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Zante Zakynthos turtle spotting boat trip. The Nefis Travel Zakynthos turtle spotting boat trip Eco friendly turtle spotting tour is a unique turtle spotting excursion and way to see the Caretta Caretta loggerhead turtles and to swim and snorkel in the most extraordinary turquoise waters around Turtle Island and the Keri Caves Zante is the best place in Europe to swim with sea turtles. The Mediterranean is filled with sea turtles but they spend most of their time out in the deeper regions hunting and resting. In the summer months, however, they head towards shores to lay their eggs, with thousands of loggerhead gathering around the beaches of Zante (Zakynthos) Swimming with turtles in the Ionian Sea is one of the best things to do in Zakynthos and the islet of Marathonisi (aka Turtle Island Zakynthos) is known by scientists as the most important area for endangered turtle species in the world.. Zakynthos is one of the best places to visit in Greece, so if you're looking to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals, then perhaps there. To swim with these wonderful creatures and explore how interesting underwater landscape this Greek island offers, here are the best spots to visit! Table of Contents [ show] Laganas Beach. Kalamaki Beach. Dafni Beach. Gerakas Beach. St. Nicholas Beach. Marathonisi Turtle Island. Plakaki Beach

The Turtles of Zante. Zakynthos is home to the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, Caretta, Caretta. The Bay of Laganas is the most important breeding ground for the Mediterranean Loggerhead, although they can be found in Turkey and Italy as well. The sandy beaches of the Lagana Bay are now a protected area, it is unfortunate that the breeding. What month do the turtles hatch in Zante? The mating season is from April to June when the turtles swim ashore, usually at night, to dig holes in the soft sand and lay their eggs. They eggs hatch after about 60 days, unfortunately coinciding with the peak holiday season. Click to see full answer Zakynthos (also known as Zante) is the top place in Europe to swim with sea turtles. In the summer months, thousands of loggerhead turtles head inshore to lay their eggs on the beaches. You can snorkel with them at Zakynthos and at nearby Cameo Island, or go island hopping and watch them come ashore at Kefalonia's beaches

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Take a boat ride, spot turtles, swim, admire incredible scenery, and more during a day trip in the Zakynthos region. After pickup at your hotel, head straight to your first stop at Kalamaki beach on Zante's southern shores. Enjoy the lovely, clean beach with soft golden sand and warm waters, protected by a National Marine Park Swimming at Turtle Island or Marathonisi. Swimming at Navagio or Smuggler's cove. Swimming from the rocks. Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos. More sandy beaches in Zante. Porta Zorro in Zakynthos. Vasilikos beach. Agios Sostis Port. Where to swim in Zante town Enjoy the fantastic experience of diving, snorkelling or swimming with sea turtles with our guide to the best places to spot them in Europe, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Zante, Greece. Greece is one of the best destinations in Europe to spot turtles and one of the only ones where you can see a loggerhead turtle, an endangered species The Caretta Caretta Turtles in Zante. Zakynthos is the most important nesting ground for the Caretta Caretta Loggerhead turtles in all of Europe, with 80% of the Meditteranean population of turtles returning each summer to lay their eggs on the beaches in Zakynthos - particularly in the Southern coastal region

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  1. g with a Turtle. One word of warning Kalamaki is on the flight path for the airport, the air traffic is restricted because of the turtles and generally although you get.
  2. With water sports being banned in this area of Zante, to benefit the turtles, I thought the bay seems comparatively quieter than other seaside resorts, and there were only a handful of other boats and pedalos out at any one time. I'd go back just to swim with those turtles again! Like Like. Reply. Juliette says: June 19, 2019 at 10:21 am.
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  4. For your accommodation, stay in a swim-up suite that feels like home. Continue reading to know more about the best swim-up suites in Zante, Greece. 1. Zante Maris Suites - Adults Only (from USD 322) Book a swim-up suite at Zante Maris Suites and experience five-star hospitality in Greece
  5. ant nesting floor within the Mediterranean and return to the identical place the place they hatched to put their very own eggs. Scientists contemplate Zante to be an important endangered turtle habitat in Europe and among the many most essential on the earth
  6. The first swim stop was OK off marathonisi island. There were lots of fish and cool caves to explore. The second swim stop seemed a bit pointless and I felt a bit like a school kid being told we weren't allowed to swim more then 50m away from the boat despite being a very strong swimmer. The lunch stop at kerri was also silly
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A bucket list item for many is to spend time in the water snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles. For me, one of the cutest and most gracious sea dwellers. Sea turtles have been around for more than 150 million years, long enough to watch dinosaurs come and go extinct. As marine reptiles, sea turtles have adapted [ 39. Being able to pedalo or even swim out to giant turtles Zante is home to the Caretta Caretta turtles. They're huge and you can actually head out in Laganas bay to swim right next to them! Go on a lilo for comfort, or pedalo for speed! Don't just swim Zante, Greece In the summer months, the beaches on the island of Zante (Zakynthos) are used as a nesting ground and you're able to see turtles making their nests in the National Marine Park. A swim in the waters at Laganas Beach may also bring you face to face with one

