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Akpos Jokes, Health Jokes, Nigerian Jokes, Nigerian Jokes, Religious Jokes Ebola in Church During the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria Akpos went to Church on Sunday and testified that he was infected with Ebola and that God had healed.. The little man walked to one side of the queue and said, If that's your attitude, I won't open the shop at all today! Author: @njuwo. Akpos Jokes is an online entertainment site targeting a core audience of people ages 18-49. Akpos Jokes delivers daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes, added by everyone and. Akpos Jokes The Best of Akpos Jokes direct from Professor Akpos Himself. You are welcome to Laugh until you forget your name *wink* Monday, 27 October 2014 I'm going to drown the little bastard!. at 04:42 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Sex Jokes

Little Akpos went off to bed. In the middle of the night, Little Akpos was awakened by his baby brother's crying. He went to his baby brother's crib and found that his baby brother had taken a crap in his diaper. So Little Akpos went to his parent's room to get help Chronicles of Akpos / Jokes; Joke: The Death of Akpos. by Na Laugh · June 24, Your husband Akpos is dead and gone. I'm sorry. Finally, Caro looked up at Panku (skit): Mark Angel Comedy and AY Comedian - Respect Yourself who u Epp (Little Emmanuella) Video (standup): Kenny Blaq Performs at Closeup Cool Breeze Party. Video. Akpos Jokes. Little boy's prayer. 6 years ago 6 years ago. Akpos Jokes, Family Jokes, Nigerian Jokes, Relationship Jokes. Little boy's prayer. by Sukafia 6 years ago 6 years ago. 162 views. 22. shares; 22 points. At dinner, a little boy offered to lead in prayer. Dear Lord, he started, Forgive our neighbor's son, who removed my. The Teacher asked Little Akpos a question.. Teacher,: do you know kwame Nkurumah? Little Akpos answed, NO! Sir u are really fake.....nw if i criticise a joke, its because d joke is as dry as ur kpekus..... Pls note, nt all jokes i criticise.....if u say dis particular joke av posted is nt funny, then u need to be admitted instantly to a.

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Mr IBU - Jokes. 489,023 likes · 92 talking about this. YOU ARE WELCOME CLICK THE LIKE BUTTO Clever kids: A police officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists. One day, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so he investigated and found the problem. A 10 years old boy was standing on the side of the road with a huge hand painted sign whic LITTLE AKPOS Akpos dad invited their neighbour for dinner At the dinner, Akpos was ordered to lead in prayer AKPOS- But i dont know how to pray DAD- Just pray for your family members, friends and neighbours, the poor, etc AKPOS- Dear Lord (he started) Thank u for our visitors and their children, who finished all my cookies and.

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Akpos is a name used by people from the Niger Delta and though I tried to find out the meaning but.. Nways, the jokes created using akpos name are very hillarious and I thought I should share. LOL. Akpos thought that LOL means 'LOTS OF LOVE' So he wrote an SMS To his girlfriend saying 'Dear, i'm sorry about the death of your mum. LOL.X_X Landlord - Tenant Joke #3 - Sir, They are my tenants! Sir you have got to help! said the tearful man at the door. There is a family that I know very well that is in desperate need of money. The Father has been out of a job for over a year, they have five kids at home with barely a bit of food to eat. The worst part is that they are.

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Akpos didn't know how to approach the lady to tell her of his desires because she's married. So, one day the lady approached Akpos alone in his apartment and the following conversation transpired: AKPOS: Hi. LADY: Hi. AKPOS: Is everything alright? LADY: (smiling seductively) Yes. Just need a little help from you. AKPOS: (sheepishly grinning. 21. Ochuko was playing with his little brother Akpos when the little boy asked whether he could fly like Superman. Sure you can, Ochuko said to his brother. Just flap your arms really hard. So Akpos climbed up on the windowsill, started flapping his arms, jumped, then smashed into the ground from a six storey building AKPOS: OMG! No I don't! Send me the link to download it. Vote: 3 votes Little Johnny Jokes. Love Jokes. Marriage Jokes. Military Jokes. Misc Jokes. Money Jokes. Musician Jokes. National Jokes. News Jokes. In order to submit a joke, vote for jokes or win cash prizes, you must SIGN UP firs BAR JOKE. A guy walks into a bar and shouts, When I drink, everybody drinks!. Everybody is cheering him and applauding like crazy. Feeling great, he finishes his beer, asks for another one and shouts, When I drink again, everybody drinks again!. Once again, everybody is cheering him, he is the hero of the bar Kojo answers got his teacher angry, then something happened. LOL. Watch, download and share and subscribe to our channel for more funny jokes.Instagram: @gh..

