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Huge Plants, Grown 1-2 Years Longer. Always Great Deals & Fast Shipping! #1 Nursery - Bigger Plants & Better Results. Fast Delivery, Safe Ship Warranty Great Prices and Selection of Live Plant. Up To 70% Off! Live Plant For Less, At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever Wild Dagga 50x. Wild Dagga, nicknamed the lion's tail, is a wonderful plant. Our Wild Dagga products come straight from South Africa where Leonotis Leonorus is native. Our Wild Dagga 50x is extracted from only the best Wild Dagga flowers.. The 50x is 50 times stronger than the flowers themselves.. When ordering Wild Dagga you agree to our disclaimer. When buying Wild Dagga products from Herb. Wild Dagga happens to be one of the plants that is particularly suited to the growing conditions our farmlands have. There are countless stories and reports about Wild Dagga, but the one thing to remember when reading these wildly varying reports is this: one must ALWAYS take into consideration the source of the plant material Buy Wild Dagga, Leonotis leonurus, Lions Tail, wild-dagga for sale, HerbalFire.com Ethnobotanicals, Suppliers of rare, sacred and exotic plants, seeds, entheogens, ethnobotanicals and more. Buy Salvia divinorum, san pedro cactus, peruvian torch cactus, amanita muscaria, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. Morning glory seeds, acorus calamus datura stramonium. damiana, yerba mate, Damiana, sceletium.

Wild dagga , leonotis leonurus is a fragrent perennial plant with showy dagga flowers and fregrent foliage. A show stopper for both the human and hummingbird community. It is commonly used for relaxation, both physical and mental. This listing is for well rooted cuttings established in a natural and neutral grow plug ready for either soil or. Wild Dagga, Leonotis leonurus, Tincture 2:1 Weight/Volume in 40% Spirits ORGANIC ~ Sacred Herbs and Spices from Schmerbals Herbals. SchmerbalsHerbals. 5 out of 5 stars. (5,815) $10.00 Tolerates poor soil. Wild Dagga is smoked or made into a medicinal tea by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. Because of its euphoric effects, Wild Dagga is often referred to as a Cannabis substitute. Used in Eastern medicine as euphoria, purgative, and vermifuge. See Special Effects of Leonotis. See Article about this plant. Similar plants

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  1. Wild Dagga / Lion's Tail (Leonotis leonurus) Seeds (~25): Non-GMO, Heirloom, Open Pollinated Seeds from The United States 4.1 out of 5 stars 14 $6.99 $ 6 . 99 $8.99 $8.9
  2. Wild dagga is a bit more reluctant to flower in northern climates. It should be given good light and adequate root space. Once a plant is started, it becomes shrub-like, and the tender shoots can be used to propogate new plants relatively easily. Wild dagga is the type of flower that will stand out in a flower garden, and it is a staple to any.
  3. Ingredients: Wild harvested Wild Dagga (Leonurus Leonurus) Parts Used For Consumption: Tops, flowers, and petals; Wild Dagga has bright orange color flowers and lemon smell. This plant has been used for hundreds of years in Africa and China. Wild Dagga Uses: Wild Dagga is primary used to induce a state of relaxation and relieve symptoms of.
  4. Wild dagga is also much respected in the treatment of animals. The Tswana, Zulu and Xhosa make a strong brew of leaves, flowers and stems to use as an enema in sheep, goats and cattle, as well as humans. This brew is given to animals with respiratory problems and applied as a lotion to sores on stock and dogs, and as a wash for wounds.
  5. Pure Land is a supplier of ethnobotanical seeds, herbs, and extracts relating to ethnobotany: wild dagga, Ipomoea, henbane, and more 1-888-ETHNO-42 (1-888-384-6642) Hom