You will have the opportunity to swim in the blue-green waters and explore the enchanting seabed. Our next stop is Marathonisi or also known as Turtle Island due to its special shape. Marathonisi is one of the most prominent places in Zante thanks to the Loggerhead turtles who nest here Description. See loggerhead turtles in their natural habitat at the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. Go for a swim at the Keri Caves. Visit Marathonisi Island, where turtles lay their eggs on Golden Beach Rescue & Information Center Zante Sea Turtle Meet Zakynthos Sea Turtles Mediterranean Marine Life Center If you go swimming I recommend taking a pair of those beach plastic shoes, it's a bit pebbly when you first go in. The staff do an amazing job at the rescue centre and have lots of knowledge. Don't forget your loose change to give

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Turtle Spotting & Swimming in Marathonisi (3h) Special Offer ! This is a trip ideal for families with young children who want to see the remarkable Caretta-Caretta from very close and observe the animals in their natural habitat. The boat sets off from Agios Sostis port. After a while you will have the chance to spot the turtles and sail very. On the Greek Island of Zante (also known as Zakynthos) you'll find a unique habitat that draws it's residents back year after year - the nesting beaches of the Caretta Caretta or Loggerhead turtles. If you visit this lovely island which is very popular with British holiday makers you'll find turtle key rings, turtle soft toys, turtle postcards but will you find the turtles themselves Marathonisi Island Turtle spotting in Zante is a favourite for everyone watch the turtles swim in the National Marine Park which is observed and monitored by Archelon. Keri is also the best place on the island for spotting the protected loggerhead turtles. Pool heating Wifi and air conditioningheating in all the bedrooms and lounge are included

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Zakynthos or Zante is the most important turtle nesting ground in Europe. It's estimated that around 80% of the Mediterranean population of Loggerheads return to Laganas Bay each summer. 9. Hawaii is the best place to dive or swim with sea turtles united states. The Hawaiian Islands are some of the most remote islands in the world Dafni Beach in Zante. This unique stretch of sandy beach in Zante is where sea turtles choose to lay their eggs. At night between April and June, the rare Loggerhead turtles head to this particular beach. But during the day they spend their time in the nearby sea. Meaning you can swim and snorkel with these beautiful creatures Welcome to ARCHELON's volunteering projects in Greece! With your help, we are monitoring and protecting sea turtles, their nests and hatchlings on the beaches as well as rescuing injured/sick sea turtles and treating them at the Rescue Centre. We are inviting enthusiastic and committed individuals to join the volunteer projects in 2021 Turtles, Tourists & Summer Mating on the Greek Island of Zante. Way before the party-goers caused chaos on Laganas Bay and descended on the best beaches in Zakynthos (better known as Zante to us Brits), it was the Caretta Loggerhead Sea Turtles that chose this place as their mating ground every summer. Whilst there are some lesser known Greek. Turtle island is a small isle off Keri beach in the Laganas bay, Zakynthos, Greece. Zante turtle island (real name Marathonisi) is so nicknamed due to its uncanny resemblance to a turtle; but. that is not the only reason. Marathonisi is also the seasonal home and breeding grounds for the oceanic loggerhead sea turtle