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New Year Jokes: Group 4 A new years resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. - Anonymous This New Years I'm going to make a resolution I can keep: no dieting all year long. - Melanie White. Women get a little more excited about New Years Eve than men do March 12, 2013 - Naija Jokes Of The Week AKPOS WENT TO CHURCH Akpos went for church service and stole the church wall clock after d service. He was caught and was asked why he did that, he responded by saying that pastor preached that God's time is d best. INTENSIVE CARE UNIT It happened [ Akpos: For 15 years. Sweetheart: So, one pack costs N200 ($1.25), and you have 3 packs a day, which puts your spending each month at N18,000 ($113). In one year, it would be N216,000 ($1,350)

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  1. Video (skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 66 - Spell It (Little Emanuella) by Na Laugh · April 8, 2016. Mark Angel and the crew in episode 66 Spell it.. Little Emanuella also has more trouble up her little sleeves. YouTube
  2. Similar jokes can be found with Ole and Lena jokes mocking Minnesotans, Akpos jokes mocking Nigerians, and also Zeke and Zeb jokes mocking Midwesterners. [1] [6] Some jokes can be just a few sentences long, while others much more involved and greater in length
  3. Video (skit): Mark Angel Comedy (episode 57) With Little Emanuella - Three Men by Na Laugh · February 5, 2016 Little Emanuella is causing trouble as always in episode 57 of Mark Angel Comedy, Three men.
  4. The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, Momma, how come ALL of grandma's hairs are white? Number 4: A. Teacher: Name 3 types of wood. AKPOS: Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood.
  5. Facebook pages where Akpos jokes are published, but Akpos the comedian wa s selected because it enjo ys large followership (at the time of data collection, in January 2015, the page has the.
  6. #8. Akpos Jokes by StackArena. Need something that will get you giggling? This app got you covered. With the Akpos Jokes app you can do the following: Add your own joke and share with the world. Share jokes you love easily on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Email, SMS and more. Easily scroll through the endless list of Top Jokes and All.

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2. A nurse who wakes up a sleepin patient to give him sleepin pills bcos she 4got to give him de medicine, 3. A man who goes to a bank with a spanner to open an account, 4. A man who puts a radio in a freezer to listen to cool music, 5. A man who lowers de volume of a radio to read a text message, 6 this blog was born out of the need for a wholesome broadcasting that lifts the spirit, soul and body. i pray for god's grace in its smooth running and that it will inspire, inform and change lives for good in jesus name- amen AKPOS: Yes malee. MUM: Abeg implicate salt & maggi,attach oil,pepper & sentence d crayfish,then involve the leaves,after 10mins discharge d pot from fire, U dey hear me so? AKPOS: Yes malee, Shoo dis soup go good 2 download with fufu o. MUM: No worry Akpos, I don detain some fufu 4 cooler.When time reach we go give am amnesty! 4 Nigerian Sunday School Joke. Among other funny Christian jokes of Akpos is the one called Many are called Akpos is at a Sunday school class. A taught is checking how people learned the Bible verses at home. So he starts: Teacher: Akpos, finish the sentence: Many are called but. Akpos: but few have credit to call you back.

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While in town,I met my high school maths teacher and he asked for the direction to CBZ Bank.Me:Make a 360 turn,walk for about 1.8metres(round that up to the nearest tens),you will then see a shop which is perpendicularly to your right,make an obtuse angle turn and you will see the bank at a distance of about the logarithm of 7.Let him feel what I felt as a studen We decided that we'd allow people post jokes, something like an eHow for jokes, where users can submit jokes and have their jokes published onto the app and the site. The software company, Stack Arena launched out in May 2012, by a group comprising of young and enterprising Nigerians who basically write codes and develop appealing.

Jul 21, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Nathan. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres The WordPress Stats page is an invaluable tool for bloggers who want to track growth and progress of their blogs. Bloggers receive a summary of blog views by country, top posts and pages viewed, referrers, which are clicks from other sites that link to theirs, and search engine terms, among others. So far, my bigges LITTLE DOT STUDIOS LIMITED is responsible for this Page. People. 1,390,715 likes. Related Pages. Zeeworld official. TV Show. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. TV Show. Unlimeted stars dance crew. Performance & Event Venue. Akpos Jokes. Interest. Millionaire 2К20. Video Game. Rulers of Destiny Ministries ABUJA. Religious Organization. FEXDA.