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Leonotis leonurus (Wild Dagga, Lion's Tail) species is also used in Eastern medicine as euphoriant, purgative, and vermifuge. Leonotis leonurus Commonly called Lion's Tail because of the Lion's-tail-looking blossoms that grow from the ends of the plant. We offer Wild Dagga Seeds, Resin Extract, Wild Dagga foliage and Dried Flowers Lions Ear (Wild Dagga) The shrub grows really fast and can reach 3 to 6 ft (1 to 2 m) in height, so it's perfect for a privacy screen. It is usually used as a border shrub but looks nice in a larger container or a pot. Lion's Tail is also known by the name Wild Dagga. The word 'dagga' is linked to South African name for cannabis species Leonotis leonurus (Wild Dagga, Lion's Tail) Flower Petals. Also known as Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail, Leonotis Leonurus is a robust shrub which grows up to 2-3 meters tall and 1.5m wide. It is commonly widespread throughout South Africa (Eastern and Western Cape Provinces, Kwazulu-Natal and Mpumalanga) and found amongst the rocks in grasslands Leonotis leonurus is commonly known as wild dagga. It is a robust shrub which grows up to 2-3m tall and 1.5m wide. It is common and widespread throughout South Africa and grows amongst rocks in grassland. Stems are velvety and woody at the base. The leaves are long, narrow, rough above, velvety below, with serrate e Botanical Nomenclature: Leonotis leonurus Common Name: Lions tail Family: Lamiaceae Lions tail is native to South Africa and is an easy going plant to grow, it like it on the dry side and self seeds a bit, in Trinidad the leaves are brewed as a tea to treat coughs and fevers, this plant is also known as klip dagga and Christmas candlestick, very easily started from seed, another gardening.

Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus), also known as Lion's tail, is a large broadleaf evergreen shrub belonging to the mint family (Lamiaceae).Native to South Africa, this robust plant can reach heights of 2-3m and a 1.5 wide. It is most commonly found growing wild amongst rock outcrops in South African grassland habitats Plants should be cut right back (approx. 100-200 mm high) at the end of winter, top-dressed with well-rotted manure or compost and given a deep watering to stimulate the new summer seasons growth. Propagate from seed, cuttings or by dividing large clumps. Wild dagga can also be relocated at this time of the year if need be kratom plants for sale at bounty botanicals plus Salvia divinorum plant San Pedro cactus for sale * cactus plants* Wild dagga plants. $9.00 - $20.00. Quick view. live kratom plants . $30.00. Quick view. Wild dagga plants. $9.00 - $20.00. Quick view. Brahmi plants grow plugs(3). Wild dagga plant, lion's tail or Leonotis leonorus for planting. Soothing and relaxing African medicinal plant producing beautiful orange flowers in summer Get the best deals for klip dagga at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Klip Dagga, Organic Plant, 3.5 Peat Pot, Leonotis Nepetifolia-Free Shipping. $15.99. or Best Offer +$8.85 shipping. 1 product rating - Leonotis Nepetifolia Wild / KLIP DAGGA 20 FRESH SEEDS . $5.

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Leonitis leonurus is also known as Lion's Tail or Wild Dagga. It is a member of the Mint family of plants and promotes euphoria and exuberance when smoked. It is used by the Hottentot tribesmen of South Africa as an inebriant/marijuana substitute, which has caused the plant to earn its reputation as a legal form of wild dagga or Cannabis Wild Dagga, Klip Dagga, Lion's Ear. Botanical Name Leonotis nepetafolia. Plant Family Lamiaceae (Mint Family) Native Range India and Africa. Life Cycle Annual. Hardiness Zone 2-11. Habit In it's native tropical habitat it grows to 10ft with whorls of spiky orange-lipped flowers that are attractive to humans and hummingbirds alike

Wild & Klip Dagga Products. These products are not for internal use. They are considered NFHC (Not For Human Consumption) and are packaged and sold as raw materials. They are offered for research, reference standard, or as incense products for external use only Sale! Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus) Seeds $ 8.00 $ 5.00. Extremely attractive ornamental plant with medicinal uses. it's bright brilliant colored orange pedals used in herbal medicine for its calming effects. Many people claim to find relief when they can't utilize cannabis or nicotine and find it to be a very beneficial herbal remedy. Common Names: Wild Dagga, Lion's Ear. requirements and pretty much the only maintenance required is the optional trimming down after flowering to keep the plant compact. So pull out your circus hat, put on your showiest costume and go show them tails who runs your garden!. Wild Dagga was originally used traditionally by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. You will receive the flower portion of the plant when ordering This product is being sold as an exotic botanical research, crafting, and novelty purposes only