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Voyage through the shimmering blue waters of the Ionian Sea on this natural life and touring journey from Zakynthos. Spot local loggerhead turtles swimming in Laganas Bay, on a special designed Glass Bottom Boat, and take in perspectives of Marathonisi, nicknamed 'Turtle Island' on account of its similarity to the cute hard-shelled animals With Zante mainly known for its party lifestyle, this rare journey made by the turtles in Zante is a beautiful sight to behold as a nature lover. To protect the Loggerheads' nicknamed because of their large heads and horned beak - the nests are marked and easily visible as volunteers patrol the area to ensure their survival The sea turtles have been here for thousands of years using the beaches of Zakynthos at Gerakas. I grew up here, and my family comes from this area of the island, so my first steps of life were down on Gerakas beach and I grew up playing with the turtles and swimming with them The turtles use several beaches as their main nesting ground in the Mediterranean and return to the same place where they hatched to lay their own eggs. Scientists consider Zante to be the most important endangered turtle habitat in Europe and among the most important in the world

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Private Speedboat Hire. £ 80.00 - £ 180.00. Hiring a private speedboat is a Zante holiday essential. Rock up at private beaches, swim with turtles, dive off cliffs into the perfect turquoise waters below and of course get some first class pics for the gram! The Naked Zante fleet gives you modern, easy to drive boats with hotel pick up and. We definitely recommend trying to find turtles in the laganas area, taking a short trip to Marathonisi (Turtle Island) and then taking the speed boat out to sea a bit further and exploring the Keri Caves with their calm, crystal clear waters thats perfect for swimming Where to see turtles in Zakynthos: 2) Go to turtle beach. Turtle beach or Marathonisi island is an island just off the coast in the South and as the name says it promises the presence of turtles. However there is no guarantee in seeing turtles there, it is not even very probable, but pure luck. Instead of doing a boat tour around this island. A bucket list item for many is to spend time in the water snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles. For me, one of the cutest and most gracious sea dwellers. Sea turtles have been around for more than 150 million years, long enough to watch dinosaurs come and go extinct. As marine reptiles, sea turtles have adapte Caves, beaches, endangered turtles and that shipwreck: Zante - traditionally Zakynthos - in the Ionian chain of islands in Greece, really does have it all.. Whether you're familiar with Zante or not, you'll most certainly have seen pictures of this idyllic Greek island, and will no doubt be itching to discover its beautiful beaches and bays for yourself

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  1. g and diving to the depths below seas. Sea turtles have been around for over 110 million years - since the time of the dinosaurs. You can swim with turtles on any continent (except Antarctica). So get your swim
  2. Swim with turtles. One island that you can see from the Laganas Beach in Zante, is Turtle Island, better known as Marathonisi. It is an island that is uninhabited but you can visit, and it is part of the Greek marine park that helps to protect turtles. You can book a boat trip out there and you're pretty likely to see many turtles on the day.
  3. Caretta Caretta turtles in Zakynthos are the largest hard-shelled turtle in the world. Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles are the world's most-studied and well-known sea-turtle. An adult loggerhead turtles weigh between 77 and 160 kg, and measures between 31 to 45 inches long. Their shell is a golden brown colour, with skin tones from.
  4. g with Caretta turtles according to your needs (VIP - small or big groups) to make your vacation memories special. Read more
  5. one of the most important turtle nesting beaches in Greece. Ideal for those looking for a secluded spot to relax and swim. Ancient Olympia Experience the birthplace of the Olympic Games in ultimate privacy. Depart from the private beach of Porto Zante by private speedboat and reach Peloponnese where our chauffeur will welcome you
  6. This 5-hour turtle spotting tour starts from the port of Tsilivi. Our first photo stop is at Peluzo, a small uninhabited island with an amazing beach with exceptionally white and fine sand. After Pelouzo, we visit Marathonisi, where you can relax on its golden sand and swim in its crystal clear waters