Aug 6, 2020 - Inherit the Mirth // Gallery 1 — Cuyler Blac The Akpos Story Akpos the funniest nigerian kid.Akpos the hilarious one.Find the best of your Akpos jokes here. adsense. Nigerian Celebrities Joined Dare Melody In Thanking God After He Survived A Ghastly Accident. (Video

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A website that creates, collects and publishes Akpos Jokes has been founded in Accra, Ghana.. The website, FunnyAkposJokes.com, will, on a daily basis, serve Ghanaians, Nigerians and other Akpos. Funny Real Estate Quotes. Best Funny Quotes About Real Esta. 36 real estate quotes youll want to read over and over. Real estate is an imperishable asset ever increasing in value. I have a mission to fulfill in this life. Larimores board Real Estate HumorLOL followed by 763 people on Pinterest Gross jokes, Disgusting jokes; Marriage Jokes, Family Jokes; Kids jokes; Doctor's jokes, Health Jokes, Medical joke; Dark Humor; Blonde Jokes; Dirty jokes; Chuck Norris; Donald Trump Jokes; Sex Jokes; Christmas Jokes; Corona virus jokes (Covid - 19) Jewish Jokes; Genie jokes; Lawyer Jokes; Jokes From our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com. Akpos Jokes Friday, 28 July 2017. Let your partner in on a little of the vibrator action and see how you both like it. 5) Strap on your high heels and give him a sexy lap dance the moment he walks in. 6) Mix it up. Take a bath together as foreplay, change positions often during s*x, use lubrication. Akpos at 10:38 No comments: Email.

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The Akpos Story Akpos the funniest nigerian kid.Akpos the hilarious one.Find the best of your Akpos jokes here. Apparently,yesterday there was a little bit of romance again in the Big brother house when housemates TTT and Tboss shared a deep romantic kiss.The duo were seen together all through out the day which was so unusual of them,they. Osaze's Jokes The Best Jokes Nigerian Style, with entertainment Also. About Me. Unknown View my complete profile. Thursday, 5 April 2018. Give them what They want. Akpos stepped into a pub to relax his nerves this sunny afternoon. While in the bar Akpos shouted and said to the barman; Give me a bottle of small stout and give everybody here 2.

Add up to get notifications when I post again and don't forget to join House of comedy and jokes for more jokes and stories. comedy fun funny Jokes. Jokes, memes. AKPOS: Thank God! When you were little, did you ever sleep in the afternoon and wake up in the evening and then greet your parents, good morning??. Well, Akpos, your staying after school!The very next day when the substitute teacher walks in, she looks up at the blackboard and written on it, it says, IT PAYS to ADVERTISE. Little Mary came back home after school and said, Mommy, today during the school break Johnny kissed me on my lips They're full of bad puns and the sort of lame wisecracks your Dad might have made when you were a kid, yet there's something about these hilariously awful jokes that we just can't get enough of

A theological one for the computer scientists. After the animals exited the ark, the Lord came to the animals and the Lord spoke Go forth and multiply. The snakes came to him and said Oh Lord, we cannot fulfil the commandment, for we are adders. Thus spoke the Lord Go and cut down the trees, and out of the trees you shall fashi. Due to his unique style of delivering his jokes, he became associated with the wave-making Akpos jokes and is known to be the first person to be called that name by a fellow comedian, AY. He has since earned himself both fame and a rewarding fortune through individual projects and also by attaching himself to very popular comedians on stage Dave's Jokes. Crikey -- On politics, media, business, the environment and life Independent news, blogs and commentary on politics, media, business, the environment and life A little girl didn't even go home to write hers, but used only 3 minutes to write it in class after I left. The next day, all the students submitted their work. I marked till the last one which was the little girl's own. I was smiling while marking because, all the students did well. Some were able to write about 400 words and over Akpors was inside a public toilet. Akpors was inside a public toilet,a man was outside answering a call.. While Akpors was inside the toilet answering all what the man was saying to the caller, the man pause for a while,he then knocks at the toilet door and said to akpos. Man:hey man,i wasnt talking to you

Akpos jumped out of his chair waving his hand and shouting to the Lecturer,India n mistress giving an apple to Abacha, 1998″ Now, with almost mob hyseria, someone said; You little poo. If you say anything else, I'll kill you. Akpos frantically yelled at the top of his voice; Chris Uba to Ngige, 2004 105+ Corny Jokes to Send to Friends. If you're not sure what to say when you meet someone new, a good joke or pun can break the ice. It will show everyone you're funny and prove you have a great sense of humor. Of course, you can always text these funny jokes to the friends you've already made


Read Unforgettable days in Secondary School from the story Nigerian jokes by Littlemisstalented (precious barnabas) with 613 reads. jokes, naija, humour. Unfor.. AKPOS: God saw me hungry, he created pizza. He saw me thirsty, He created Pepsi. He saw me in darkness, He created light. He saw me without problems, He created YOU. WIFE:.. Twinkle twinkle little star You should know what you are. And once you know what you are Mental hospital is not so far. AKPOS: The rain makes all things beautiful