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The difference between the two plants is that Klip Dagga has leaves like Catnip (Nepeta cataria) and Wild Dagga has leathery leaves. For both species, leaf shape varies depending where it is on the stem; higher up, it is narrow and long. The flowers of both plants are popular with sugarbirds. Parts Used. The leaves and flower petals. Medicinal. The stronger strain of Wild Dagga flowers is also called Klip Dagga (and this goes for the leaves as well). This is why we offer more than just one variety of plants; to educate you about what is real about and what is often misrepresented by many unscrupulous vendors on the internet

Use of Wild Dagga. Wild Dagga is usually used for smoking. You can also use it to brew tea. Let one or two tea spoons of dried Wild Dagga tips steep in some hot water. Cultivating Wild Dagga. Wild Dagga is a shrub of about 1-2 meters in height with strikingly red flowers shaped like a lion's tail (hence the local name Lion's Tail) Wild Dagga is another member of the vast catalogue of psychoactive herbs found on earth. The African plant is reported to have a similar high to that of cannabis, yet much less potent. The dried herb can be smoked or used to make decoctions. £ 5, 94. £ 5,94 tax incl. In stock Wild Dagga. Common Name: Wild Dagga Other Common Names: Klip Dagga, Christmas Candlestick, Lion's Ear 1 Latin Name: Leonotis nepetifolia Native to: tropical Africa, southern India, Latin America, West Indies, South America 1 Plant Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family) Primary Use in Herbal Blends: Calming and sedating sensations are felt when the flowers are consumed as a tea, while euphoric. Just be sure to choose a final location in full sun. An ideal transplantation size for leonotis nepetifolia plants is about 4-5. You should sow your leonotis nepetifolia seeds at a depth of about 1/8. For the most part, klip dagga seeds germinate easily and hold viability well. We have found klip dagga seedlings growing quite readily. Check out our wild dagga tea selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our herbs & spices shops

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It is also known as Wild Dagga (a name also used for the unrelated Cannabis sativa) because of its traditional medical uses in South Africa, where it is found growing naturally among rocks in the grasslands of the Cape district and the Transvaal. We have grown and sold this great garden plant since 1988 Leonotis leonurus, also known as lion's tail and wild dagga, is a plant species in the Lamiaceae (mint) family. The plant is a broadleaf evergreen large shrub native to South Africa and southern Africa, where it is very common. It is known for its medicinal and mild psychoactive properties The wild dagga are derived from appropriate plants that have been studied and scientifically proven to possess beneficial effects. Obtained from highly regulated extraction processes, these wild dagga ensure that you'll always enjoy all of their benefits. These wild dagga also incorporate user instructions and guidelines to direct you on the. Lion's Ear or Klip Dagga. (Leonotis nepetifolia) A member of the mint family, it is native to Southern Africa and is used as a folk medicine among the native peoples for treating numerous ailments, and has shown some promise in studies. Tall, evergreen tropical plant produces loads of stunning peachy-orange flowers

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Herbal medicine: Leonotis Nepetifolia - Klip Dagga. Leonotis leonurus (L.) R. Br. is a shrub belonging to the Lamiaceae (mint) family, which comprises of about 3,200 species in 200 genera. L. leonurus is commonly called 'wild dagga' or 'lion ear'. and is found in tropical Asia, Africa and southern India. The plant stems emanates from. Dagga oil is one of the more simple forms of cannabis extract which usually, like this recipe, uses high-percentage alcohol to absorb THC, CBD and other cannabinoids from plant matter. This alcohol solution is then drained and evaporated to leave a distillate thick, tar-like oil which is completely comprised of extracted cannabinoids Leonotis Leonurus wild dagga Petals 500 grams. R3,248. Ends 18 Aug 00:0 Cannabis Seeds in South Africa are becoming widely available. Growing your own Marijuana plant using quality dagga seeds and trying out the ingenious stinkbud system has now become ever so popular. Let's take a deeper look at dagga seeds in finer detail and what to know about these superb magic beans. With the growing [