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Turtle Island & Keri Caves. Half Day Tour 4.5 Hours. Experience an unforgetable moment as you observe the famous loggerhead turtles Caretta Caretta swimming in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. In this tour you will also explore the incredibly clear waters at the Keri Caves. View More. Zante's stunning coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky coves, dramatic cliffs and hidden sea caves. Further inland, lush olive groves and lemon trees give way to rolling hills. In summer, loggerhead turtles swim all the way from Africa to Zante to lay their eggs in the island's golden grains. A world-class party scen First stop Marathonisi, a small, uninhabited island with many hills, situated in the gulf of Laganas. On the north part of this islet, there is a unique sandy beach which is a nesting area for sea turtles. There, you will have the chance to swim with the Caretta Caretta turtle Swimming stop locations include Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Xigia Bay or Makris Gialos, st. Andreas Beach, Keri Caves and the Turtle island. You will voyage to a standout amongst the most lovely shorelines on the planet, the Shipwreck shoreline of Zakynthos Starting Point: 7pm, 01 Jun, at the restaurant of the campsite. This year we start our first public swim holiday on and around Zakynthos (Zante). Everyone all over the world, who loves swimming, is invited to join us for marvellous swims along the coast of Zante. For one week we will swim every day in the nature, maybe even with turtles

This year we start our second public swim holiday on and around Zakynthos (Zante). Everyone all over the world, who loves swimming, is invited to join us for marvellous swims along the coast of Zante. For one week we will swim every day in nature, maybe even with turtles. We are going to swim as a group. Just for fun 7. Marathonisi (Turtle Island) Located in a little islet on the south of Zakynthos is the mesmerizing Marathonisi. Nicknamed 'Turtle Island' Marathonisi is home to the nesting grounds for the Loggerhead Turtle. Now luckily a protected area, there are plenty of tour operators that will take you to see the turtles Zante Holiday Zante is home to the Loggerhead Turtles. They nest in Kalamaki, Gerakas and Vasilikos as well as the Island of Marathonisi You can visit the National Marine Park of Zante, where they have various programmes in place for the protection of the Turtles. You may also be able to swim with a turtle if they are visiting. Cost from £.

Welcome to the official Zante (Laganas) resort guide. Here you will find all the latest information and guides on everything Zante. From the best Zante Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Attractions and World class events. Get the lowdown on everything you need know for that ultimate Zante Holiday An idyllic beach resort. A tranquil village on the southeast coast of Zante, Agios Sostis is a serene antidote to the bustling town of Laganas, only minutes away. The pristine sandy beach is lined with fragrant pine forests and the sea is a calm, crystal-clear blue. Agios Sostis holidays are perfect for families and those seeking a relaxing.

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Turtle Spotting. Turtle Spotting Photo Friendly 2 Hours 1-20 People All weather Information Take a cruise through the sparkling blue waters and spot native loggerhead turtles swimming in Laganas Bay with a glass bottom boat Swim with turtles, dive off cliffs and explore the famous blue caves. This is the most fun you can have in Zante by day. This is an optional add-on and will cost you between 20 - 30 euro per person depending on your group size Contact. Feel free to contact us any time for reservations or enquires about our tours. +306986631112 +306974137718 info@zanteguidetours.com Tragaki, Zakynthos 29100, Greec

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Location: Agios Sostis Harbour, cruise to Marathonisi, swimming in Keri Caves, Laganas Bay. The best way to travel side by side with the loggerhead sea turtles also known as Caretta Caretta is with our Three hour Glass bottom boat trips. Watch the turtles in their natural habitat The National Marine Park of Zakinthos Zakynthos is the southernmost and the third largest of the Ionian islands. It has approximately 41,500 inhabitants and a surface area of 406km². Lying off the west coast of Greece, it is one of the Islands that bathe in the blue of the Ionian Sea, It is a place of sun-kissed sand, dramatic stone cliffs, and green olive groves Turtle Island Cruise. Price 29.00€. Highlights: Explore the stunning Keri Caves. Stop off at Turtle Island (Marathonissi) Swim in the crystal clear waters. Chance to see the Loggerhead turtles in their natural habit. Having been picked up from your resorts, your tour will begin at the port of Agios Sostis, where your boat will await you