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Soloenang like making jokes, riddles and proverb, that's why i created this Blog for people to come and have some fun. Akpos: Ok, May the over-speeding trailer of blessings jam and crush you and your family. he came upon two little old ladies sitting in a used car. He stopped and asked them if they were stealing the car Akpos Jokes Read more Share. by Mohammed Abdulazeez at May 16, 2020 No comments: Little Johnny Jokes Read more Share. by Mohammed Abdulazeez at May 15, 2020 5 comments: Marriage Jokes. A woman takes a lover home during the day while her husband is at work. Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in t.. SEA PUBLICATION is a monthly publication that was derived from the name SEUN EMMANUEL ALAOFIN. The idea was developed in August 2012 and was first printed on Tuesday, the 17 th of December 2012 and distribution started on Wednesday the 18 th of December, 2012 within the city of AKURE in Ondo State, Nigeria

Akpos Jokes delivers daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes, added by everyone and rated by you Explore Buzznigeria.com, find out all about your favorite Nigerian celebrities and in-depth biographies of notable people, trending stories, and updates. Discover lesser-known facts about celebrities that matter to you. 1) Here is a little girl being helpful 2) Mummy looks on proudly 3) The little girl sings as she scrubs Check out our sad video clip and see what the little girl did. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow to start the video. N.B. Help for Mozilla Sad little girl Video Clip Read More A Adults Akpos Joke Animal Jokes Animals Bar Blondes Business Children Church-and-Religion College Computer Criminals Funny Joke Irish Jewish Little-Johnny Marriage Medicine Men Nigeria Joke Pastor Akpos Relationship Religion Seniors Sex Short-Jokes Teacture Wome Miscommunication JOW #719. I am staying in Jacksonville this week with my sister. I am reminded of the time she won an award in a beauty contest: Miss Communication. She sent me a joke about miscommunication and that led me to the idea of problems with communication in general

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Funny Clean jokes,clean funny jokes,laugh patterns,funny videos ,funny picture 2 .When citizens in Egypt joked about Mubarak through his regime, they did so to relieve tension.Some Egyptian citizens may have used jokes to show that they were not afraid of Mubarak, and by telling these jokes, they were showing that they (Egyptian citizens), were not afraid to make it known that they did not approve of Mubarak's regime

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insurance for your wife and children, 2 houses to be built for you in any town of. your choice and in your village, annual overseas vacation for you and your family fully-paid first class, N2m wardrobe allowance per annum, cook, steward and 2 drivers, country club membership, and you're entitled to keep all that the The Web's Hottest Sick, Rude, Offensive & Politically Incorrect Jokes - Sickipedia.org! sickipedia.org add to compare Sickipedia - The Web's BEST collection of jokes! The SICKEST, RUDEST, MOST OFFENSIVE, INAPPROPRIATE & POLITICALLY INCORRECT jokes & puns - We've got them all Akpos- Joke- The Forest. An Igbo man, a Yoruba man and an Hausa man were lost in a forest and. then captured by cannibals. The king of the cannibals told the prisoners that they could live if. they pass a trial. The first step was to go deep into the forest and Confessions of a Sex Worker: How I Revenged Over Unpaid Dues. When Milly* decided to venture into prostitution in 2010, little did she know that she'd one day go to the extremes of revenge against her client. When her co-workers inducted her into the business, they equipped her with the wherewithal and what to expect including.

Video (skit): Mark Angel Comedy episode 76 - WHY (LittleHUMOROUS JOKE 006 Latest Short JokesVideo (skit): Maraji – Nigerian News | Na LaughVideo (skit): Wowo Boyz – The Suspect | Na Laugh

Akpos Ligali went to the doctor to lodge a complaint concerning his dick. He told the doctor not to laugh when he showed him his dick and the doctor promised to do so. When he pulled down his shorts, the doctor burst into laughter on seeing the finger size dick and later apologized for not keeping his promise Book of jokes allows you to browse, search, read and share hilarious and the most funniest English jokes of all time. Book of jokes has have over 500 thousand hilarious jokes from over 100 categories waiting to be explored by you. *Jokes Categories in the app include*. Akpos Jokes . Alcohol Jokes And Giving the fact that the subtitle is The adventures of Akpos 30 Days in Atlata chokes on its own title and did nothing to improve the comedy genre with its few jokes, weak writing,undercooked characters and clichéd ending. 8/10. Not all hilarious but quite funny