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  1. t, this tall evergreen can reach up to six feet. Wild Dagga derives its benefits from the chemical leonurine, which is known by pharmacologists to act as a strong anti-depressant
  2. Lion Ear, Lion Tail, wild dagga seeds Leonotis ocymifolia, called lion tail is a hairy shrub that grows to 2m tall with orange flowers in well-spaced spherical clusters. This is an excellent plant for attracting wildlife to your garden as the flowers profuse copious nectar which attracts birds, bees and butterflies
  3. In this video I smoke a South African Flower called Wild Dagga. People have suggested that it's effects are similar to cannabis, and has been used to treat a..
  4. gbirds love. The blossoms burst from prickly, round clusters on stems as tall and slender as auto antennas
  5. The HN Wild Dagga 50x Extract sold at Shaman's Garden was significantly stronger than other extracts I have tried in the past. Normally, Wild Dagga is a pseudo-marijuana substitute, and it's somewhat effective. By somewhat I mean, partiallyunless you have really premium stuff (just like weed, the quality matters a lot)
  6. Use THC-free hemp buds or plant matter for a child-friendly tea great for easing stomach pain, or insomnia; Note that incorrectly dosed tea could give you a very unpleasant experience if you're not prepared for a high dose of THC. How to make Dagga Tea in 5 Simple Steps. This super-simple recipe really just scratches the surface of dagga tea
  7. A very nice herb indeed, used by some to treat high blood pressure. It also has antinociceptive, antiinflammatory, and hypoglycemic properties - plus improv..

Benefits of dagga include using it to treat chronic pain, stopping cancer cells from spreading and even eliminating nightmares. In its ruling to decriminalise dagga , South Africa's Constitutional Court referred to the fact that there are now 33 jurisdictions across the world in which the use and possession of cannabis have been decriminalised. For supportive effects, I recommend White Sage, Wild Dagga Flowers, Blue Lotus and Catnip. These are usually used for their health benefits or depressants properties. Supportive herbal smoke can be harder on the throat without a base herb. For stronger effects, I recommend Cannabis (if legal) or a custom smoking blend with CBD

I'm sorry bossdude that I assumed you were up to no good. I've always heard of heard of Dagga as a reference to pot. And I always tease my hydroponics friends about being secret pot growers. It's just a joke. Leonitis is a beautiful plant. I used to grow it in California next to Pride of Madeira; a gorgeous plant combination. Best of luck with. Mar 13, 2017 - Explore Alan Jolliffe's board Leonotis leonurus on Pinterest. See more ideas about plants, planting flowers, garden plants

If you feel dry soil before your whole finger is submerged, it needs a top-up. For younger plants, they will only need to be watered gently with lower volumes of water, in a radius around the stem. 1. The wild dagga foliage should be crushed finely but not so finely that it cant be strained. 2. The plant matter and alcohol should be placed in the jar at a ratio of 1 part dagga to 2 parts alcohol. 3. The glass jar is then sealed tightly and allowed to sit with occasional shaking for 3-7 days

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Wild dagga has been used to treat headaches. Wild dagga, or Leonotis leonurus, is an herb related to the mint family. It has often been used in African traditional medicine to relieve headaches, diarrhea, and fever. It is also said to be useful in treating the bites of various insects and snakes. Other uses include healing many skin diseases. Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay

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Leonotus is grown for its pretty orange flowers and is popular in landscaping in Southern California. When this plant is in flower, it provides quite a visual feast, and its delightful form and dazzling color. amazes everyone who sees it. Wild Dagga was originally used traditionally by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa Wild Dagga Bulk Wild Dagga - (leonotis nepetifolia), also known as Lion's ear, is closely related to leonotis leonurus.. Please research how much a starting dosage should be for you as it varies. Meant to smoke or made into a tea. You can also use an herbal grinder to grind for capping or to use as ingredients for other. This product features beautiful orange Dagga flowers, rich in color and. Description: Wild Dagga promotes euphoria and exuberance when smoked. It is used in South Africa as an inebriant marijuana substitute, which has caused the plant to earn its reputation as a legal form of wild dagga or Cannabis. It is reported that smoking this plant produces a marijuana-like effect ,only milder