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In 2020 we will have our 3rd public swim holiday in Zakynthos (=Zante). Everyone all over the world, who loves swimming, is invited to join us for marvellous swims along the coast of Zante. For one week we will swim every day in nature, sometimes even with turtles. We are going to swim as a group Work in Zante - Jobs in Zante for Summer 2021. Apply For Your Dream Job in Zante. Jobs include Bar Work, Restaurant Work, Reps, Ticket Selling, Club/PR Work, DJ Work etc. Apply Now To Work In Zante Summer 2021. so on your days off you can venture out to turtle island and swim with the turtles! A SEASON IN ZANTE. Early Zante workers are out. Turtle Island. Turtle spotting is a favourite for everyone while in Zante! Explore the ecosystem of Zakynthos and watch the turtles swim in their natural enviroment which is observed and monitored by Archelon team. This island has got many hidden coves and it also looks like a turtle. Blue Caves Getting acquainted with the sea turtles and their habitat & swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise sea! Will provide the ultimate vacation day! • The tour contains a guided bus tour to the south of the island. • The tour contains 2 swim stops. The swim stops are always close to the beach, but not on the beach. The excursion days If you prefer a swimming pool, there is one you can use just 400 meters from the studios, easily accessible on foot. Laganas is famous for its nightlife as well as the beautiful Turtle Island where you might even have the chance to swim with the turtles

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Ocean turtles. Zante is known as probably the most important nesting ground for the endangered species of loggerhead sea-turtles, the Caretta-Caretta, as well as a national marine park has been developed to shield and preserve these creatures. in addition to swim with them. Walking and hiking. Head off in to the wilds for some hiking on. The Best-seller tour of 5-day in classical Greece with a visit in Zakynthos it is a unique opportunity to visit the most popular sites in Greece and the wonderful island in Zakynthos which is also called the Turtle Island and if you are lucky you will be able to see and swim with a huge but friendly Turtle! Walk onto the blissful sandy beach of Laganas Bay, the chosen nesting area of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta Caretta). Watch them hatch and take a swim to see if you can spot this magnificent species! Here you get the best of both worlds - beach relaxation and vibrant nightlife, shops, and restaurants at Laganas town further down the beach Contact. Feel free to contact us any time for reservations or enquires about our tours. +306986631112 +306974137718 [email protected] Tragaki, Zakynthos 29100, Greec Find the perfect green sea turtles shell stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

larrysrabbit wrote: Go here. Yes, there are sharks in Greece. I visit the Cote D'Azure and I am equally fascinated/terrified of sharks. I found this site and was horried to find out there have been reports of Great Whites in the South of France. Sharks are few and far between in Greece but there are still some out there ZANTE VIP TOURS by KOKLAS TRAVEL AND EVENTS. Trippy Tours is a third generation family travel business with offices spread around the world. We specialize in customized booking for all our clients, from Peru to Paris. We have gradually expanded our services and now include cross family properties in various destinations including: Brazil. The island of Zante is known for Loggerhead turtles. They nest and lay their eggs on the beaches along the southern shore of the island and there is a massive conservation programme in place. In the evenings, female turtles can, at times, be seen resting in the shallow coastal waters after their journey to the island Zante is an island located off the west coast of mainland Greece, and it takes around three and a half hours to fly there from the UK. The Venetians once dubbed Zante - or Zakynthos as it's also known - 'The Flower of the Orient', thanks to its top-class countryside. And it's a nickname that still rings true today swim with the turtles at turtle island - turtle spotting cruise Zakynthos is known for its big turtles you can find in the water and their eggs that they lay on the beach. In the south, there's a small island called Turtle Island or Marathonissi Island, with beautiful clear water where you can spot turtles in their natural habitat

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  1. utes to drive down to the coast, where a choice of great beachfront bars offer a relaxed ambience. Sunbeds and parasols are available and you can even hire a pedalo or join in with a sightseeing boat trip to catch a glimpse of the Caretta-Caretta Turtles swim
  2. Travel Zakynthos Turtle Spotting in Zakynthos | Manthos Tours Agios Sostis - TURTLE SPOTTING - 1 Hour Trip We beging from Agios Sostis to Kalamaki and Laganas to spot the turtles. We guarantee you will see these beautifull creatures or you will get your money back! View the turtles through the Glass Bottom in their natural environment. TURTLE ISLAND - 2 Hours Trip Spend one hour turtle.
  3. g in Shipwreck Cove, one of the most famous beaches in the world
  4. You've got some of Zante's best beaches on the doorstep, plus shy and retiring tavernas dozing in the sun. Alykanas. Combining a quiet beach with a rustic old quarter, holidays to Alykanas put old-school Zante firmly in your grasp. Tragaki. Holidays to Tragaki let you turn the ante up and down as you please
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