weeping willow tree from a cutting micro willow tree string 20 fast growing shrubs and bushes for micro willow tree string. Purple Weeping Willow Lighted Tree By Glitterville Traditions. Curtain Lengths Standard
  2. 2021 PBR Purple Willow Collection - Salix Purpurea. 3ds Max + ma unitypackage upk blend obj. $20 $ 14. $20 $ 14. max ma unitypackage upk blend obj. details. close. Willow Tree. 3ds Max + c4d lwo ma 3ds fbx obj oth
  3. Weeping Willow Blender + fbx obj: $18. $18. blend fbx obj Collection. details. close. 2021 PBR Grey Willow Collection - Salix Cinerea 2021 PBR Purple Willow Collection - Salix Purpurea 3ds Max + ma unitypackage upk blend obj: $20. $20. Standard Protections (included) $10,000 in Legal Protection (Indemnification) Small Business License.
  4. #89284264 - Weeping willow tree in an tidy urban park whit trees and flowers. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #99035703 - Beautiful willow tree blossom red flower along Than Tho lake,.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #84314977 - The scenery of Hangzhou, West Lake. Similar Images.

A slow, cascading twinkle effect dances down 30 strands of lights to make our Weeping Willow Lights look wonderfully dramatic. Emanating from a gathered top, the 30 silver-wrapped, warm-white LED strands create the weeping-willow effect. A slight, constant twinkle. Attached to a 10-long bendable pick you can easily adjust. 4' length has 440 warm-white lights 6' length has 620 warm-white lights. You may want to try a willow tree. Or perhaps you need screening from the prying eyes of a neighbor. A pine tree could be your answer. If you like the idea of a beautiful, flowering tree, a dogwood tree or cherry blossom tree would generate beautiful blooms and add a pop of color to your landscape A new moon in a purple sky, with weeping willow branches. The Netherlands - stock photo {{purchaseLicenseLabel}} {{restrictedAssetLabel}} Standard editorial rights: Anyone in your organization can use it an unlimited number of times for up to 15 years, worldwide, with uncapped indemnification.

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Cercis canadensis 'Pink Heartbreaker'PP23043 Plant propagation prohibited. Buy Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud online. 'Pink Heartbreaker' is going to move you to fall in love with its weeping, , growth habit. It is a fantastic improvement on Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud, as it has stronger branching and a faster growth rate that its predecessor Weeping (237 Occurrences) Matthew 2:18 A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; she wouldn't be comforted, because they are no more. (WEB KJV ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV) Matthew 8:12 but the children of the Kingdom will be thrown out into the outer darkness DWARF TREES (125 CM-4 M) The most suitable trees for small spaces can also be very decorative. Purpleleaf sand cherry (standard) - Purple foliage all season and lightly fragrant flowers in May. Weeping pussy willow and weeping peashrubs - Graceful trailing branches that weep to the ground Details S. × sepulcralis var. chrysocoma is a weeping, deciduous tree, to 15m tall and wide, with vigorous arching branches terminating in golden-yellow branchlets. Young yellow-green, lanceolate leaves mature to a glossy green and catkins containing both male and female flowers, or occasionally all male or all female in separate catkins.

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Weeping Willow Trees also perform extremely well near water and provide food and nesting sites for numerous small birds and mammals. Includes one Weeping Willow tree in a 2.25 gal. pot and a detailed planting guide; Best grown in U.S.D.A. Hardiness zones 6 to 8; Mature height of a Weeping Willow Tree is 40' tall and 35' wid Waterlilies: Morning with Weeping Willows, detail of central section, 1914-18 by Claude Monet canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars

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Willow trees grow all over the world except in Australia and Antarctica; and are found as different species namely white willow, black willow, purple willow, crack willow and weeping willow Root Pouch 5 gallon. SKU: 14428. (4.22 gallons / 16 liters) (3-4 ft tall) (0 units available now) (11 units for review on 9/1/21) Pre-Order Standard Package Grown in Root Pouch® . $160.00 Willow bark may be used to help with swelling, and muscle and joint pain, especially in people with arthritis. Others will use it to help lower fevers and symptoms of the common cold or flu. Some people believe willow bark may help with cancer, headache, menstrual cramps, and gout