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  1. South African Medicinal Plants. Wild Dagga is a South African medicinal plant. South Africa is the third most biodiverse country in the world and inhabitants have for centuries employed the help of indigenous medicinal plants. These healing plants treated all sorts of maladies including cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis (TB) as well as more.
  2. Holistic Herbs from Mazatec Garden. Mazatec Garden provides high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reasonable prices. We specialize in high quality Kratom, Damiana, Dream Herb, Kanna, Wild Dagga, and Blue Lotus.Check back often as we add new products periodically
  3. The Wild dagga flowers can be brewed into a tea and consumed to experience the plants relaxing and soothing effects. The properties of Wild dagga flowers make this plant an appealing legal alternative to cannabis. The fact that this plant has been traditionally used for such a long time is testament to its amazing properties
  4. iscent of Cannabis. They have a history of use in S. Africa as an intoxicant
  5. Wild Dagga 30 seeds organically grown here on our farm. This is one plant on our farm that we just let be and it grows really easy. You will need to maintain this plant as it can take over

Welcome to Mr. Botanicals. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) Caapi Vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) Calamus (Dacorus calamus) Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Syrian Rue Seeds (Peganum harmala) Yopo Seeds (Anadenanthera peregrina) Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) Mimosa Hostilis (Jurema) Root Bark Chaliponga (Diplopterys cabrerana 4) Wild Dagga This particular plant also has the distinction of being called Lion's Tail. This name definitely comes from the fact that the tips of this plant look exactly like lion's tails

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Leonotis, Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail, Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) 'Snow Tiger' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles databas.. Wild dagga. Wild dagga is a fragrant and mildly narcotic plant with numerous traditional uses. It is smoked for the relief of epilepsy, and applied externally for various skin complaints and muscular pain. It is also often used to treat chest ailments such as bronchitis, flu, and coughs. Most commonly in South Africa, the leaves of the wild. Organic Salvia divinorum is grown, extracted and dried without pesticides, chemicals or chemical washes. With organic salvia, you will have the plant in its finest, freshest form. The greener and fresher the leaves are, the better the quality of the herbal remedy. With sun-dried leaves instead of chemically dried or oven-dried leaves, you wont. Plants for Sale. Gathered Threads is propagating medicinal and culinary herb plants for your garden! Lion's Tail/Wild Dagga Lovage Luffa Lupine Marjoram, Sweet Marshmallow Meadow Arnica Meadowsweet Mexican Tarragon Mimosa Mints - Apple Mint - Chocolate Mint - Ginger Min

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  1. Chamomile. Common Name: Chamomile Other Common Names: Camomile, Italian Camomilla, German Chamomile, Hungarian Chamomile, Kamilla, Wild Chamomile, Scented Mayweed, Sweet False Chamomile 1 3 Latin Name: Matricaria recutita Native to: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Austraila 1 Plant Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family) Primary Use in Herbal Blends: Used as a modifier for nervous system.
  2. Type of Plant: This attractive woody groundcover, which grows about 6 inches tall, is a popular landscaping plant. How to Grow: Uva-ursi is very difficult to propagate by seed, so it's best to obtain potted specimens from a native plant nursery in your area, or from an online supplier
  3. Our KannaDog packs are 1000mg Kanna 100:1 extract; 1000mg Wild Dagga 100:1 extrac
  4. Wild Dagga plant x 2 approx 25cm tall & organically grown here on our farm. Very healthy hardy plant. This is one plant on our farm that we just let be and it grows really easy. You will need to maintain this plant as it can take over
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Despite industrial hemp factories shutting down the plants previously cultivated for fiber, the hemp plants have naturally re-seeded and now grow wild in states like Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, and Minnesota. There is still wild weed growing all throughout the United States especially in the mid-west Wild Lettuce 25g Bulk Wild Lettuce - Lactuca Virosa - Otherwise known as Opium Lettuce, this plant does not contain any opiates. Please research how much a starting dosage should be for you as it varies. Meant to smoke or made into a tea. If you would like, you can use an herbal grinder to grind in to powder and capsule it. We also have pre-rolls you can buy in the SMOKABLE category Inspired garden plants, houseplants, and gifts for plant lovers. P. Shop Order Sell blog. 0. Featured. Plant types. Plant styles. Planting conditions. Seasonal interest. Nurseries & Gardens. Sale. All USDA Zones. New arrivals & back in stock. Shop Little Prince. Shop Noname Nursery. Bees and good bugs. Butterfly friendly. Hummingbird friendly. Amazon.com prohibits the listing and sale of Wild Dagga. Peter Pan Disney DVD listings removed as Wild Dagga Selling on Amazon. General Selling Questions. seller999 2021-04-24 14:39:32 UTC #1. This is the email I receivedwhat is going on? This fact explains why the vegetative plant will need long hours of summer sunlight (12 to 15 or more in the wild) or 18 hours of fluorescent light per day. Source: Howtogrowmarijuana.com The THC tree will halt its upward growth once it starts receiving less natural outdoor daylight or when the indoor grower reduces the plant from 18 to 12.

Relax — Hemp CBD Flower, Mullein, Mugwort, Calea, Wild Dagga; This makes marijuana plants psychoactive, while hemp plants remain completely non-psychoactive. Legally, in order for a cannabis plant to classify as hemp, it needs to contain less than 0.3% THC by dried weight. As per the 2018 Farm Bill, any Cannabis sativa plant with 0.3% THC. The first written record of the plant on South African soil exists in the form of Jan van Riebeeck ordering officers to purchase daccha in Natal to trade with the Khoi-Khoi. It is worth noting that early references may have confused the Cannabis sativa plant with Leonotis leonurus (wild dagga consumed by the natives) Here is a list of plants that will lure the tiny, gorgeous creatures to your garden: Aloes, Cotyledons (see below), Erica, Hibiscus, Cape honeysuckle, Proteas, pagoda bush (Mimetes), perennial Fuchsia ( Fuchsia magellanica ), pincushions, red hot pokers (Kniphofia), Watsonias, and wild dagga Minnesota. So if you are wondering where you can find Salvia Divinorum extracts for sale, then outside of those eight states, it is in some form legal, and available to buy and sell. But of course, it's always worth googling your local state laws if you are concerned about the legal status of Salvia where you live Wild Dagga Sale! $ 10.00 $ 5.00 Add to cart; Vriesea Bromeliad Sale! $ 20.00 $ 15.00 Read more; Guzmania Bromeliad Sale! $ 20.00 $ 15.00 Select options; Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata) Sale! $ 20.00 $ 15.00 Select option

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South Africa : Stamps [1.30] [2/6]. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience Peace is soul-soothing blend, inspiring restfulness, balance, and relaxation, and centering. The lightly floral, semi-sweet smoking combination includes Lavender, Rose, Lotus, Spearmint, Wild Dagga and the finest CBD hemp flower. 4 grams of premium CBD flower (Over 1/8th!) 2 grams of Organic & Wild Sourced Botanicals. 0 additives or fillers Annual Plant Drought Tolerant Plant For Sale In Dayton. Littlebell Ipomoea triloba, christmas candlestick, klip dagga, lion's ear leonotis nepetifolia and Upland Cotton, Mexican Cotton, American Upland Cotton, Wild Cotton Gossypium hirsutu History. The first written record of the plant in South Africa is by Jan van Riebeeck, who ordered officers of the Voorman to purchase daccha in Natal for trade with the Khoikhoi. The Dutch East India Company attempted to establish a monopoly on its sale, and to that end prohibited cultivation of the plant by Cape settlers from 1680. However, the ready availability of cannabis in the wild. This page covers drugs, controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia. A drug is a substance used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases in people or animals. Drugs can also be used to change the structure or function of the body, such as to treat some kinds of acne. Some drugs require a prescription for sale, such as most antibiotics.

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Leonotis menthifolia, Urus mane, Naivasha ApricotWild Dagga Flower 5g – SR Wholesale BVLeonotis Species, Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail, Wild DaggaSlender-Leaved Ice Plant, Mesembryanthemum Nodiflorum for